MetaZoo Hour Summary • Dec. 16, 2021 • 95 Questions

On Thursday, December 16th, 2021 at 3:59PM Eastern Standard Time, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another highly anticipated MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

The 95 questions were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated. They are in the order that they were received.

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Without further ado, here’s what we’ve learned from the December 16th MetaZoo Hour! Italics notes added by MetaZoo HQ, and grammar in some messages was corrected for clarity.

Michael Waddell at 3:59PM Eastern Standard Time:
@everyone MetaZoo Hour begins now! Ask me anything!

1. Q: MetaZoo stickers when?
A: Working on them with Topps.

2. Q: Will Topps Series 0 ever restock?
A: No.

3. Q: Which quarter can we expect 🐻🧱?
A: Q1/Q2.

4. Q: Thoughts on the environmental impact of NFTs?
A: Very similar to almost anything digital that requires processing power to run.

5. Q: Mike are you Brazilian?
A: Grew up in Brazil.

6. Q: What is your favorite card dropping in Wilderness?
A: It’s a secret.

7. Q: Who would you have voice Sam Sinclair in the animated series?
A: Squonk.

8. Q: Favorite Chibi art in Valentine’s Day set?
A: Grim.

9. Q: I love MetaZoo Hours, do you like MetaZoo Hours?
A: Love em! I can’t imagine ever abandoning this discord.

10. Q: What happened to the fan art packs?
A: Being made right now.

11. Q: Will C2E2 promo ever be in circulation?
A: Figuring out a way to do this.

12. Q: Any holiday plans?
A: Fifi just got spayed so we have to stay in my apartment for the next two weeks.

13. Q: Have you thought about reaching out to large YouTubers like Leonhart, SimplyUnlucky, or even bigger channels… like PewDiePie?
A: They are all aware of us and we have had awesome communication with many of them, expect big things in 2022.

14. Q: Any plans on bio-degradable paper card pack wrapping?
A: Eventually, but with Wilderness we are going to plant a tree for every booster box sold as our big green initiative!

15. Q: Will Chibi Valentines Day set be sold directly from MetaZoo Marketplace or through distribution/LGS?
A: Marketplace.

16. Q: Mike, can you spoil the next collaboration?
A: AA.

17. Q: With the ocean set you could do ocean clean up too for each box!
A: Love this idea.

18. Q: Will there ever be a skunk ape card with real skunk musk?
A: Meet me at the next con and I can help.

19. Q: Are there 2nd edition Spellbooks?
A: Yes!

20. Q: Print run of each Christmas promo?
A: 30k boxes.

21. Q: Will there be a hardcover version of the first 36 chapter CN block of the illustrated novel? Possibly a highly collectible variant with embossed serialization on the cover/back?
A: Yes, there will be a full premium set.

22. Q: Will there be an event for sample card holders in the future?
A: That’s the plan.

23. Q: Are all the MetaZoo physical coins redeemable? Or certain ones?
A: All.

24. Q: Are there any plans of getting lost genesis NFTs unstuck or will they stay in limbo forever?
A: Working on it.

25. Q: Serialized cards in the future?
A: Wilderness.

26. Q: Are there plans to build the player base at LGSs through store tournaments, promos, organized play sets, etc.?
A: Yes, stay tuned for end of the month.

27. Q: Will there be box toppers in future booster boxes, personally I love them and would have loved to see them in Nightfall?
A: Maybe, we don’t want to over do it though.

28. Q: Any plans on releasing product exclusive to tins?

29. Q: Are you still looking for artists? Where can I send my portfolio to be reviewed if so?
A: Yes we are looking for 2 more artists.

30. Q: Mike reminds me of Elon. In a good way. 🙂
A: I’m taller.

31. Q: Is there another 2 player MetaZoo playmat in the works?
A: Yes.

32. Q: Will the Cryptid Nation Tribal or Release Event Decks see a 2nd edition run?
A: Yup!

33. Q: Any hints as to what the Walmart promo will be
A: Want to see it? (Yup, it does get shared later in the hour for a split second, but a screenshot was captured by McMuffin.)

