MetaZoo Hour Summary • Apr 27, 2022 • 39 Questions

On Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 at 12:08pm EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

There were a total of 39 MetaZoo related questions that were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated.

The Discord usernames of those who asked the questions is also now being provided at the end of the questions themselves.

If you’d rather have the hour read out to you so that you can multi-task, or whatever the reason may be, and hear further discussions on the topics that were brought up, MetaZoo HQ’s News Writer Fizggig🕊️ will be live streaming the MetaZoo Hour with some of the Caster Society team on the Caster Society Twitch Channel🕊️ Monday, May 2nd, around 8:00pm EST. The video will also be posted here afterwards.

Michael Waddell at 12:08pm EST:
@everyone MetaZoo Hour is now! Ask me anything in 📝-metazoo-chat

As always, we’ll start off with the MetaZoo-related questions first, in the order that they were received, and then move onto the personal questions afterward. Try searching for things such as “Wilderness” or “Magicast” to narrow-down the results. It all works dynamically. 🙂

MetaZoo Questions

  • Do you know when Wilderness Binders will be available? Thanks — Secret Mothman [TG]

    on their way!

  • Hey mike, what will be the print run of Revive x Nightfall? — Mat95

    Same as base set, I believe (2k)

  • Sorry to ask again, but when will the regional promos like the koala be available? — TitanCow

    Very Soon

  • Hello everyone….any idea if NFT holders that were in the kickStarter campaign (metazoo x uspcc) would get something special or not ? — Djiss

    Working on rainbow gilding with faded spade

  • UFO print run? — someonewithsole

    Same as wilderness!

  • Is channel fireball still a Metazoo partner/distributor? — lamZorZ

    yes, our smallest one by a huge, huge margin

  • Can we expect more fun regional promotions in the future like the NYC promo? Also how does it work print run wise? Is there a set amount of cards to give away so it's a first come, first served basis or is it more like print to demand? Thank you for all your hardwork! — ryunex

    oh yes, just you wait

  • I work at an LGS and just got us on the play network and are going to be starting weekly events. Will we be able to get UFO through our current distributor, PHD? Or do we need to get an account with a new one? — minipaladin

    PHD will remain one of our main and proud distributors!

  • Aokiverse members will they get WL/free mint for PFP collection ? — foundmycards

    WL, yes

  • mike are we getting close to that ticket info from wilderness? — Kwildd

    As soon as more are pulled =)

  • when can we redeem revive boards and from where? — WeirdWizeWizard

    Setting this up now

  • Can you tell us about the cardstock for the Faded Spades poker/playing cards? — DeepPierce

    It’s superior

  • When will the Phantom car stashhh loot promo be shipped out? — Alfredo Sauce

    As soon as we have it!

  • Which metazoo project/collab/drop (that we are already aware of) is your most anticipated/favorite project right now. — CasterMJ

    The may PFP project looks like it’s going to be an absolute blast

  • Genesis nft holders WL on pfp?? — bulls123

    once burned, yes

  • @MetaZoo could you give us more info about the upcoming mini set from Aoki? — Majo / Metazoo - Europe

    it will be associated with his music

  • Will the sample redemption be delayed past this weekend? —moldybanana

    I’m here with the sample cards now, as soon as I get back to nyc, I’ll ship them

  • What about 7-11 exclusives? — metazoo2themoon


  • Is there a catch 22 situation where newer stores later down the line who want to sell Metazoo can't because they have no product, because they have no events? I've read the post several times, but the answer escapes me. —Fredrik

    We are working on kits for our distro for exactly this problem

  • Mike, Will you guys be doing anything in Canada anytime soon? — tigerturtle1

    We have a distributor in canada and will b expanding that as well

  • Are we going to see more set specific clothing? I'm still hoping for a plain green wilderness T-shirt — Sephrix

    this friday, shoes too

  • will there other be location based promos like the NYC one? — formm


  • Will the cryptid nation story book come with a promo? — alloutcards


  • @MetaZoo any plans for an ambassador program or something to help promote the game at LGS's/States with very few players? — MetaZoord


  • @MetaZoo What set is after UFO? And how many sets do you have planned out in advance? — HideNSeekChamp

    Seance, Native, War (Chibi mini set, Steve Aoki set)

  • If i have a token i should get a free PFP. Do i still have a chance to purchase another, which means I'm automatically WL?? —foundmycards


  • Will the UFO box be holo? — cellary

    pure silver holo

  • Can you tell us more about the little pixel UFO art on the UFO booster box? Does it mean anything? — Streamie_Weenie

    This friday

  • Mike is the Grimms kingdom set going to be as fairytale focused as one may expect? — Grimsynergy


  • Are any UFO booster boxes going into space, and will those be specially marked and made available? — Durrtychai

    Eye Emoji (Announced Sent Into Space Company X MetaZoo)

  • @MetaZoo was wondering if you guys were working on cheaper shipping options for eu/world for the metazoomarketplace —tigerhirsch

    constantly working on this

  • Are all the collabs coming up already lined up and ready for the rest of the year? — bigC47

    next 3-4 months I would say

  • Can we get alien astronaut plushies for ufo — beauknows

    next 3-4 months I would say

  • Wen Chrome and Chrome Sapphire? —RAGEonomiks


  • Since Magazine and GTS have to allocate through MPN do PHD and Golden have to as well or they will be as is? We do play on hitting the 3 events per month in store! — Cognizantcardbreaks

    All of these new distys are in addition to our currnt

  • Mike, will this set (Shown Magicast Original) Art be available to us anytime soon?. — tigerturtle1

    No, I think I’ll keep the purity of these memories intact

  • Metazoo and paintable miniatures at some point maybe? — Grimsynergy

    sooner than you think!

  • can we have a spoiler before MetaZoo Hour is over? — Latest

    4 different blisters

  • Michael Waddell at 12:56pm EST:

    okay thanks everyone! Back to work I go!

    This concludes what we’ve learned from the April 27th, 2022 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 39 questions were answered.

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