MetaZoo Abbreviations

There are a number of abbreviations that have come to be in the MetaZoo world; some of which are not as well-known as others.

So here’s a list of abbreviations (and acronyms) that I’ve been able to scrounge up that have surfaced in the community so far:

1E / 1ED 1st Edition
2E / 2ED 2nd Edition
K / KS Kickstarter
SB Spellbook
MZ MetaZoo
CN Cryptid Nation
CN1E Cryptid Nation – 1st Edition
CN2E Cryptid Nation – 2nd Edition
NF Nightfall
NF1E Nightfall – 1st Edition
NF2E Nightfall – 2nd Edition
WN Wilderness
WN1E Wilderness – 1st Edition
BB Booster Box
OB9 Obnoxious Nine (?)
U13 / UL13 Unlucky Thirteen (?)
W7 Wild Seven (?)
TCG Trading Card Game
CCG Collectible Card Game
TTS Tabletop Simulator (?)
LP Life Points
R Rare (Gold)
U Uncommon (Silver)
C Common (Bronze)
H / Holo Holographic
FH Full Holographic
RH / Rev Holo Reverse Holographic
NH Non-Holographic
SR Secret Rare (Red Ink, Blue Ink, Old Scratch)
AU / AUTO Autograph, Autographed
GG Good Game
GL / GLHF Good Luck / Good Luck Have Fun
PTS Points
LGS Local Game Store
LCS Local Card Store
NFT Non-Fungible Token
WL Whitelist (NFT-related)
BGS Beckett Grading Services
DSG Diamond Service Grading
CGC Certified Guaranty Company
PSA Professional Sports Authenticators
MSRP Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
RRP Recommended Retail Price
Collab Collaboration