34. Q: Will the serialized cards be eh… secretly added, or a bit more available with say some regular rares?
A: It’s a secret.

35. Q: When is the scavenger hunt happening?
A: February we are thinking.

36. Q: Collection app similar to Pokellector that allows us to track our collection?
A: Has to be fan made.

37. Q: Will there be a Special Christmas stream on Twitch anytime soon? Also would love to see you in a Ebenezer Scrooge costume.
A: Or a sexy Rudolf?
(Digital Media Director) Let’s do a Christmas stream. – Written by Mike Waddell

Speaking of streams, would you guys be interested in streams from our conventions where you could win free attendance prizes and promos? – Written by Chaos Crystal Enthusast (Head of Product)

38. Q: So like with Walmart they will have their exclusive soonish. Any plans to partner with major retail chains in EU?
A: Contact with ideas about who we should partner with and we will get on it.

39. Q: Could you share what the print run will be for the Chibi set?
A: 25k.

40. Q: Do you think you’ll add more types of Aura or dual Aura in the future?
A: Yes.

41. Q: How many times have ya watched LOTR?
A: About 7-8 times all through, extended version of course.

42. Q: When will the Chibi set preorders go live?
A: January.

43. Q: Potential other NFTs in the works ?
A: Sandbox, pfp, and our online game will be nft based.

44. Q: Mike were you a history major? You seemed to know a lot about some pretty random years during the manta giveaway.
A: My first BS was international affairs and economics at GWU before studying physics and math and then data science at Columbia.

45. Q: If I screenshot all the MetaZoo NFTs will I be sued?
A: Yes, by the NFT police.

46. Q: How did you come up with your auto on cards?
A: I picked the easiest thing that could possibly be copied according to some salty people who aren’t very familiar with auto authentication in the Facebook groups.

47. Q: When will the TTS tourney for the NFT be?
A: Christmas.

48. Q: Are you going to see Spiderman No Way Home this weekend if you are a fan of the MCU?
A: Have tickets for Saturday morning.

49. Q: Are you aware of how proud we are of you? We love you Mike.
A: You do a great job of boosting me when I’m down, thank you!

50. Q: How did you feel about the ending of GoT?
A: Hot garbage.

51. Q: @Caster Society asks: Will you tune into our tournament stream if you have time tonight?
A: Yes.

The first MetaZoo plushes will be available in February.. And they’ll be individually numbered. They might even come with a numbered card.. – Written by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

52. Q: Will there be any more twitter spaces AMA’s soon? Really liked the NFT one that Farokh hosted. Was cool hearing from both you and Steve together.
A: Those are.. expensive.

53. Q: Can any caster wield the caster gun?
A: If they are willing to self sacrifice, not all cartridges require sacrifice though, only the really powerful ones.

54. Q: Is Gal Yosef, creator of the 1/1 Mothman, creating more artwork for a profile pic NFT release?
A: 🙂

55. Q: Wait are you the old wizard on the throne in the comic?! The Topps card shows you using a lantern object checking someone on their status…and you’re on a throne.
A: I’m in the story, just not yet. And not in a way that’s annoying, I promise.

56. Q: How many more blue manta tokens will be released besides the 111 planned for tomorrow?
A: None.

57. Q: Will different coins be for different trades or will they all hold the same value?
A: KS and 1st editions will have different prize pools.

58. Q: Somebody said you’re hiring more artists?
A: As long as they aren’t already doing art for competing TCGs.

59. Q: Are you guys looking for writers?
A: Not yet, but we will open the MetaZoo sandbox after I finish the original story in August!

60. Q: Is blue ink in box topper packs or normal booster packs?
A: What’s that now?!

61. Q: Can you please clarify how we can obtain the Phd chupacabra promo? Will it only be the chupacabra or other beasties as well?
A: Only PHD knows.

62. Q: How many cards are there in the chibi sku?
A: 11-12 for valentines day.

63. Q: Can the valentines boxes come with Meta-candy?
A: Next year.

64. Q: Could you tell us or hint at the biggest thing you have planned for next year?
A: Going to be out of this world.

65. Q: Will the print runs for upcoming MetaZoo products be adjusted based on how nightfall is performing?
A: As in, 50% above MSRP on the booster boxes?

