Helpie FAQ

Personal Questions

  • Any idea what gifts you will receive this evening?

    No idea, I asked for books

  • What’s the best holiday present you’ve received?

    Dad got me a 1939 education on a shelf/aka the harvard classics

  • Favorite music genre/band?

    Really digging joji and lil nas right now

  • You watch Anime Mike? If so, you a Gundam fan?

    Gundam was a little before my time, but I’ve seen a few seasons I’ve liked

  • Mike any plans for running for office? President? Governor?

    I like to make my money the legal way

  • Favorite family Christmas memory?

    Last time my “full” family was all together in 2014

  • What does your family and friends you grew up with think about what you've done with metazoo? Do they know you're somewhat of a big deal in the TCG realm?

    My dad is accomplished in terrifyingly impressive ways, but he’s happy I have a paying job

  • Mike, what do you hope to find in your stocking?

    A positive facebook community

  • How long 'til your hair grows out again?

    It grows fast, should I go shoulder length?

  • What are you getting your gal pal for Christmas?

    Dream box

  • Favorite Christmas present you’ve ever gotten?

    Harvad’s shelf of books

  • What's your favorite Christmas dinner?

    My mom’s

  • Santa suit, cosplay or role play?

    Role play

  • Favorite video game console?


  • Original GBA like a madman, or SP?


  • Mike. Will you be my dad?

    Already am, son

  • Favorite Christmas movie?

    Christmas Vacation

  • MetaZoo Questions

  • Would you ever add gift cards to the MetaZoo Marketplace? Would be a nice gift to give in the future.

    Not a bad idea

  • Can the gift card be an actual card thats playable?

    not a bad idea

  • Deck boxes coming to the Marketplace?


  • Print run of CN2E and Wilderness?

    Smaller than the rumors going around

  • Any surprises randomly dropping on the site?

    I wonder

  • If you work with Sega on the game, is there a chance you can make a Sonic the Hedgehog card promo?


  • Are we going to get the C2E2 promo soon to complete the set?

    We are going to set up the c2e2 promo like we do the medals

  • Can we also get a Tamagotchi collab next year?

    working on it, please contact them to show interest

  • Will there be a green MetaZoo binder for Wilderness?


  • When are the free Christmas packs shipping?

    As soon as the warehouse workers get back from christmas vacation!

  • Any news on dbruze mike? I know you’ve been pushing but anything as of now?

    I know it’s late, I’m literally pushing as hard as I can to the point of stressing a friendship

  • I think we both know the Genesis NFT floor is too low. What benefits will Genesis NFTs get that coins won't?

    Cards and coins unique to genesis

  • Mike what is the next big investment for MetaZoo? Animation?

    Online play

  • If you could go back in time, what would you different Mike?

    I wouldn’t have done the bazaar

  • Will the Genesis cards be tourney legal?


  • Can old Patreon Casters get their own NFT?

    patreon benefits are over, NFT is king now

  • Collectors sets seem to be killing the value out of any base set of MTG cards.

    Yea, not a huge fan of them

  • What has been your favorite convention experience with MetaZoo so far?

    nycc was high octane

  • Will the MetaZoo videogame be a turn-based RPG or Open World?


  • Have you heard of the #1 Team in MetaZoo competitive play yet? #undervalued

    Are you approaching me?

  • NYCC 2022 see you there? πŸ˜‰

    heck yes

  • Chibi Mike?

    weight goals

  • Mike who has been the best DM slide in for 2021?


  • Any plans for the MetaZoo team to tour Europe with the CN2E release?


  • Will NFT promo cards be holo? Any spoilers for a xmas present to us all?


  • Anything planned for Orlando that hasn’t been done at a previous con?

    MetaZoo area, huge balloon

  • Will there be a actual list of Walmart that will be carrying metazoo, or is that on the Wal-Mart distribution team to handle?


  • Will releases start to be more spread out? Its kinda hard to keep up.

    Keep up, kid

  • Any chance we can get posters of our favorite crypts?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • Any plans for spin off games for MetaZoo, like the PokΓ©mon Figure Game or Dungeon Dice Monsters?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast yes

  • Can we expect characters like the Rainbow Wizard or β€œM” in upcoming card sets?


  • Any plans for possible action figure/statue merchandising? Would love a posable Mothman in MZ artist style!

    You’re going to love 2022

  • Mike what are you doing to balance playability/collectability of MetaZoo?

    Our R&D team is killer

  • What do your think of the idea of different countries having unique product based on local crypids?

    We are calling them ambassadors

  • When the Funko Pops launch, do we get special treatment for those as NFT holders?


  • Do I have Old Scratch in the last box I have sealed?


  • Would MetaZoo ever consider sponsoring Tik Toks who make consistent content for them?

    @Bob πŸ‘½

  • Video game plans that’s not a crypto game. Open world 8bit, have you looked at any studios yet?


  • How does one get a game in against the great Mike Waddell?

    You’re already in one

  • Mike, any updates on the MetaZoo treasure hunt?

    It’s coming!

  • Any chance of holo sleeves in the future?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • Are the medals still being send out?


  • Is there a way to verify your initials on cards? Will the grading companies verify it?


  • After CN2E will we never see that same Mothman and the other cryptids again, or will there be additional promo variants like pinclub?

    There will be a reserve list

  • Which set will we see serialized cards in?


  • Have you considered a ambassador program, or is that the playtesters?

    We have metazoo ambassadors on payroll

  • How long will the CN binder stay in the store?

