Can you tell us the source of the Kickstarter booster packs included in the Dim Mak collection boxes?

Company reserve that we’ve been incredibly and consistently public about

Where’s la “Llarona and Slenderman?

Slenderman is a protected IP

When does Wilderness spoiler season officially start?


Given you like to do a lot of collabs. Is there any chance of a MetaZoo/other TCG collab? Maybe MetaFAB?

No, we like selling more than FAB

Mike. Will you be my dad?

Already am, son

Any plans for more holiday cryptid cards? Perhaps a Cupid card?


Will there be any announcements for NFT holders by the end of the year?


Where do you see MetaZoo in 10 yrs?

Hall of Fame of TCGs right alongside MTG, Pokemon, and Yugioh

With NFTs being a hot button topic right now, how do you feel about Metazoo and future NFTs?


Why was Patreon ended, if now NFT holders get exclusive access, to products?

People we didn’t have nearly enough product back then. NFT Tokens are a smarter patreon model

Can we get a Christmas promo with so icy squonk next year?

Not a bad idea

Favorite Christmas movie?

Christmas Vacation