MetaZoo Games Staff

As of November 2022, at least 40 people make up the MetaZoo Games staff.

The full team list has never been made public anywhere, so this is my attempt at building one from the ground up. This is why there are some names, titles and dates still missing.


MetaZoo Games LLC Staff

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Michael A. Waddell β€” May 2020


Steve Aoki β€” May 2021

Chief Operating Officer

Shaw Mead β€” May 2021

Chief Product Officer

Andy Mourat β€” 2020

Gameplay Director

Jordy Martin β€” 2020

Digital Design Director

Elliott Miller β€” 2020

Director of Digital Media

Arnau Vila β€” May 2021

Board & Director of Illus. Novel

Alfonso Alvarez β€” 2020

Board & Head of Marketing

BobΒ  β€” 2020

Board of Directors

Craig Takiguchi β€” Jan 2022

Executive Administrator

Maddox Wampler β€” 2020

OP Director

Damien Hardy

Head of Art/Design & Artist

Kris RW Kampmann β€” 2021

Director of Art

Alex, @Alluux β€” 2022

Head Editor & Cust. Support Manager


Head of Events & Social Outreach

TED β€” 2020

Brand Ambassador & Event Coordinator

mario Telles

Head of Marketing

Chad BergstrΓΆm β€” Jan 2022

Head of Research and Development


Research and Development Director

Kevin Cote

Research and Development Team

Joshua Dick

Writer, Researcher & Creative Cons.

Dee Elliott β€” May 2021

Full Stack Developer

S. Kyle Harvey β€” Sept 2021

Head of Digital Moderation

Justin Nystrom, @rosquilla β€” Oct 2020
john, @mythicdeo β€” promoted june 2022

Digital Moderation Team

@Erick on Discord
@MrMannyel on Discord
@Dee the storyteller on discord

Artists & Illustrators

In alphabetical order, with links to their Instagram.

Afton, 2021 – @_entries_
Ajuchoa, 2020 – @ajuchoa_tcg
Brunes, 2021 – @brunesarts
Isaac Sky Lee, 2021 – @isaacskyart
Jett Yates, 2021 – @jett_yates
Kelsey Jachino, 2020 – @_visiron_
Lillie, DEC 2021 – @lillie_metazoo
Michael Peckham, 2021 – @peckham_arts
Pepper DeLuca, 2020 – @pepper.deluca
Sagart, 2020 – @sagart94
Seb Botello, 2021 – @theallpowerfulseb
Siobhan Daly, 2020 – @ruas_palette




Staff Who’ve Come & Gone

Head of Art/Design

Victor Larson, 2020β€”2021

Artists & Illustrators

JoJo Seames, 2020β€”2022