Nightfall – Playtester Cards

What we know about MetaZoo’s Silver Border Nightfall Playtester (Play Tester, Playtesting, Play Testing) cards:

  • There were a total of 35 full Nightfall Playtester sets ever printed.
  • The cards were made up to their Spellbook limits meaning some of the Playtester cards have 35 copies, some with 105, some with 145, and some with 175 and other varying amount of copies.
  • Playtester cards have silver borders instead of red (or black) ones.
  • Playtester cards also have a glistening silver ‘PLAYTESTER’ stamp on the bottom-right of each illustration window.

MetaZoo Nightfall Logo

We do not have scans or photos of every individual Nightfall Playtester card, but here are the photos of 33 different cards we’ve come across and been given so far. Tap any image to enlarge it.