MetaZoo Hour Summary • Dec. 9, 2021 • 97 Questions

On Thursday, December 9th, 2021 at 1:33PM EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another highly anticipated MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

The 97 questions were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated. They are in the order that they were received.

Before we get started, I’d like to bring attention to MetaZoo HQ’s awesome partner and writer fizggig on YouTube! Enjoy a full break down of the MetaZoo Hour in video format for you to listen and watch at your own leisure:

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve learned from the December 9th MetaZoo Hour! Italics notes added by MetaZoo HQ, and grammar in some messages was corrected for clarity.

Michael Waddell at 1:33PM EST:
@everyone MetaZoo Hour starts now! Ask me anything!

1. Q: Any update on where they are at with medal applications?
A: Working through them!
2. Q: When are plushies coming to town!!
A: Photos and pre-orders in January!
3. Q: Are Genesis NFTs involved in the Manta Bae drop at all?
A: Not for manta ray
4. Q: Will Cumberland Dragon be released in Wilderness?
A: Oh you betcha
5. Q: Are all the Christmas promos 2nd edition?
A: There are both first and second edition
6. Q: How many different products are hitting Walmart’s shelves at first?
A: Just one for now! But we have plans for 5 in 2022
7. Q: When are you looking at getting tournaments/organized play out to LGS’s?
A: January!
8. Q: How do we become a better candidate to be a playtester?
A: Get involved in our OP!
9. Q: Will the Promo the NFT holders get be playable?
A: Maybe
10. Q: Any new merch around the corner?
A: New year new merch?
11. Q: Any future plans on having serialized booster boxes for special sets?
A: Maybe for special sets, but not our core
12. Q: Is there a PO box we can send you fanart at?
A: Our address is in the announcements! But don’t send me anything, donate to a charity instead
13. Q: When will you be paying Rudy another visit for a Q&A?
A: Never left the basement
14. Q: How many MetaZoo artists are there currently?
A: 10, I think?
15. Q: What will be the next watch style be?
A: Wilderness!
16. Q: Any idea when wilderness gets released?
A: March!
17. Q: Is Loch Ness going to be in wilderness?
A: Grimm’s Kingdom
18. Q: Are Patreon medals still not all send out?
A: Always email support again if you haven’t gotten a response
19. Q: How do you plan on verifying/granting access to the NFT holders and keeping it legit for the special early release of products on the marketplace?
A: I’ll be there doing it myself. No funny business
20. Q: 2nd edition have blue ink??
A: ???

21. Q: Since Nightfall’s box had GITD aspects is there anything similarly unique about the wilderness box design you can reveal?
A: Going to holo as well! And each box purchased will result in a tree being planted
22. Q: MetaZoo NFT gives up access to future Kickstarters maybe???
A: Maybe!
23. Q: Do NFT holders have to be at C2E2 to get the booster box?
A: This weekend yes
24. Q: What distributors is MetaZoo exclusive to right now? Trying our hardest to get it in our store.
A: Phd is your best bet
25. Q: What is the new name of the Ouija set?
A: Secret
26. Q: Hope you have time for a bit longer of a response, but do you worry about MetaZoo the game being watered down by speculation? Especially with the release of the NFTs?
A: Absolutely not. Every day we grow stronger. Not even our final form.
27. Q: Mike will you ever illustrate a card!?
A: Yes
28. Q: Will there be special packs for LGS tournaments like how Yu-Gi-Oh has tournament packs?
A: @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Mike tagged MetaZoo’s Head of Product)
29. Q: How limited will Dimmack be?
A: Limited not print to order
30. Q: Will you ever be able to pull a redemption card for a NFT out of any future packs?
A: Looking into this
31. Q: When are we getting figures?
A: They’re comin’! – Answered by Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)
32. Q: When do we find out what cards are goin to be spread across the states at special places for local cryptids?
A: January!
33. Q: Do you have plans to add any strong female characters to the illustrated story?
A: Yup!
34. Q: Have you been thinking about a set with a Norse mythology theme?
A: Special set!
35. Q: Any timing estimates for next Topps set?
A: January/Feb
36. Q: Will there be a 2022 convention tournament schedule for the up coming year?
A: Yup!
37. Q: For inspired artist like myself, what are the limitations to consider when making art?
A: Don’t pass it off as official
38. Q: With the coming Walmart distribution, will small game stores also be receiving CN2E?
A: Of course
39. Q: Will there be MetaZoo PC accessories?
A: Working on it
40. Q: How much Meta could a MetaZoo Zoo if a MetaZoo could Zoo Meta??
A: Zzzoooo

41. Q: Are any major celebrities besides Aoki going to play a role in MetaZoo?
A: Pm
42. Q: So how many sets will come out and how many season promos to expect in 2022?
A: 3 main sets, oodles of promos
43. Q: MetaZoo x Walmart promo card on the MetaZoo marketplace website would be cool too
A: Would kind of defeat the purpose haha
44. Q: How’s the MetaZoo video game and tv show progressing?
A: Talking to a lot of interested people
45. Q: Hey will any Kickstarters in the next year have a booster box?
A: No, only poker playing cards
We will never ever reprint Kickstarter or sample product. Can you imagine what a horrible move that would be, to call something like sample 2.0?
46. Q: The Walmart release will be some form of CN 2nd Ed right?
A: Yes
47. Q: Will sample cards have utility?
A: Maybe, we have some ideas
48. Q: Hope to see you in San Jose Ca game kastle to meet the Bay Area casters
A: One day for sure!
49. Q: What products will be available at C2E2 for purchase and pricing?
A: 2nd edition base booster boxes, Christmas, and lots more!
50. Q: Any way to have a talk with CFB about having better communication with stores regarding MetaZoo?
A: Constantly working on improving this
51. Q: When will MZO exams be back?
A: Looking to have the new MZO Exams up by the end of December! – Answered by Kevin C., Staff and Grandmaster MetaZoologist
52. Q: 10K+ cryptocurrencies out there….is there room for a MetaZoo crypto?
A: Name 10 crypto currencies off the top of your head. Quantity is not equal to quality, anything MetaZoo does will be top tier
53. Q: Any raffels with stashhh-loot this weekend?
A: Yes stashhhloot is working on that!
54. Q: Will MetaZoo ever have any brick and mortar stores?
A: Yup! Late 2022
55. Q: Can we put anybody’s name we want on the promo card for a full coin set if we achieve that?
A: As long as it’s respectful
56. Q: Any chance to get future sample cards or NFTs in the vending machine as like a random item?
A: Yes
57. Q: Will there be 2nd edition event decks?
A: Of course
58. Q: Any chance for a monthly subscription for fans and players to get new releases?
A: Working on this for the illustrated story
59. Q: Any updates on chapter 4?
A: Late December
60. Q: Can’t wait for Sapphire
A: Samesies

