MetaZoo Hour Summary ⛄ Dec 24, 2021 ⛄ 117 Questions

On Friday, December 24, 2021 at 12:05pm EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another one of his highly anticipated MetaZoo Hours on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

There were a total of 100 MetaZoo related questions & 17 personal/unrelated questions that were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated.

NEW CHANGES – Starting with this MetaZoo Hour Summary, I’ve upgraded the way I’ll be presenting the questions and answers to make it a much better experience for you as a reader! You’ll see that it is much better organized, and now includes a seriously helpful search feature! Try searching for Wilderness or NFT or whatever you wish; it works dynamically, which is pretty nice.

Lastly, you’ll notice I decided to start posting all of the questions again (even those unrelated to MetaZoo), but decided to sort the “Personal Questions” in their own separate section which can be found below the “MetaZoo-Related Questions.” 🙂

Michael Waddell at 12:05pm Eastern Standard Time:
@everyone MetaZoo Hour is now, CHRISTMAS EDITION! Ask me anything in #-metazoo-chat.

100 MetaZoo Questions

  • @MetaZoo any chance we get promos/somthing special/ for people who play at their local stores? Desperately trying to get new players in my area — MetaZoord

    working on it

  • Will there be another mini set before UFO? —Vauwn

    hmmm (Chaos Crystal post rocket emoji)

  • Can we get a Smokey the Bear collab? He's a cryptid... right? — Brewshy

    = ) (Posted today collab with Target and Smokey the Bear)

  • personally i'd like to see big store product stay in stock consistently to get the word out about our lord and savior, mothman —/ - 𝕰𝖈𝖍𝖔𝖊𝖘 - /

    there will be a wilderness watch!

  • I'm new to MetaZoo and loving it. I'm hoping you guys do some more re-releases on the physical story books. Could that be in the future? —ToonJon

    book to be published worldwide this fall

  • How many total NFTs in the pfp collection? — Relwolf

    5k or 10k

  • When can we expect info about the format for the Caster Cup — bats |

    Friday (Today)

  • are the print on KS chips stickers? —youngmasterzack


  • Deck boxes coming? — Boog


  • Have all the cards in Wilderness been pulled yet? — buddymac28


  • Any plans to collab with, source artists from, and/or donate to Native American organizations with the upcoming set? — metazuul


  • Any updates to the Video Game? Really interested in the development — AbyssalArtorias⚔

    talking to epic games

  • Will there be revive wilderness???— luisleal13

    yes, and ufo

  • Are @Flork x @MetaZoo shirts happening? If so, will there be promo cards? — Streamie_Weenie


  • @MetaZoo What set is after UFO? And how many sets do you have planned out in advance? — HideNSeekChamp

    Seance, Native, War (Chibi mini set, Steve Aoki set)

  • If i have a token i should get a free PFP. Do i still have a chance to purchase another, which means I'm automatically WL?? —foundmycards


  • Will the UFO box be holo? — cellary

    pure silver holo

  • Can you tell us more about the little pixel UFO art on the UFO booster box? Does it mean anything? — Streamie_Weenie

    This friday

  • Mike is the Grimms kingdom set going to be as fairytale focused as one may expect? — Grimsynergy


  • Are any UFO booster boxes going into space, and will those be specially marked and made available? — Durrtychai

    Eye Emoji (Announced Sent Into Space Company X MetaZoo)

  • @MetaZoo was wondering if you guys were working on cheaper shipping options for eu/world for the metazoomarketplace —tigerhirsch

    constantly working on this

  • Are all the collabs coming up already lined up and ready for the rest of the year? — bigC47

    next 3-4 months I would say

  • Can we get alien astronaut plushies for ufo — beauknows

    next 3-4 months I would say

  • Wen Chrome and Chrome Sapphire? —RAGEonomiks


  • Since Magazine and GTS have to allocate through MPN do PHD and Golden have to as well or they will be as is? We do play on hitting the 3 events per month in store! — Cognizantcardbreaks

    All of these new distys are in addition to our currnt

  • Mike, will this set (Shown Magicast Original) Art be available to us anytime soon?. — tigerturtle1

    No, I think I’ll keep the purity of these memories intact

  • Metazoo and paintable miniatures at some point maybe? — Grimsynergy

    sooner than you think!

  • can we have a spoiler before MetaZoo Hour is over? — Latest

    4 different blisters

  • UFO print run? — someonewithsole

    Same as wilderness!

  • Is channel fireball still a Metazoo partner/distributor? — lamZorZ

    yes, our smallest one by a huge, huge margin

  • Can we expect more fun regional promotions in the future like the NYC promo? Also how does it work print run wise? Is there a set amount of cards to give away so it's a first come, first served basis or is it more like print to demand? Thank you for all your hardwork! — ryunex

    oh yes, just you wait

  • I work at an LGS and just got us on the play network and are going to be starting weekly events. Will we be able to get UFO through our current distributor, PHD? Or do we need to get an account with a new one? — minipaladin

    PHD will remain one of our main and proud distributors!

  • Aokiverse members will they get WL/free mint for PFP collection ? — foundmycards

    WL, yes

  • mike are we getting close to that ticket info from wilderness? — Kwildd

    As soon as more are pulled =)

  • when can we redeem revive boards and from where? — WeirdWizeWizard

    Setting this up now

  • Can you tell us about the cardstock for the Faded Spades poker/playing cards? — DeepPierce

    It’s superior

  • When will the Phantom car stashhh loot promo be shipped out? — Alfredo Sauce

    As soon as we have it!

