Revive Skateboards x Cryptid Nation

MetaZoo x Revive - Box - Front

The Revive mini promo set had a total print run of 2,000 boxes. Each box comes with a serialized redemption card that allows you to redeem a MetaZoo-themed Revive Skateboards board. There are a total of 10 different cards in the mini set. Each box comes with two sealed cards.

MetaZoo x Revive - Box - Back

One of the cards comes in a stylized opaque pack, giving you a total of two mysteries within each box. The other card, which is the redeemable one, comes in a transparent cellophane wrapper, and the card itself contains a grey scratchable area bottom-center that reveals a serialized redemption code.

MetaZoo x Revive - Booster Pack - Front

This code can then be used to redeem a Revive Skateboards board that matches the beastie or artifact on the card. Shipping must be paid when redeeming your board. Proof of card ownership is also required.

MetaZoo x Revive - Booster Pack - Back

These Revive promo boxes went on sale exclusively on the official MetaZoo Games Marketplace website on April 15, 2022, at 12:00pm EST, and sold out in less than 1 hour. The boxes sold for USD$99.99 each, plus shipping. There are a total of 4,000 cards printed (2,000 redeemable, 2,000 non-redeemable), and all of them are full holo.

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Buyers also received a nice thank you postcard signed by Andy and Brian over at Revive Skateboards.


Card rarities are believed to be rare,ย uncommon & common:

01/10 – Babe the Blue Ox : 150 redeemable, 150 not
02/10 – Bigfoot : 300 redeemable, 300 not
03/10 – Hodag : 300 redeemable, 300 not
04/10 – Jersey Devil : 300 redeemable, 300 not
05/10 – Loveland Frogman : 150 redeemable, 150 not
06/10 – Metal Man of Alabama :ย  300 redeemable, 300 not
07/10 – Mothman : 50 redeemable, 50 not
08/10 – Piasa Bird : 300 redeemable, 300 not
09/10 – Sam Sinclair : 150 redeemable, 150 not
10/10 – Unrefined Chaos Crystal : 50 redeemable, 50 not

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