MetaZoo Hour Summary • Apr 10, 2022 • 45 Questions

On Sunday, April 10th, 2022 at 4:08pm EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

There were a total of 45 MetaZoo related questions that were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated.

The Discord usernames of those who asked the questions is also now being provided at the end of the questions themselves.

If you’d rather have the hour read out to you so that you can multi-task, or whatever the reason may be, and hear further discussions on the topics that were brought up, MetaZoo HQ’s Video Partner Fizggig🕊️ will be live streaming the MetaZoo Hour with some of the Caster Society team on the Caster Society Twitch Channel🕊️ Monday, April 11th, around 9:00pm EST. The video will also be posted here afterwards.

Michael Waddell at 4:15pm EST:
@everyone MetaZoo Hour is NOW! Ask me anything in 📝-metazoo-chat

As always, we’ll start off with the MetaZoo-related questions first, in the order that they were received, and then move onto the personal questions afterward. Try searching for things such as “Wilderness” or “Magicast” to narrow-down the results. It all works dynamically. 🙂

MetaZoo Questions

  • How often do you rotate signatures? — Jester

    Im thinking 3-5 times a year = )

  • Any idea when we’ll get the special cards for the NFT? Thanks!! — aslokir

    On their way now!

  • Revive wen? — Cind


  • Will NYC King bless us soon — Latest

    very soon (Mike has since said by end of this week)

  • Is there any plans for big Metazoo tournaments after the Dallas caster cup and before 2023s tournament? I would really like to plan something out for the future months in 2022 —Undervalued_Th3Chef

    Not on the current docket, no

  • I had an idea I brought up before in chat but ill give it a shot again. Due to the LGS changes and them needing to host events this might effect small towns or isolated areas. Is there a chance or route instead for people to form metazoo "clubs" to have event benefits? Perhaps with requirments like having a metazoologist, and limitations like not having distributor prices. That way groups without a LGS can still host their own official metazoo events — Flork

    I like this idea = )

  • When’s the fan art blisters — beauknows

    After Revive (4/15th), before ebay (4/25th)

  • Will the MMORPG be 2D or 3D? Will it be aiming for open world or instance based gameplay? — Rico - MetaZoo to the Moon

    sprite I’m thinking

  • Price of revive boards? — Grand-Karcist


  • Do you think you’ll ever add additional aura types in the future? Like Cyber Aura or something? — landon616🕷

    Wind in Yokai Island

  • Will there be a restock on metazoo magicast — SeeForward


  • How to get NYC king card? — captunderpants16

    selfie with the billboard ad and scan QR code

  • Will the eBay box have all the wilderness set or just a few cards? — Zeek1993

    all of them that are in a booster pack

  • Price on Ebay boxes? Ebay Green Man? — JB85

    $50, and SRs are 1st edition exclusive

  • Can you confirm, 10K print run on Magicast boxes? — Pokevolver -

    confirmed many, many times ( Discord figured out that it was 10k based by stores glitch, which I believe has been fixed)

  • Hi Mike! Will MZ ever release products like Pokémon’s ETBs that double as card storage containers? — ayveator

    maybe in yokai island, for now I don’t want to change up the skus in the block too much

  • @MetaZoo Are serial cards the future for metazoo now? Annnd can we get ufo spoilers soon? —Vacio

    They are certainly something we will have in future projects, don’t want to over do them though

  • Was this card (Hopkinsville Goblin Golden Distribution promo card) supposed to be in a Magicast pack? — Rico - MetaZoo to the Moon

    No Lol

  • Do you anticipate the ebay box's to sell out as fast as say magicast or do you think they will be available for a decent amount of time? —CallMeCinema

    such a double edge sword, isn’t it? we have something that sells out in an hour, now it’s the benchmark. We had the second highest sell out rate for wilderness topps, but because it took 4 hours instead of 1, people said it failed lol

  • When are the eBay boxes releasing? — robbyg2013


  • How often is “reserve list” updated? — mrhellafresh

    once per set, if needed

  • How many PFPs will be minted — icenine |

    tbd, 5k-10k

  • How come Thunderbird is in the Wilderness Pin Club? — jord5488

    their ad person messed up lol

  • Will there be cyberpunk cryptids? — TrueReclaim3r

    yes, aoki set

  • Mike how many people do you think will be in the Dallas tourney if you had to guess? — Zacikarp

    hoping for 100 players (player Cap 500)

  • What species of bird is Awful? — BaldEagle (SteveT)

    he’s actually a hound dog believe it or not

  • Easter bunny holiday release? @MetaZoo — RoomESC

    next year =)

  • Mike, I’m really pumped about the Metazoo stamps. Will these be released though USPS? —treadingthomas

    = )

  • MetaZoo gold bars/coins when for us non nft folk — reecereuab


  • Any plans to get more young people / kids interested in MetaZoo? Is that what the TV show is for? — Rico - MetaZoo to the Moon

    it would be cool, but teens and up are our focus

  • part 2 of wilderness merch drop this friday? (clothing, binder, etc.) — / - 𝕰𝖈𝖍𝖔𝖊𝖘 - /

    throughout the next month!

  • When’s the Metazoo movie coming out in theaters or Netflix? — treadingthomas

    you’ll see something from metazoo on netflix first

  • Is the NYC billboard gonna be around for another week or do i need to go tonight after work??? — Kobs

    until the end of the month

  • Thoughts on lowering or raising Print run for future sets? Or are you happy with 100k total for the foreseeable future — breakingra

    won’t go above 100k, won’t be going lower

  • Do you feel that Nightfall is the Empire Strikes Back of MetaZoo, it will the fan favorite many years in the future? — Koschei

    I think this entire first block will be very special, and we will hit critical mass around yokai island

  • Will we have anymore super limited sets like magicast this year? Other than fan art blisters — Artz


  • Has your favorite card from Wilderness been pulled yet? You said no two weeks ago — SJC Collectibles

    No ( Golden Ticket and Green Man have been pulled so far)

  • What are you most excited about for Dallas collect-a-con? Any special spoilers you’d give? I’m super excited to go. Flying all the way from Michigan — spookapalooza

    Set Pieces ( For the Blitz Format)

  • Is there any chance we still get a nft sticker for topps wilderness? — cn3wb_m_m


  • will you release your original art ? — JTS 🇬🇧

    I’m thinking about doing 1 art for each beastie we do, for each set, then never doing art again.

  • What can we redeem with redemption codes on cards? — Damaged351


  • Will Metazoo have jumbo cards? —mavi

    never ever, mini cards though…

  • Will you ever make beastie rugs ?— reecereuab

    yes, actually lol these are being made right now

  • Do you plan on releasing more info on what the gold card does or how many there are? — TMXcomics


  • Will Revive boards be a blind drop or do we get to choose? — cn3wb_m_m


  • Michael Waddell at 5:29pm EST:

    we love all of our bros equally, choo choo

    okay everyone! Thank you for the amazing sunday question sesh!

    This concludes what we’ve learned from the April 10th, 2022 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 45 questions were answered.

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