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It’s the Little Things • WPT, Collect-a-Con

In just a week, we have had multiple amazing announcements from MetaZoo. I want to start off by saying it is the little things that MetaZoo does that really puts them ahead of the game in the TCG world. They pay attention to little finer details that really express who they are and what they represent. Let’s see just a few examples.

Take these poker chips, for example. They take the time to create each individual chip artwork for each beastie. These alone will be treasured by those who might want to play professionally at a WPT, with their friends, or even just framed and collected on a shelf in your room.

Here is a post-Andy (Chaos Crystal Enthusiast) shared. We will find out what this is at a later date. I just wanted to point out that this is what really stands out in why MetaZoo pays attention to the little details. It’s also the community involvement in trying to figure out what this is that makes following along MetaZoo’s Journey fun and unique. So what do you think this is? We have heard some pretty wild out there responses (Dodge Ball, Car Skin, Dbrand skin for your laptop, a toilet seat).

These 2 are for the Collect a Con Dallas convention coming up May 28th, 29th and also for the Casters Cup (The first huge MetaZoo tournament with over $250k+ prize pool). You can learn more about this here.

The First image is of a players badge which is holographic. This is probably the coolest badges I have seen and I have a nice collection of these. The 2nd is a label for the water bottle that will be sold at CaC. These 2 are another example of just the little things go a long way and they continue to show how detailed, and passionate MetaZoo is in their products.

This concludes this weeks article on a few of the announcements MetaZoo has shared with us. Please stay tuned weekly where I share what MetaZoo has next for us. If you have any questions or even want to just say “Hi”. You can follow me on Twitter.