    Right up until the day you want to buy it

  • How do you feel about giving King PokΓ©mon the axe?

    He couldn’t even find bigfoot like come on

  • Will you ever have a tea collab with a company calling it MetaZoo NFTea?


  • Is there a difference between bigfoot and sasquatch?

    Bigfoot is a sasquatch but not all sasquatches are bigfoot

  • Any chance of an Agent J and Agent K in UFO

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • Would love a weekly/monthly high quality YouTube gameplay series ala game knights. I want to watch Post Malone playing MetaZoo!

    @damienhardy @β›„ SrSinclairβ›„

  • One big request for the future. When MetazooLand opens, make sure to have long gentle rides that have the cryptids in settings that will tell a story along the ride.

    Costumed characters will sign your book, but you have to find them first

  • Ever had a cryptid and been like "uh, that will NOT fly"? Which one?

    Slide rock bolter

  • Going through all the cards had me curious, how did you determine the weight and height of all the cryptids?

    We ask them, but it’s a very delicate process and some of them definitely fib

  • When will we see MetaZoo keychains?

    pinclub is working on them

  • How many booster boxes were made for the Nightfall release?


  • Are there more playmat styles coming to the Marketplace soon?

    Oh boy, you betcha

  • When will we see fan-art packs getting released?

    At the printers now

  • Is Headless Horseman the only card with a variant in the NF pin boxes?


  • TCGplayer card database collab?

    ?? We are in TCGPlayer

  • MetaZoo collector's protective cases for packs/decks/boxes coming to the Marketplace anytime?

    Yes, they are on the way

  • What are you most excited for in 2022?

    Walmart, Target, Gamestop, Funko

  • Can we get a full holo sheet wrapping paper…with the grids next year?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • Who is the best influencer you hope to collab with in 2022?

    Best is a hard thing to measure, but post malone, the professor, lp

  • What is your least favorite thing about this community that you have seen so far?

    Many of you need to be nicer to each other. We are here to have fun and enjoy the magic

  • New rarity when?.. As in full art, alt art or something else?

    Probably not for a long while, don’t want rarity creep

  • When can we expect Topps Chrome MetaZoo, and can you give us any hints at what kind of coolness we can expect with it? Numbered Post Malone sasquatch?

    topps chrome end of 2022

  • Will having an NFT give you access to sample cards or playtesting cards for future?

    No new sample cards will ever be made, and you need to be a playtester to get playtester cards

  • Is MetaZoo thinking about creating it's own marketplace for buyers/sellers?

    We had the bazaar, never again

  • Toughest part of running a TCG?

    Making sure I don’t let my team or the community down. Keeps me up at night but I love it

  • I have no idea how to obtain NFTs; it’s complicated and intimidating. Will there ever be a process to make it easy for Neanderthals such as myself?

    Yes, the sol will shine on you

  • Mike do you watch MetaZoo content in YouTube?

    all of it

  • When is the estimated release for Gal Yosef's PFP project? Will current NFT owners get early access/discounts?

    soon and of course

  • Will you ever expand to Collector Edition packs/boxes?

    Is there interest for this?

  • When the next Kickstarter project?

    Late january

  • Was your dad or someone you know inspiration for Indrid Cold?

    My dad is the inspo for Hero in the story

  • Why the decision to change up the logos for traits/auras with Wilderness?

    Rather than use public domain icons, makes more sense to use our own

  • Will we ever get Trainer cards, with art of people from the comics or mysterious figures from history?

    Caster cards

  • How do you become a play tester and do you have to know what your doin?

    Start playing

  • Will floor price ever go up? How do we as a team effectively make it go higher?

    It will over time, I reckon as it gets more utility and the comunit grows

  • Will there ever be a budget NFT <$100?

    Yes, our online cards

  • When can we get krampus cryptid?

    Grimm’s kingdom

  • How many KS boxes do you think are still sealed?


  • Has the CN2E chase card been officially confirmed yet?


  • Is Nightfall getting a 2nd edition too?

    Maybe, if there’s demand!

  • Will box toppers ever make a return?

    Yes, maybe 2023? If everything is special, nothing is

  • How many chibi promo packs can NFT holders buy at pre-sale?

    Still determining this

  • When is Topps Series 1 releasing?


  • My brother and I are jealous of the competitive scene in Texas. How can we help get that started in Florida?

    Work at it like our Texas bros are!

  • Can you tell us the source of the Kickstarter booster packs included in the Dim Mak collection boxes?

    Company reserve that we’ve been incredibly and consistently public about

  • Where's la "Llarona and Slenderman?

    Slenderman is a protected IP

  • When does Wilderness spoiler season officially start?


  • Given you like to do a lot of collabs. Is there any chance of a MetaZoo/other TCG collab? Maybe MetaFAB?

    No, we like selling more than FAB

  • Any plans for more holiday cryptid cards? Perhaps a Cupid card?


  • Will there be any announcements for NFT holders by the end of the year?


  • Where do you see MetaZoo in 10 yrs?

    Hall of Fame of TCGs right alongside MTG, Pokemon, and Yugioh

  • With NFTs being a hot button topic right now, how do you feel about Metazoo and future NFTs?


  • Why was Patreon ended, if now NFT holders get exclusive access, to products?

    People we didn’t have nearly enough product back then. NFT Tokens are a smarter patreon model

  • Can we get a Christmas promo with so icy squonk next year?

    Not a bad idea