What Companies are Printing MetaZoo Cards?

As of November 2021, all MetaZoo cards and sets (Sample cards, Kickstarter cards, Cryptid Nation 1st & 2nd Edition and Nightfall 1st Edition),Β were printed by Bayaya Board Game Co., based out of Guangdong, China.

Going forward into 2022, as of the Wilderness or UFO set (unconfirmed which set will be first), MetaZoo cards will be printed by the more-reputable and premium companyΒ Cartamundi; one of the largest playing card manufacturers in the world, and is based out of Turnhout, Belgium, with over 2,200 employees worldwide. Cartamundi maintains manufacturing facilities in Canvey Island (UK), Altenburg (Germany), Saint-Max (France), Krakow (Poland), Mumbai (India), Soka (Japan), and Dallas, Texas (United States).

July 2022 Update: MetaZoo cards are still being printed by Bayaya as of the release of UFO.