Where Can I Buy MetaZoo TCG Product?

MetaZoo products can be found at a number of places. Here’s how you can get your hands on some:

Official MetaZoo Marketplace – Straight from MetaZoo Games themselves, there is a wide array of MetaZoo card products, apparel and accessories up for sale.

Official MetaZoo Store Locator – Find a store near you that was open to being listed on this public map.

* Note that many business owners would rather opt out of having their stores listed on the publicly visible Store Locator page, as it can become cumbersome. Also note that some local game stores won’t be selling at MSRP.

With the notice above in mind, I highly suggest that you give your local game store(s) a call to see if they have any MetaZoo product in stock. You just may be surprised.

Added Dec 26, 2021: Exclusive MetaZoo packs will be available at over 4,000 Walmart locations across the United States starting in January, 2022. The first Walmart exclusive MetaZoo product will be a box that include 3x MetaZoo Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition booster packs and a Walmart exclusive Piasa Bird promo card.