Promo Card Storylines

Follow along the many short stories that have occurred via MetaZooΒ promo cards.

These pages are dedicated to displaying promo cards that retain some sort of storyline, or are of a similar theme; often spanning over the course of several months, or even years.

Hit any card to view the storyline page.

2020 β€” 2023+
Release Event Medals

Cryptid Nation Kickstarter Release Event Medal

2020 β€” 2023+
Spellbook Exclusives

Cryptid Nation Kickstarter Spellbook Exclusive

2021 β€” 2022+
Anniversary Celebrations

MetaZoo First Anniversary Celebration Promo

2021 β€” 2023+
Rudy, Alpha Investments
Patreon-Exclusive Promos

Rudy, Investment Sasquatch

Tower Building
Competition Event Promos

NFT Token Holder’s
Exclusive Mini Set

Silver Party Token - Serialized out of 750 - 2/10 - Afton

UFO’s Planetary
Serialized Secret Rares

Rougarou - UFO Secret Rare - */165 - Serialized #05/10

Hatching Cumbo Dragon
Collect-A-Con Promos
MetaZoo x Collect-A-Con Orlando

New York Comic Con
Booth Chase Promos

Dingbelle in Space
Convention Promos

MetaZoo X Collect-A-Con, Frisco