61. Q: Favorite mobile game (or handheld console game)?
A: Soon to be MetaZoo’s
62. Q: More surprises for NFT holders in the future?
A: So many
63. Q: Any approximate number of old scratch cards that have been pulled?
A: 30-35 I would reckon. Maybe more. I would say about half of nightfall product has been cracked
64. Q: When will we see characters from other brands and cross overs into MetaZoo, anything scheduled in a set or promo?
A: Like dc?
65. Q: A MetaZoo manga would be insane
A: One day very soon
66. Q: How do new artists apply for a potential gig drawing a card?
A: Impress me haha or
67. Q: What’s after Dimmak drop? Or what’s the next drop on MetaZoo Marketplace?
A: Gold and silver
68. Q: Could you share some info on where the inspiration came from for the names of the main protagonists and antagonists?
A: Sam Winchester and Adam is the name I always wanted
69. Q: How much CN 1st Edition do you think is left unopened?
A: 25-30%?
70. Q: Any chance for MetaZoo licensed storage cases for boxes and decks for collectors?
A: Coming very soon
71. Q: MetaZoo x Lego wen?
A: As soon as possible….
72. Q: Will the brilliant aura decks get reprinted for 2nd Ed or at least just those holo cards it came with?
A: One of a kind print run
73. Q: Will Genesis NFTs still have utility after the promo card distribution?
A: Yes
74. Q: We’re waiting for that Full Holo Promo
A: Already have an Uncle Sam card!
75. Q: Mike, do you know if PSA has your first signature as well?
A: Yes
76. Q: If a group of Dingbelle is known as a dong… will we be seeing a “dong” card in the future?
A: Stack 4 or 5 Dingbelle cards and you’ll recognize a stack about the size of what you know as a dong
77. Q: about promos from the MetaZooGames website will you guys send from eu wharehouse so we wont get hit with customs sometimes?
A: No eu warehouses yet but maybe very soon!
78. Q: Metazoo x Panini ?
A: Not while we are with Topps
79. Q: Will the CN 2nd Ed Blister Pack promos be the same as 1st Edition?
A: They will be better
80. Q: Have you guys came up with a plan to stop automated checkout/bots from stealing all the good products on release day that will be fair to everyone?
A: Constantly thinking about how to do this better

81. Q: How big of a run can we expect for the next Topps set? I’m sure you left them speechless after the Series 0 drop
A: Still 50k. We want to make money, but we don’t want to saturate the collector’s market. I made that call
82. Q: Is it still possible to get the MetaZoo content creator promo? 
A: Yes
83. Q: Any plans for an Egyptian set
A: Soon
84. Q: Will Europe have some Wilderness allocation to physical stores?
A: Of course
85. Q: If you had a Kickstarter unopened booster box, would you sell now, rip now, or hold for 10 years and decide later?
A: There are so few left, I want one for my kids
86. Q: Do you see MetaZoo’s NFT project competing with other big-name ones? Or remaining more of a fanbase-centered project?
A: The NFT projects we will do are for MetaZoo fans. Now as the fanbase grows into the millions… the NFTs out there will look very scarce
87. Q: Will Dimmak be random/blind or just pick what you want for a shirt?
A: Blind
88. Q: Any plans for sample holders?
A: Maybe if they are graded, samples can be used as like vip tickets, let’s see
89. Q: Next Pin Club MetaZoo drop?
A: Very soon
90. Q: Love the workmanship on these Pin Club pins, is this planned to be a long-standing collab?
A: I see them as lifelong partners of MetaZoo
A: Big news on this soon. – Answered by Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)
91. Q: With the Dimmak blind box coming for NFT holders can I get more then one at checkout?
A: Yes
92. Q: Any thoughts on fig pin?
A: Our contract with pin club is exclusive
93. Q: What’s the timeline on an online game? Mobile perhaps to hunt down Cryptids in various parts of the world?
A: Speaking to a company about that very thing next week. I reached out to TTS to make an official DLC and they never got back to me
94. Q: How early will Wilderness be available for pre-order?
A: February I would reckon
95. Q: Will MetaZoo backpacks be listed back on the marketplace anytime soon?
A: Not the previous ones taken off they are exclusive. But search backpacks right now!
96. Q: Will we ever see some Aztec cryptids included?
A: Yes
A: Aztec, Incan AND Mayan! – Answered by Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)
97. Q: Is there any partnership that you really want that you are struggling to get?
A: Funko so please reach out to them and recommend MetaZoo!

Michael Waddell at 2:25PM EST:
Okay everyone
Thank you so much!
Have a nice day everyone
Until next time!

This concludes what we’ve learned from the December 9th, 2021 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 97 questions were answered this afternoon.

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