MetaZoo Hour Summary • Feb 9, 2022 • 104 Questions

On Wednesday, February 9, 2022 at 8:31am EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

There were a total of 95 MetaZoo related questions & 9 personal/unrelated questions that were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated.

As always, we’ll start off with the MetaZoo-related questions first, in the order that they were received, and then move onto the personal questions afterward. Try searching for things such as “Wilderness” or “Kickstarter” to narrow-down the results. It all works dynamically. 🙂

Michael Waddell at 8:31am EST:
@everyone MetaZoo Hour begins now! Ask me anything in 📝-metazoo-chat

MetaZoo Questions

  • Any updates on stretch goals for the KS

    votes still coming in!

  • @MetaZoo when will there be another Topps drop

    Yes, first half of March! Topps wilderness

  • Wilderness binders coming?


  • @MetaZoo Mike what do you feel other TCGs can take away from your growth strategy? What are you doing that others are not?

    Check out our new Kickstarter and that will be your answer

  • Yooo Mike!!! Hope you’re well brother! I was just curious how you felt about some cards depicting beasties absolutely, and I can’t emphasize this next part enough, YAMMING on some basketball hoops? @MetaZoo

    Sounds like a cool topps product

  • Will Van Meter Visitor be in UFO?


  • Any update on the genesis roadmap?

    Very soon

  • Hey Mike did you decide already on the size of the artist print add ons for 1.0 and 2.0?

    Still figuring this out! @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast @KrisRWK

  • Are we allowed to DM artists (like Poncho) for example to send them cards to be signed (personalized of course so they cannot be resold) or are they only allowed to sign for events

    You can do what you want, but they decide what they will do

  • I hear creepy pastas will get a side set but any plans on collabing with SCP?

    would be dope!

  • Any updates on the scavenger hunts?

    Printers are back online tonight 😉

  • Shipping adjust on single deck KS?

    No can do

  • Likelihood of a Metazoo Funko Drop? 👀


  • Print run on Valentines?


  • WPT sponsorship?


  • Kickstarter for the animated series? 😁

    not a bad idea

  • I want to work for you! How can I apply? I’m great with IT things.

    reach out to

  • Tolarian community college video updates @MetaZoo ?

    He works at his own pace!

  • Will TCGplayer be updating card images for 2nd edition?

    That’s up to them!

  • Hey Mike, question about the future of holiday promo's. Is there any plan on having card effects/terra's that will change the "Month" so certain holiday cards could be used outside of the true physical month it is required to be played during?

    @Kevin C.

  • So? Fanatics/stamps/satellite? What’s the dealio? 😂


  • Any national park partnerships for wilderness?

    announcements coming soon

  • Mike thank you for answering my last question, now I have to ask will there be a specific religious themed set with peeps from all religions?

    Sounds like a minefield

  • Will collect a con plushies be limited on how many you can buy I’m worried ppl in front of me will buy them all lol


  • Will the uspcc uncut sheets be holo?

    we are seeing if we can add these as an addon

  • Will Metazoo Ever Collaborate With The Likes Of Babytron Or Kanye West?


  • How soon will we see tournament kits with special promos?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast @Kevin C. @damienhardy

    Working on them right now with @damienhardy — Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • Will you sign booster boxes?

    sure thing

  • Will the playing cards be available as a standard product? And are the promos kickstarter exclusive or will they also be available as a separate product?

    no plans for this right now

  • Rumor has it that there will not be a Nightfall 2nd Edition. Is this true?

    There will be Nightfall 2nd Edition. — Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

    just special big box products, no booster boxes or other 1st edition product. — Answered by @MetaZoo (Mike)

  • When nft cards for nft holders?

    Soon. 🙂 — Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • We’re gonna need a Metazoo poker tournament


  • Will there ever be a mashup of some kind with like Pokémon, Magic, etc. on the cards?

    MetaZoo is its own beastie

  • @MetaZoo Chinese New Year/Calendar promos would be cool, 12 promos spread over 12 years to collect..

    Sounds like a cool promo idea for next year

  • How long will CN2 be sold at Walmart?

    these boxes will be the only cn2 products at walmart

  • so basically once cn2 is gone, thats it for the walmart stuff?

    yup, already working on wilderness box

  • Can we send some metazoo cards to Elon Musk so he can send them into space? 🤣 .......(Mike when he announces that in a few months 😎 hold my 🍻 ) 🤣


  • What will the Wilderness NFTs look like?


  • Box toppers in Wilderness Pins and Booster Boxes?

    ebay box will have wilderness box toppers

  • Have you found the fabled walmart metazoo hangers yourself? 👀

    No walmarts in nyc

  • What sets are coming out after ufo 🛸


  • Are ebay wilderness boxes USA only?

    up to ebay!

  • Any chance a card catalog (that has sorting and filtering would be nice) could be on the MZ website? 🤔

    we have some amazing fan ones

  • Did you reveal ALL of the USPCC x MetaZoo TCG Promo cards? (12) Or do we have some treats in store?


  • Mike will you be at the Orlando collect a con?


  • Obviously you’re working on wilderness but are there already plan to have a twist with ufo with products?

    playmat can second as twister mat

  • How long do you plan to work on MetaZoo? At what age do you see yourself retire?


  • Any other clothing collabs in the foreseeable future like the DimMak collection?

