MetaZoo’s Michael Waddell Interviews

Here’s a list of interviews with MetaZoo’s Founder Michael/Mike Waddell along with informative points taken on some of them.

The newest interviews are being added to the bottom of the list. – Video last added on April 23, 2023

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May 24, 2021:

Information gathered from this interview:
  • Has been a huge fan of TCGs ever since he was 7 years old.
  • Never really played competitively, but did play TCGs like Pokemon and Magic The Gathering for fun.
  • The newest cryptid in Cryptid Nation is Fresno Nightcrawlers; which emerged in 2014. Other cryptids go as far back as 200+ years ago.
  • MetaZoo was always to be community driven.
  • 10,000 SAMPLE cards in existence. 100 copies of every card. 100 different cards.
  • He got in contact with a group of artists that were creating ‘fake Pokemon’ that don’t actually exist in the PokΓ©mon world.
  • and much, much more!

July 10, 2021:


July 19, 2021:

Information gathered from this interview:
  • Born in Long Island, Grew up in Brazil.
  • Worked at Goldman Sachs.
  • Started thinking of creating his own TCG in 2016, when PokΓ©mon GO was huge. Started off as a hobby.
  • No more SAMPLE cards outside of Cryptid Nation. None in Nightfall.
  • MetaZoo Play Testers will receive as a gift, a finalized Master Set of the BETA cards going forward.
  • and much, much more!

July 20, 2021:

Information gathered from this interview:
  • Talks in depth about how the red borders came about. Good listen.
  • Doesn’t want to short-print, also doesn’t want to over-print and flood the market.
  • Stores are asking for between 100 and 2,000 boxes.
  • Doesn’t want a ton of different rarities like gold rares and rainbow rares, etc.
  • Is taking the holo foil pattern choices seriously.
  • The Obnoxious 9 were not available in reverse holographic because the details on most would have been too small; ie. Ghost Train would be just the face, Silver Bullet would be just the bullet, etc.
  • Wanted to ensure low barrier of entry for new players.
  • and much, much more!

August 15, 2021:

Information gathered from this interview:
  • 4,000 in the official MetaZoo Discord server at the time of this live stream on August 15, 2021.
  • 14,555 in the Discord server on December 4, 2021, just 111 days later. (2,000+ people joined the Discord server during the whole NFT information drop, pre-sale and public sale that occurred in mid-to-late November into early December 2021.)
  • and much, much more!

August 19, 2021:


August 26, 2021:


September 20, 2021:


October 26, 2021:

Information gathered from this interview:
  • Played a lot of basketball.
  • Near-fluent in Portuguese.
  • Born in Huntington, Long Island.
  • Went to Columbia for Masters, PhD.
  • Left Columbia, worked for Unqork.
  • Covid-19 hit, started working on MetaZoo.
  • Is a ‘comic book guy.’
  • Loves PokΓ©mon Company, loves Wizards of the Coast.
  • Putting himself out of his comfort zone by doing interviews; is an introvert.
  • Will always be heavily involved as the founder and creator.
  • Is proud of the positive Discord channel feel and mods as well as community members helping one another.
  • Happy to continue self-publishing MetaZoo Illustration Novel.
  • Mentions Cryptid Nation story book.
  • and much, much more!

October 29, 2021:

Information gathered from this interview:
  • Next MetaZoo shoe release will be available all the way up to size 16.
  • ‘Family of 10’ MetaZoo Plushies coming soon.
  • Eventually wants to work with Build-A-Bear and more.
  • Hoping to get into Walmart & Target in January 2022 for pins & trading cards.
  • Plushies are harder to get on store shelves. Possibly later on retail store shelves once a relationship has been built with the smaller items.
  • Mike and his team have daily R&D meetings.
  • Original NFT owners will be able to redeem it for a special alternative artwork of a card, but remain the owner of the NFT.
  • If you own a MetaZoo NFT in the blockchain, you will have the option to be first in line for future NFTs; many of which will not be 1-of-1s.
  • Potential future idea. If you own a MetaZoo SAMPLE card, you will be able to bring it to a special MetaZoo Party, and redeem it for an NFT of that SAMPLE card. You will require a SAMPLE card to take part in the party.
  • Exclusive Blister Packs are expected to be the first product available in big box retail stores.
  • and much, much more!

November 17, 2021:


December 29, 2021:


February 13, 2022:


February 27, 2022:

March 7, 2022:

May 31, 2022:

July 2, 2022:

JULY 27, 2022:

JULY 29, 2022:

JULY 29, 2022:

MARCH 13, 2023:

APRIL 1, 2023:

APRIL 1, 2023:


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1/1 Mothman Alt Art Alpha CardMetaZoo Michael Waddell - Printed on Home Computer - 1-of-1 Alt Art Mothman - Given to Steve Aoki
  • There was only ever one of these Mothman alt art cards ever created.
  • Mike had printed this card at home using his own printer.
  • It was later gifted to Steve Aoki.

MagiCast Card Back Concept

The Dawn of MetaZoo - MagiCast Cards Spellbook Logo - MetaZoo HQ


SpellCaster Card Layout Concepts

The Dawn of MetaZoo - MagiCast Cards - MetaZoo HQ