66. Q: What’s next for genesis NFT holders? Are genesis NFTs currently undervalued?
A: Depends on if you value the exclusive physical merch.

67. Q: C’mon you can’t tease me like that. Lemme see the Walmart promo. Just for a second or two
A: Chaos, let them see it.

Piasa Bird Promo Afton

68. Q: What are you looking forward to the most next year for MetaZoo?
A: Finishing the cryptid nation story. and working on Yokai Island.

69. Q: Will Sam appear on Yokai Island?
A: Stay tuned.

70. Q: Mike will you be attending the Collect-a-Con Orlando in February?
A: Yes.

71. Q: Do you have a financial group that studies secondary market?
A: I do it myself to see how we can improve in the primary market and what’s needed to enhance competitive play.

72. Q: Will the Wilderness Spellbook card sleeves be even higher quality or will it stay the same?
A: I like our sleeve quality right now.

73. Q: You mean its not going to be an ongoing comic? I was hoping for all the cryptids in history to be used in the storyline.
A: Yokai island storyline is next. 😉

74. Q: Any big events happening with Organized Play next year?
A: Roll out of our play network in January, 100k tourney in Q1/Q2.

75. Q: What is the top priority right now with an official game? Making sure it feels like a complete game, making sure your team has creative control, getting someone in particular to partner with to make the game?
A: For me personally, it’s writing the story. Overall though, it’s expanding the brand and making sure we deliver on all fronts.

76. Q: Will we continue to see 5x decks and event decks in future sets, or are there any changes coming to the lineup?
A: Should be the same for the block.

77. Q: Have playtesters for Wilderness already been decided?
A: We just delivered Wilderness to the printers.

78. Q: Can I use the MetaZoo logo and art in my MetaZoo news YouTube channel that I’m making?
A: sure!

79. Q: MetaZoo Netflix Adaptation?
A: Talking about it.

80. Q: MetaZoo’s equivalent to Pokemon’s shiny pokemon?
A: Will be revealed in the story soon.

81. Q: Mike can anyone beat you at the game you created?
A: I’m pretty bad at it.
I’m not good at bluffing.

82. Q: Will future cards have that nice glossy feel and look of the convention promo cards or will they remain more paper feeling like the cryptid nation and nightfall cards?
A: Paper.

83. Q: Which cryptic character gives you the most nightmares?
A: Mothman and Indrid.

Fun fact: the community picked the wrapping paper colors without even knowing them in a MetaZoo Hour some months back. We do be listening. – Written by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

84. Q: Ask us a question Mike! We’re always asking you questions lol.
A: What can I do better?

85. Q: When are precious metal coins similar to the NFTs being minted? gold silver bronze platinum rhodium etc.
A: Surprisingly soon. – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

86. Q: Please do not go further than second edition.
A: The year is 2057, cryptid nation base set 46th edition released for the 3rd time that year.

87. Q: I was wondering if you were planning on seeding random booster packs/toploaders with code cards for NFTs, idk maybe with a metamask pass and secret phrase?
A: Yes we are.

88. Q: I really appreciate that there’s only one booster box sku. Will it remain so for the time being?
A: Yes, should be.

89. Q: As a follow up to my question last week regarding a dingbelle, dong promo…. what’s the largest dong you’ve seen in play?
A: Certainly nothing you’ve fielded.

90. Q: Will blue ink be rarer to pull than red ink due to print run?
A: blue ink?

91. Q: I was super bummed when the Mothman Festival was canceled this year, any plans for next years!?
A: Big ones. – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

92. Q: Will you always announce print run or not necessarily?
A: Depends on what our partners allow.

93. Q: Are you secretly the Batman?
A: Fatman.

94. Q: Will you be doing more polls and let the community vote what they would like to see in future sets?
A: Always open to ideas like this.

95. Q: what is the next product on MetaZoo Marketplace with cards?
A: Pinset Wilderness and Valentines day.

Michael Waddell at 4:57PM EST:
Okay everyone thank you! I have to head back to work now. 🙂

This concludes what we’ve learned from the December 16th, 2021 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 95 questions were answered this afternoon.

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