    Yes. 🙂 — Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • why is shipping prices so scuffed to the UK lol 3 valentine's day boxes = £18 shipping but 2 boxes + comic = £29?!

    automatically calculated by shopify, so I guess ask DHL/fedex/etc..

  • will nightfall 2nd edition come to walmart?


  • Mike excited about anything in particular @ florida collect a con👀?

    collect-a-con stamped wilderness spoilers, and spoiler packs and very few actual wilderness handed out for free

  • How many of the 2305 NFTs were redeemed for the Valentine's day boxes?

    about 1200

  • How many CN2 boosters were converted to Walmart Hangers?

    sneaky sneaky

  • Will wilderness secret rare be in packs or the box toppers?

    sneaky sneakkkkyyyy

  • With so many new items coming out as of late, do you plan to curb back releases at any point to combat purchase fatigue?

    no, more releases, more products.

  • What are you looking forward to the most this year for Metazoo??


  • Do you foresee another Kickstarter in the future?

    every year is the plan

  • MetaZoo x Tamagotchi?

    would be pretty cool

  • Official release of Wilderness is March 31?


  • Thoughts on old saybrook blockheads?


  • MetaZoo x NBA ever considered? 🏀

    for topps, yes

  • When will MZ be going public?


  • Will we get a Wildreness Binder around the release date of the set to match the other binders?

    trying to get it as close as possible

  • Mike will you be signing cards at the collect a con


  • any info at all about the SOL TCG?

    team is meeting with their team right now

  • can we get more details on 🛰️

    very soon

  • A while ago you said for content creators to reach out to Chadtronic to apply for some sort of content creator program, I emailed him probably 2 or 3 weeks ago and haven't heard back and his discord dms are closed, is there any other step I should take to reach out or email again or should I just wait?

    keep emailing, he’s a busy guy

  • Mike will there be nft holder benefits at collect a con orlando?

    still working on this

  • Will the Professor's video release between now and Wilderness?

    I have no idea, completely up to the professor

  • Will distribution offer wilderness pins to retailers for wilderness?

    we will make an announcement about this soon

  • (Announcement with "🕐 ⬛" appears) ... Time square?


  • Will there be more metazoo nfts in the future?


  • Who can we contact for print run on chupacabra distributor promo?


  • Mike do you get all the creative genius credit for the KS meta? I know we said before but that move was brilliant!

    what do you mean??

  • Game stop?

    working on it

  • Does opening Metazoo count as a date? (My wife disagrees)

    find new wife

  • Work with non-profit organizations to help with needs?


  • Will the eBay promos be worldwide or US only?

    up to them!

  • If I made a product and it was cool would you consider selling it in the MetaZoo shop?

    Feel free to message me any pitches. 🙂 — Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • Any criticism that bothers you a lot the most about meta zoo?

    criticism doesn’t bother me, it’s how it’s delivered that we often don’t tolerate

  • Will 4th wall abilities slightly adjusted if they can't work in gameplay?

    they work in gameplay

  • fan art packs?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • how do we stop scalpers cause I can’t find any product?

    Literally check out website haha

  • Will the $250k tournament have qualifiers or is it going to be Open Registration?

    You need to have participated in sanctioned events ahead of that

  • How far away are we from a crazy full art shooting star etched foil VMAX in the main line sets? Would love to see a full art Mothman or Headless Coalminer. More rare than a gold, but less rare than a Ink 🙂

    ewwwww no crazy holo like that. I like the vintage look and I want holos to remain special

  • Sanctioned MPN events? Or any previously sanctioned? :0


  • Any cooperations with cardmarket planned?

    if they are interested

  • NFT presale for wilderness boosters?

    yes, with sticker

  • Can we get more stores to carry product and have a sanctioned tournament in Las Vegas?! Metazoo products are dryer than the desert out here

    That’s up to you! Reach out and convince them to hold us

  • Are 🐻🧱 still in the works?


  • I wish the MetaZoo play network didn’t have so many issues right now


  • One point of constructive criticism i would like to state is about the Walmart boxes. I think putting chase pulls in them could deter the original use of them (get it in more hands/new hands). Because of the box toppers in them, they are being more sought after by scalpers and flippers than new players. I think that could hurt its intentions. Just my two cents on them that i am seeing.

    Had no idea they were putting boxtoppers in them

  • What is the Walmart box print run @MetaZoo

    1 billion

  • Any chance we will get an expanded chibi set in the future? 12 just isn’t enough for me!!! Also need a squonk chibi ASAP!

    full chibi mini set coming next year!

  • Scavenger hunt wen?

    very soon

  • Personal Questions

  • Los Angeles Rams or Cincinnati Bengals?


  • You watching Archive 81? Creepy Netflix show that mentions “thinning the veil” quite a bit

    binged it the day it came out

  • Are you familiar with adult adoption? I’m available 🥺

    Yes, but already said no

  • Hey Mike are you watching Part 2 of the final season of Attack on Titan?

    i gave up on AOT after they spent 2 years in that cabin talking

  • What’s your favorite kind of cheese Michael?


  • Mike do you own any Superplastic toys or nfts?


  • Has anyone noticed you in an airport yet?


  • Star Trek or Star Wars?


  • @MetaZoo rumor has it you're the son of Richard Garfield and Jon Finkel, is this true?

    Pretty sure I have a foot on both of them

  • Michael Waddell at 9:24am EST:
    okay thanks everyone! Good session today!

    This concludes what we’ve learned from the February 9th, 2022 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 104 questions were answered.

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