  • Which metazoo project/collab/drop (that we are already aware of) is your most anticipated/favorite project right now. — CasterMJ

    The may PFP project looks like it’s going to be an absolute blast

  • Genesis nft holders WL on pfp?? — bulls123

    once burned, yes

  • @MetaZoo could you give us more info about the upcoming mini set from Aoki? — Majo / Metazoo - Europe

    it will be associated with his music

  • Will the sample redemption be delayed past this weekend? —moldybanana

    I’m here with the sample cards now, as soon as I get back to nyc, I’ll ship them

  • What about 7-11 exclusives? — metazoo2themoon


  • Is there a catch 22 situation where newer stores later down the line who want to sell Metazoo can't because they have no product, because they have no events? I've read the post several times, but the answer escapes me. —Fredrik

    We are working on kits for our distro for exactly this problem

  • Mike, Will you guys be doing anything in Canada anytime soon? — tigerturtle1

    We have a distributor in canada and will b expanding that as well

  • Are we going to see more set specific clothing? I'm still hoping for a plain green wilderness T-shirt — Sephrix

    this friday, shoes too

  • will there other be location based promos like the NYC one? — formm


  • Will the cryptid nation story book come with a promo? — alloutcards


  • @MetaZoo any plans for an ambassador program or something to help promote the game at LGS's/States with very few players? — MetaZoord


  • Do you know when Wilderness Binders will be available? Thanks — Secret Mothman [TG]

    on their way!

  • Hey mike, what will be the print run of Revive x Nightfall? — Mat95

    Same as base set, I believe (2k)

  • Sorry to ask again, but when will the regional promos like the koala be available? — TitanCow

    Very Soon

  • Hello everyone….any idea if NFT holders that were in the kickStarter campaign (metazoo x uspcc) would get something special or not ? — Djiss

    Working on rainbow gilding with faded spade

  • When will the next set of Revive boards be out? — HappyKitty05

    next month (Announced May 13th, 2022)

  • Chibi mini set wen? — Artz

    in between spring and summer sets next year

  • have you filled any further board positions, any announcements forthcoming? — Koschei

    yes, locking in one this week

  • What are the kickstarter fees on $2mil? — singy07

    about 15%

  • What did Unicorn do to deserve not being made into a full holo? —thattwhiteguyy

    saving that for special set

  • Revive customer service said we only have 90 days to redeem card codes for decks. Is this true? — cn3wb’s Metazoo Moments


  • Hey Mike will we ever see your original art in an actual product? That OG mothman is beautiful! —Cole.604

    I kind of like my memories being my own about those. I think those memories would be diluted if I saw them on thousands of cards you know?

  • What will be the biggest set card count wise in the upcoming announced sets? — SolidDante

    unannounced new cryptid nation core set before war

  • Everyone hates on whatnot sellers but there are alot of us who really love Metazoo and use whatnot to introduce new players all the time. I myself give out free packs to anyone who joins my stream asking about Metazoo and is new to it, to help get them started and I'll explain the game to —themthattwhiteguyy

    I like whatnot and what it does for the community. Like most complex things, there are multiple sides and there’s good and bad. Most communities aren’t monoliths

  • @MetaZoo print run of eBay boxes? — MetaZach

    smaller than you think

  • Any plans for a larger size Rulebook print? I want a regular sized book. Lol — AbyssalArtorias⚔

    going smaller

  • Has the whole UFO set been completed or still being worked on ? — Control_Art

    being submitted end of april

  • Will we see the fan art beasties later in in an official set or is this the only Bloody Mary etc. we will see? — JB85

    hmmm i wonder

  • (Mike)let me get a ufo spoiler
    Curtesy from Austinb29

  • @MetaZoo Rat Emoji ? — MetaMonty

    Later Today ( Went Live on 4.19.22)

  • When are more details on the $250k going to be released? — Tuffy

    End of april

  • Will we be able to have multiple fan art entries? — / - 𝕰𝖈𝖍𝖔𝖊𝖘 - /

    sure, 1 for each promo cards

  • Anyone from Metazoo going to Mothman festival this year? — Codey140

    Should be!

  • Howdy Mike! Will we ever see the old art works from the early magicast days? — Poke.Khai

    sure !

  • When will the wilderness binders be released? —Warden


  • Can you make metazoo baby clothes I’m having a kid soon! — Gumm1worm

    not a bad idea

  • hey Mike - new to Metazoo, trying to become a Metazoologist, is the polo on the marketplace the official uniform? — zord_dev

    MZOs get special merch at collectacon!

  • @MetaZoo would love to see a card with gold leaf or super thin diamond inlayed in a secret rare — Pwnt

    Cool Idea!

  • Any secret rares we still haven't found? — singy07


  • are we going to see a restock of the fan blisters @MetaZoo ? — mysticteacher

    No, probably not at this point

  • Will you ever make beastie rugs ?— reecereuab

    yes, actually lol these are being made right now

  • Do you plan on releasing more info on what the gold card does or how many there are? — TMXcomics


  • Will Revive boards be a blind drop or do we get to choose? — cn3wb_m_m


  • Will Metazoo have jumbo cards? —mavi

    never ever, mini cards though…

  • What can we redeem with redemption codes on cards? — Damaged351


  • When are the eBay boxes releasing? — robbyg2013


  • How often is “reserve list” updated? — mrhellafresh

    once per set, if needed

  • How many PFPs will be minted — icenine |

    tbd, 5k-10k

  • How come Thunderbird is in the Wilderness Pin Club? — jord5488

    their ad person messed up lol

  • Will there be cyberpunk cryptids? — TrueReclaim3r

    yes, aoki set

  • Mike how many people do you think will be in the Dallas tourney if you had to guess? — Zacikarp

    hoping for 100 players (player Cap 500)

  • What species of bird is Awful? — BaldEagle (SteveT)

    he’s actually a hound dog believe it or not

  • Easter bunny holiday release? @MetaZoo — RoomESC

    next year =)

  • Mike, I’m really pumped about the Metazoo stamps. Will these be released though USPS? —treadingthomas

    = )

  • MetaZoo gold bars/coins when for us non nft folk — reecereuab


  • Any plans to get more young people / kids interested in MetaZoo? Is that what the TV show is for? — Rico - MetaZoo to the Moon

    it would be cool, but teens and up are our focus

  • part 2 of wilderness merch drop this friday? (clothing, binder, etc.) — / - 𝕰𝖈𝖍𝖔𝖊𝖘 - /

    throughout the next month!

  • When’s the Metazoo movie coming out in theaters or Netflix? — treadingthomas

    you’ll see something from metazoo on netflix first

  • Is the NYC billboard gonna be around for another week or do i need to go tonight after work??? — Kobs

    until the end of the month

  • Thoughts on lowering or raising Print run for future sets? Or are you happy with 100k total for the foreseeable future — breakingra

    won’t go above 100k, won’t be going lower

  • Do you feel that Nightfall is the Empire Strikes Back of MetaZoo, it will the fan favorite many years in the future? — Koschei

    I think this entire first block will be very special, and we will hit critical mass around yokai island

  • Will we have anymore super limited sets like magicast this year? Other than fan art blisters — Artz


  • Has your favorite card from Wilderness been pulled yet? You said no two weeks ago — SJC Collectibles

    No ( Golden Ticket and Green Man have been pulled so far)

  • What are you most excited about for Dallas collect-a-con? Any special spoilers you’d give? I’m super excited to go. Flying all the way from Michigan — spookapalooza

    Set Pieces ( For the Blitz Format)

  • Is there any chance we still get a nft sticker for topps wilderness? — cn3wb_m_m


  • will you release your original art ? — JTS 🇬🇧

    I’m thinking about doing 1 art for each beastie we do, for each set, then never doing art again.

  • Was this card (Hopkinsville Goblin Golden Distribution promo card) supposed to be in a Magicast pack? — Rico - MetaZoo to the Moon

    No Lol

  • Do you anticipate the ebay box's to sell out as fast as say magicast or do you think they will be available for a decent amount of time? —CallMeCinema

    such a double edge sword, isn’t it? we have something that sells out in an hour, now it’s the benchmark. We had the second highest sell out rate for wilderness topps, but because it took 4 hours instead of 1, people said it failed lol

  • Price of revive boards? — Grand-Karcist


  • Do you think you’ll ever add additional aura types in the future? Like Cyber Aura or something? — landon616🕷

    Wind in Yokai Island

  • Will there be a restock on metazoo magicast — SeeForward


  • How to get NYC king card? — captunderpants16

    selfie with the billboard ad and scan QR code

  • Will the eBay box have all the wilderness set or just a few cards? — Zeek1993

    all of them that are in a booster pack

  • Price on Ebay boxes? Ebay Green Man? — JB85

    $50, and SRs are 1st edition exclusive

  • Can you confirm, 10K print run on Magicast boxes? — Pokevolver -

    confirmed many, many times ( Discord figured out that it was 10k based by stores glitch, which I believe has been fixed)

  • Hi Mike! Will MZ ever release products like Pokémon’s ETBs that double as card storage containers? — ayveator

    maybe in yokai island, for now I don’t want to change up the skus in the block too much

  • @MetaZoo Are serial cards the future for metazoo now? Annnd can we get ufo spoilers soon? —Vacio

    They are certainly something we will have in future projects, don’t want to over do them though

  • When’s the fan art blisters — beauknows

    After Revive (4/15th), before ebay (4/25th)

  • Will the MMORPG be 2D or 3D? Will it be aiming for open world or instance based gameplay? — Rico - MetaZoo to the Moon

    sprite I’m thinking

  • Will NYC King bless us soon — Latest

    very soon (Mike has since said by end of this week)

  • Is there any plans for big Metazoo tournaments after the Dallas caster cup and before 2023s tournament? I would really like to plan something out for the future months in 2022 —Undervalued_Th3Chef

    Not on the current docket, no

  • I had an idea I brought up before in chat but ill give it a shot again. Due to the LGS changes and them needing to host events this might effect small towns or isolated areas. Is there a chance or route instead for people to form metazoo "clubs" to have event benefits? Perhaps with requirments like having a metazoologist, and limitations like not having distributor prices. That way groups without a LGS can still host their own official metazoo events — Flork

    I like this idea = )

  • How often do you rotate signatures? — Jester

    Im thinking 3-5 times a year = )

  • Any idea when we’ll get the special cards for the NFT? Thanks!! — aslokir

    On their way now!

  • Revive wen? — Cind


  • Deck boxes, dice, counters, etc soon or down the line? — GeneralGrissom

    speaking to gamegenics right now

  • Was green man or golden ticket your favorite card?— Sly


  • Are international entrants for the casters cup open to receive prize money? — shhillos

    Sure, if they make it there in person

  • Hey Mike, I saw there was geography based Cryptids a while back - any updates on when those will be out? Can't wait to get the Canada one —LightsCity

    We need a map maker to work with us on this

  • What’s the print run on wilderness? Will there be a 2nd ed —michaelpett24

    No 2nd edition, only specials like the ebay branded cards

  • Heyyyy Mike, First time asker long time reader.... Is there a rough date for when the ebay boxes will be out and or how they will be released? qty? —Whataboutit

    End of April (Earlier he mentioned price is $50)

  • are the ebay boxes going to be a direct sale on ebay? — TouchdownBear


  • I understand that blocks like nightfall and wilderness are first edition, however are there plans for an unlimited edition of those sets and CN? My reasoning being if theres ONLY a first edition then its not exactly first edition if its the only one. Which I love first editions, but im wondering if theres any plans expanding those blocks out for new players in the future —Flork

    1st edition is the first print, we will be doing other prints like the one with ebay, distinguished by an ebay symbol on each card

  • A while back smoky the bear was mentioned. I’m still anxiously awaiting the release of everyone’s favorite environmentally conscious bear. Any idea when we can have that beautiful boy in our game lol? — Karloff

    = )

  • Will there ever be an AR MetaZoo game like Pokémon go? —HappyKitty05


  • Are museums still going to get they’re own promos or events? — Helljumper


  • There are reports that the so called “Golden Ticket” is in fact NOT chocolate on the inside. Care to comment on that? — landon616🕷

    are you sure? Might want to try to peel back the top layer

  • Mike can we get a metazoo crossover into an existing comic with a different IP? :0 — sstick2urgunss

    Already working on it

  • Will magicast boxes have a mothman? — PHIL

    = )

  • @MetaZoo How about Topps Chrome on the next release with them? — mx26

    Yea end of year

  • any plans to make an exclusive product with TCGPlayer? kind of like the eBay product — andrewstacks

    Freezea from DBZ laughing with a Santa cap on

  • is their something spicy in magicast ? — JTS 🇬🇧


  • Thankful for prism aura, and dual aurafacts, but will we get dual auras in the future ? — 🔥Kevin the flame king 🔥-TI

    = )

  • Any exciting on-cam streamer collaborations coming up? — DeepPierce

    yes, end of april going to go blow up the remaining wubby promos with wubby

  • Any plan for full holo auras/terras like the CN2 boxtoppers? Loving the art for the terra cards in Wilderness, especially — Fog Racmaster00

    ebay will have full holo tokens

  • Just Wilderness token cards or previous ones too? — GeneralGrissom

    previous ones too

  • Mike! I’m here (show's the first ever gold ticket card) — Hyperbole

    have you tried the scratchnsniff feature yet?

  • Will the metazoo game be available on consoles? — PHIL


  • can we get a second ed mailman card? lol — Schwift

    no, but maybe something similar

  • Any Whatnot promo packages in the future? — DMelzHolla

    = )

  • Can we expect MetaZoo cards in different languages soon? — Majo / Metazoo - Europe

    Not on our radar right now, I want to focus on getting the english cards right first

  • Any new NFT news / teasers?!?! NFTeasers if you will — NFTyler

  • Heya Mike! How many Wilderness NFT boxes are there? — icenine |

    I think around 2.8k

  • when will the space/ufo theme release ?? — Niclous

    Just listened to it for the first time this morning

  • When are wilderness binders coming out? — El Suave Papi

    End of this week, along with more merch

  • We had some killer announcements this week already like the ebay exclusives, can you give any hints what else might be dropping this week? — Flork

    = )

  • How are timelines looking for the kickstarter decks? Shipping still estimated late May early June? —LuX

    That’s the plan! looking more like june

  • Hey Mike i was wondering are any more Magicast boxes going to release on the market place ? —CosmicChris

    nope! done

  • When will the xRevive boards be released?— MondayBingoNight

    Mid April!

  • Metazoo x McDonald's happy meals? — Powerlad

    Working on it

  • how many items will come in the token set care package next month? — icenine |

    likely 1, since it will be a sample card

  • 2 is Magicast still cryptid bassed ? —JTS 🇬🇧


  • when will the treasure hunt begin? — Streamie_Weenies


  • Is Logan Paul, post Malone, Tolerian community college still a thing? — Blackguard Bear

    = )

  • Any more exclusive hoodies dropping with wilderness like the wendigo and NF mothman? — moldypotionz


  • Is there going to be serialized cards in wilderness booster boxes? — ozoaaronozo

    Mike Says ?? (we have seen now Green Man which has serialized and he came from a blister pack) Mike also has said “all types of SRs in all types of SKUs”

  • Need this to happen but I feel like there’s never any response on military comments — ArthursPokeStop

    My father just retired from army, I’m not ignoring these, and internal discussions are happening

  • I heard someone say the other day,that YOU personally told them the "secret rare" could be pulled in any wilderness products. Any truth to this? — vextreme92

    sounds like if that happened, I’ll never be confiding anything to that person ever again

  • Are there still unrealized secrets in the comics? —TheOneEyedCrow

    more than you know

  • Have you had to fire anyone from MetaZoo Games yet? — Jody🎀


  • what will be on the Times Square MZ ads, and when? — icenine |

    next day or so, we will announce when it launches (as of today is has went live on 3/31/22)

  • Of all the other TCGs, what’s your most favorite foiling style?— Jia


  • Is there anyway to get in on early investing of your company, before the “IPO” happens — WeirdWizeWizard

    we are doing closed rounds of funding

  • What did the announcement this morning mean? — HappyKitty05

    (Post a gif of a man jumping into space) (The image he had posted was a UFO ship that had sample cards in them in space)

  • Sorry if this has been asked already, are the Traits symbols going to change every set? —JB85

    no, set in stone now

  • Will wilderness Pin Club mystery boxes have a wave 1 &2 like Nightfall did? —JoseSenpai


  • Are the ambassador cards locked to regions or does each region get each of them - they are just representative of those new areas of business? — Gorkain

    locked to a regional distribution

  • Sanrio Collab when? — ranestav 🐧


  • Will be ever get physical medals based on the card medals to collect? — / - 𝕰𝖈𝖍𝖔𝖊𝖘 - /

    not a bad idea

  • @MetaZoo , do you want to tell us more about the minisets that are going to be released this year between the main sets? Thanks —Majo / Metazoo - Europe

    steve aoki special set

  • So many sellers are upset by others selling Wilderness early for under MSRP. Any words to encourageor admonish? — TMXcomics

    hope they aren’t expecting allocation for UFO

  • MSRP for Revive decks? — cn3wb_m_m

    thinking $99.99

  • Any idea when the points/rankings etc will be available on the mpn? — ranestav 🐧

    next week or two

  • Do you plan on making higher rarity cards or reprint sets? — austinroy2497


  • bullion in the upcoming few weeks? — / - 𝕰𝖈𝖍𝖔𝖊𝖘 - /


  • Possible metazoo Hawaii luau bbq party? — cptasia

    (Chaos)-Xmas Tree, Present, Black square, and Neck Tie emoji (Im guessing a black tie xmas party)

  • How many NFT boxes per token? — spookapalooza


  • Upcoming pfp NFTs going to be on ETH or SOL? — Svvish


  • What was the decision to do wilderness after nightfall? Why not another set? —SolidDante

    spring bb

  • Hey Mike, Will there be more/different promotional products available for wilderness at the big box stores? —MrMedaris

    most big box stuff will start with UFO, walmart and target will start with wilderness

  • Is Wilderness true random? — SJC Collectibles


  • Will there be redeemable physical promo cards for MetaZoo's mobile game achievements? Possibly limited time events as well? — / - 𝕰𝖈𝖍𝖔𝖊𝖘 - /

    starts with revive

  • Is the Metazoo book gonna be like a graphic novel? —Helljumper

    announcing a huge comic maker collab in the coming weeks

  • Does the MZ staff actually look at our cryptid requests? — EddieMoney

    of course, trust me, we are bigger nerds than you

  • Since you want a pullback away from lgs's, but want people to qualify locally for the casters cup, will that qualification stilsl be in affect in later tournaments? — arbiter360

    it’s a non sequitur since we are removing LGS support from LGSs that don’t put on events

  • Do you ever envision a winter launch? Going off of a previous posting saying wilderness is a spring launch. Would love to see Babe or Jack Frost or something at the for front and see frost get a little love — spookapalooza

    maybe for yokai island

  • Can we get 7/11 Metazoo slurpee cups? —Helljumper

    how about gamer supps flavor in the meantime?

  • Any plans for Nft redemption cards inserted in random packs? —SlowM3

    starting with ufo is the plan!

  • MetaZoo x LEGO? —GottaKetchumAll

    working on it

  • When can we expect wilderness boxes from stash loot (Orlando comic con) to come — chavo

    being sent out today/tomorrow I believe (was sent out on 3/31)

  • How many skate decks(revive skateboards) in the series? — hermdawg


  • What’s your favourite card in the set (wilderness)?— FlowKing

    (Mike)- hasn’t been pulled yet (chaos crystal enthusiast)- posts Charlie from Willy Wonka getting his golden ticket gif.

  • Target exclusive metazoo. Details please. — FadedJs

    Finalizing deets next week!

  • Hey Mike, last question Can you give us any update on when we can expect to see shelves full of Metazoo product at the big retail stores like target, Walgreens, etc? — MrMedaris

    Already at walmart, coming to target soon, and lots more big box on the way

  • Will there be a secret surprise for people who bought last kickstart?— PHIL

    No, we will deliver on the product advertised

  • In light of the MTG/Hasbro document discussed in “May The Zoo Be With You”, is Metazoo’s plan going into the future to focus predominantly on in-person gameplay or online? — ianh


  • What is the main thought process when partnering with another company to do a special release? — SolidDante

    will our fans like it, will it expand the fanbase, does it make sense

  • Any plans for a Metazoo manga? — cheto tcg

    Announcement coming this week

  • When will we get Metazoo cryptocurrency? — TrueReclaim3r


  • As CEO, how do you plan MetaZoo resiliency during potential downturn of economy and/or general gaming market? — minman

    By being realistic, and by removing product from the hands of people who don’t know how to be resilient

  • Hello ….any event in france or Europe ? —Djiss

    Oh yea we are going to france in april

  • Will retailers get access to the sleeves and binders? —

    Maybe partners

  • Is there any big plans to be announced soon? — Thomasmax105

    Next 2 weeks are stacked

  • Are wilderness spellbooks still reverse Holo heavy? — DisKrete


  • Cryptids from what all sets can we expect to see as NFT PFP's? —Zeles

    all 3

  • Do you plan to make all PFPs the same number (ie Mothman /500, Hodag /500, BIgfoot /500 etc) or do you plan to make them more like how the Genesis was done (/100, /200, /300 etc)? — collectandinvest

    there will be rarity

  • Do you see the Collector / Player ratio shift more towards players over time? What is MetaZoo going to do or continue to do to gain more players rather than just collectors? — WheelerTheSlug

    No, collectors/investors/players all have a place in metazoo

  • Will there be a limit to the number of people who can compete in the Caster Cup? — andrewstacks

    realistically no, practically if 1 billion people sign up, then yes

  • How do you guys decide on upcoming cryptids for each set? Is it like a voting process for a group or do you basically choose? — landon616

    I work with the team to choose

  • @MetaZoo will there be UFO spoiler packs at the Charlotte, NC collect-a-con? — 歹 Sirius


  • What does the process look like for your artist? Do you give them specific prompts like mtg? Or do you guys let them have more creative control? —lucio

    Our process is complicated, but everyone gets creative input

  • Will magicast cards be tournament legal? —Cole.604

    Mike says “1st” not connected to this question, but this might be a hint for Magicast release?

  • Will Metazoo ever make a coin like BAYC for APE — Wheelgun44


  • You mentioned a pull away from LGS', can you elaborate on that a bit? — Beeman, Devourer of Bulk

    = )

  • Metazoo tarot deck KS ?— KeekOnFire

    Tarot for seance

  • Mike do you watch any sports/esports? Any thoughts on future sports/games collabs or advertising? —Huneter

    We will be working with Topps and Fanatics on athletes with cryptids

  • Thoughts on so many sellers selling wilderness early with seemingly no repercussions? — TMXcomics

    Let’s just say MTG and sports cards are moving to more of a DTC(Direct to Consumer) method for a reason

  • Will you be in New York City Comic Con this year and if so will you be there all week or just the weekend — mnap129

    yes, and all weekend

  • Everything on track from the latest Kickstarter? — DisKrete


  • Are there any parameters for the fan art pack submissions and where can we submit our artwork? — vincenzoplenzo

    we will announce rules soon

  • What is the name of the tiny baby god who fell into the forest amber?? — Amber Addict Kemyst

    Will be revealed in Grimm’s Kingdom

  • @MetaZoo any updates on the comic? — danny_boy

    Announcement coming this week

  • What will be the biggest collab for 2022 ?? — foundmycards

    Hasn’t been announced yet, but when it is..Minds will be blown ( Chaos Crystal Enthusiast)

  • Will Alistair crowley make an appearance in seance? —Spaghettimon

    No, but he’s in the book

  • Is UFO still running on schedule for summer release? — CallMeCinema


  • When will the global ambassador cards be released? — PaulAtreides


  • Any mothman or beastie plushies in the works? — emilynancy


  • Is the $250k tournament purse in Dallas the biggest to expect this year or more announcements upcoming? — GottaKetchumAll

    Biggest this year, bigger next year

  • Does MetaZoo plan to regular pricing a bit better for future sets? —Trading_card_Vault

    Yes, but we won’t babysit LGSs. There’s an alternative way to regulate pricing

  • Have you been working on your signature reconfiguration for next con — FullCircle5and10


  • Will magicast card be tournament legal? — PHIL

    (Chaos)-We don’t and don’t plan to put out cards[barring any that don’t inherently have any actual gameplay mechanics or use] that are not tournament legal. After all, why would we make fun cards nobody can play with?

  • What do think about a big poster displaying all the cryptids? —Tobias Storm

    (Chaos)- They’ll be going to LGS’ soon.

  • As time goes on and print runs increase, will the number of secret rares go up as well? Maybe multiple secret rares per set or just a higher print run? — Cole.604

    Even when we 10x our fanbase this year, print runs won’t increase

  • What is the main goal of Metazoo in term of global expansion in 2022 ?? — foundmycards

    lol, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you

  • Hey Mike! Hope all is well, I wanted to see if y’all plan to remove post cards anytime soon. I want to make sure to get each one before you put any new ones up PS post card mini binder??... — Raincoat

    Probably end of this week

  • Possible cryptid crate collab again? — Justmatty

    if they reach out to me, sure

  • Will USPCC promos be legal in the casters cup? — Peazful

    if they are out by then

  • @MetaZoo are we going to see new apparel such as backpacks or fanny packs? — danny_boy


  • Will we ever see STAR rares, not secret rares whatever those are, in products that aren't booster boxes? — Artz


  • Can we get fan art Blister packs, magicast, and wilderness all dropping on the 1st please? — dsparkerzerps

    I wonder

  • Mike, I have heard there is a scavenger hunt happening. Will this be in the Metaverse? Also, will this be linked to the future online game where things found can be linked to your account!? — MrMedaris

    scav hunt will be in person, real world

  • is yokai still being planned for '24? — L0ung3r


  • Any thoughts of using another shipping courier if usps starts to delay packages or would you think this is a temporary thing and it’s not a big enough impact ? Thx — alunjai

    We are working seriously with amazon for our bulk dtc fulfillment.

  • What sort of print run we expecting for Magicast? — DisKrete

    1 billion

  • Is there a 7-11 collab coming? —buddymac28

    = )

  • Is it true PSA is no longer grading Metazoo cards?? — POKEBUMS

    Lol wut, we are announcing an expanded partnership with them this week that includes a promo card

  • Does MetaZoo have a location where most of the people work together or is it all remote? — minman

    all remote

  • When will NFT holders be able to add the guilding option to the Kickstarter? — CasterMJ


  • When can we possibly expect the kickstarter to ship? Obviously I know it depends on manufacturing constraints — Warden


  • @MetaZoo what are the new promos coming up this year before the release of UFO? — danny_boy

    Hold onto your hat, we got some crazy collabs coming

  • Has the customer support position been filled? Applied and didnt hear anything back — CaptainSk0r

    it has, yes

  • Any news on the art contest? Is it this month or next? — lorezokaz


  • Mike, will the game being developed actually be in the metaverse? —Poyistro


  • What wilderness card are you most proud of? —Zacikarp

    I’m proud of all the work our artists and staff did. It’s our best set so far

  • Is Metazoo considering opening it's own brick and mortar stores/play arenas, in the future? —Anitheos

    yes, but first, a pullback from LGS

  • So no 1st edition in big box stores. But still expect wilderness to be in Walmart and target in April. Does this mean we will see 1st and 2nd edition drop at the same time — Rafael_glass

    Wilderness in walmart will be 1st edition, but moving forward it won’t be 2nd edition, but rather specially labeled collabs specific to that big box location, like a 7-11 blister pack with 7-11 on the cards themselves

  • Whats releasing on april 1? — PHIL

    Wilderness and something else

  • I think metazoo should have a metaverse. First TCG to do it, stake-able tokens for redemption, rewards, prerelease stuff. NFT collectible convention tickets, vip stuff. QR code real world bounties where the community works together to unlock lore and early info on new releases!! I have so many ideas!! I hope the team does some of this stuff — MrMedaris

    MetaZoo will be in the Metaverse in the next 2 months

  • How man PFPs in the project? Will every one of them be hand drawn? or are the artists drawing the baseline characters and elements then randomizing those electronically? — icenine |

    all 10 beasties and all traits will be hand drawn

  • When will more details on the treasure hunt be released? — HappyKitty05

    sooner than you think

  • When's the next signature change happening? — Jody🎀


  • Can yall respond to emails? — EpicPulls

    we are expanding our customer service, things have definitely been crazy!

  • Any chance at signature inserts? — Cole.604


  • Mike will there be any special collector’s edition BoosterBox for the upcoming set UFO …#SecureTeam collaboration or alien holo foils or even better UFO USO shaped booster box ideas? — ir0n_gh0st

    yes, but not in the way you think

  • Awaugs — Today at 1:00 PM What was the print run for the 1st ed nightfall pin boxes? Future pin boxes print runs as well???

    Not up to us to release this info, but smaller than you’re thinking, most likely

  • Mike, is there anything that you would personally like to see get added to MZHQ (or any fan site)? Don't hold back. — Jody🎀

    3 or 4 cards per line, a page generated per card, Fan wiki would be cool too, articles about gameplay

  • Will there ever be more then one (ink, scratch) per set in the future?? — SOICEY69

    No more inks

  • So if we go to any of the ones on play network we should be good for Dallas ? — Zeek1993

    yes, if it’s sanctioned format

  • Is there anything we can do to get Twitch to create a MetaZoo category. They have MekaZoo whatever that is — Purple Elf Productions (albus)

    sooner than that!

  • Any interest in exploring Hollow Earth or Hollow Moon lore in future sets? — moldypotionz

    maybe a dino set?!

  • MetaZoo x SpaceX collab to actually send MetaZoo to the moon? — Pokevolver -


  • When will next board member be announced? — minman

    next week or week after that

  • There was talk of Aoki doing an Alt-Meta-Metazoo KS... is that still happening? — PaulAtreides

    Won’t be on KS

  • If there's ever a Whatnot promo, please consider the gulag — TMXcomics

    Whatnot promo is being made right now

  • Will there be any additional nft roadmaps that goes until the end of the year? — OFFtheCHENG

    Roadmaps will be forward looking to 2 months at most

  • Will full holo silver and bronze spells & artifacts also be included in the tournament packs — Latest


  • Has anyone suggested a tarot deck akin to the playing card decks? — kelpshake

    = )

  • Will content creators who applied for the card be notified if rejected? — Purple Elf Productions (albus)

    No one is outright rejected, just told to keep working

  • Mike - do you think PFP project will have traditional PFP rarity - should we anticipate some legendary 1/1 drops with this PFP NFT project? —collectandinvest


  • Pfp utilities or will you stick with tokens for utilities? — MetaCaster1p36

    Let’s see what we can do, but right now it’s just the PFPs

  • Will Magicast products ever be released? —Pokevolver -

    next week

  • Anyway that we can get a database of cards for whatever sets it resides? Kind of like Pokellector app. — Kittles

    We have some awesome fan ones

  • is the final boss of the $250k tournament you?— Streamie_Weenies

    I give a hug to the winner

  • Is there a way for metazoo to host an online sanctioned event for those who don’t have physical access to a local sanctioned event before Dallas? — andrewstacks

    Unfortunately no

  • You mentioned a fan-fiction contest in which people write their own stories within MZ universe, any more info on that? — moldypotionz

    After the first book is published, so likely 2023!

  • Will there be a Wilderness 2nd Edition? — XCrocer

    Lets get through 1st edition lol. But if there is wilderness 2nd, it won’t be any of the current product SKUs releasing end of this month

  • @MetaZoo will the format for DFW CAC be announced soon? any terra that will be in play like in FL? — olix

    More info on this soon!

  • How many cards will a tournament pack have in it?— Zeek1993

    1 per pack, normal collect-a-con ones have a set size of 20, player ones have 5 additional cards in the set

  • @MetaZoo what will be the cutoff for registration? the day of the tourney? — Bradstache

    likely mid may

  • The convention has usually ended at 6pm both Saturday and Sunday, that has been a factor in past tournaments where it was best of 1 instead of 2 out of 3. That’s what Im referring to For an actual question is the tournament winnings paid via cash/check? — daddygoldchains

    Likely check

  • Will MetaZoo ever sponsor a NASCAR vehicle? —BR20(Brandon)

    We actually had someone reach out about this haha. I think it’s a cool idea

  • Will online sanctioned tournaments ever be a thing? — Streamie_Weenies

    When we release our digital card game

  • As an entrepreneur I often find myself asking this question to other business savvy individuals; who in your business do you trust to tell you “no” or bring creative ideas to the table? —hashtagnotafurry

    My entire team

  • Does a tournament at my LGS ran through playmetazoo count as a tournament? — atvrider59

    not a tournament, just needs to be sanctioned play

  • Hi Mike, thanks for the roadmap update and the tournament update. Much appreciated. The full set Token holders were wondering if you would ever consider an AMA with the group?—collectandinvest

    sure, let’s set something up for april

  • Would you be willing to share approximately how many people have applied for the lastest job offering?Gr33nB34NZ — Gr33nB34NZ


  • Are you planning to have a physical release if the video game? — childish grantbino

    Would be cool and it’s on my roadmap

  • @MetaZoo hey mike, does the tournament at collect a con have a buy in? If so what is the amount? — Klaxer2

    it’s free so long as you have a convention ticket

  • Today at 12:11 PM What kind of format should we expect to compete in dallas?:0— Poke.Khai


  • Thoughts on using NFTs minted specifically for Top 3 (or Top 10??), as potential prizes in future events? — Gr33nB34NZ

    Not for physical play as of right now

  • Target date for the Times Square event? — Pokevolver -

    1st week of april

  • Did the G2B and Caster Society tournies at the beginning of the year count for qualifying or do those players need to participate in another sanctioned event — bats |

    those should retroactively count if they were on MPN, yes

  • If you’re playing in the tourney just assume you will miss that day of the convention — Zacikarp

    The tournament space will be on the convention floorspace

  • Metazoo lanyards/keychains? — Norazza


  • What cards will be in the collect a con tournament & player packs? — Pokeemasters

    holo forms of bronze and silver cards from previous sets, specially stamped

  • How to sign up for 250k tournament? — DANGERBOAT

    You need to play in a SANCTIONED EVENT, sign up will be made available for the tournament beginning of May

  • Will the upcoming book contain the content from the comics or take place after comics? — chemicalmunkee

    It will contain the first 6 chapters

  • Any chance for Amazon to get official merchandise, cards etc from MetaZoo? It's accessible to more people. — ztensity

    Something we are working on

  • Will there be another chance for people to buy an NFT? (not on open sea — Jencollects

    Many NFTs in our future, but none like the Tokens

  • Metazoo on Spotify when? I need to be able to listen to those bops in my car to and from work — Rump

    working on this

  • How many cards in the chibi mini set? — Titanic-4-7-Seas

    probably around 80

  • how is the online TCG going so far in development? Is it an in house thing or are you working with a developer/studio? — Peazful


  • MetaZoo x Sanrio collab? — cheto tcg

    : )

  • Will MetaZoo be having any sort of initiative to help support those impacted by events in the Ukraine through fan donations or similar? I appreciate it's challenging to do this, but have you discussed how it can be done sympathetically with the team? — Koschei

    We think it’s great that the MetaZoo community wants to support a cause they believe in. MetaZoo is a TCG though, and an escape from reality if we are doing our jobs properly. As such, we generally want to avoid ANY politics.

  • Will we continue to get updated maps with upcoming sets/blocks? Any chance at a globe/world map eventually? 🗺️🌎 (🧭for the scavenger hunt?) — metazuul

    I really want this, but we have yet to find a map maker that we can work directly with. If any of you know someone who has professional map making experience and an interest in MZ, please reach out to @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • What do you think the biggest factors were that made it possible to scale so quickly over such a short period and still continue to push the quality higher with every release? — Pokevolver -

    our excellent team and the community being receptive to that growth. I said this every few months, in just a short while the fanbase will be absolutely much larger, and you all will be considered early adopters

  • Will MetaZoo have an NFT-related board member? — icenine

    yes, very soon

  • Ever thought of doing something with the cryptozoology museum in Maine? — Sasquatchforest

    yes, many museums are getting their own promos this year

  • Are there any secrets hidden within the comics that have not been discovered yet? — youoverthink

    oodles and oodles

  • Any info on what the game is like? Is it comparable to Pokemon or maybe more live action? — Hekko

    my hope is comparable to Arceus, but a lot of work is needed to get to that decision

  • You mentioned the possibility of receiving a promo card from PSA when grading with them (similar to what you mentioned with eBay). Is that actually happening? — BeyondYonderGames

    Yes, being printed now, hopefully to be released soon

  • Which were the first cards you designed for MetaZoo? — Koschei

    first card ever was a fire breathing chicken lol