MetaZoo Hour Summary • Jan 16, 2022 • 156 Questions

On Sunday, January 16, 2022 at 12:27pm EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

There were a total of 151 MetaZoo related questions & 5 personal/unrelated questions that were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated.

As always, we’ll start off with the MetaZoo-related questions first, in the order that they were received, and then move onto the personal questions afterward. Try searching for things such as “Wilderness,” “Valentines” or “NFT” to narrow-down the results. It all works dynamically. 🙂

Michael Waddell at 12:27pm EST:
@everyone MetaZoo Hour begins now! Ask me anything in 📝-metazoo-chat !

MetaZoo Questions

  • Can we expect a book with all the chapters once its done?

    Yes, it will be called Book 1: Cryptid Nation.
    I’m thinking each block gets a book.

  • ^ Hardcover?


  • Mike wilderness in UK day one?

    Working on it! We gave ourselves plenty of lead time for making sure this release happens all at once

  • Is the Metazoo walmart sku a multi pack blister or single?


  • When will next Metazoo NFT come out?


  • Did the skateboards drop already?


  • Cumberland dragon plushie when?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • Tolarian community college video when?

    He just finished the script with the help of our MZOs!

  • Will the coin NFT cards feature the creature from the coin holding it?

    specific to the coin

  • Any update as to when dimmak shirts ship? I am still shirtless.. and cold

    hehe soon

  • metazoo lanyards?

    Pinclub is working on them

  • Will wilderness be available on MetaZoo marketplace website?

    Yes, very limited drop so that our LGSs are properly supported
    Wilderness packs will be given out for free at collect-a-con

  • Same line of products for Wilderness? Any more spoilers?

    A huge collab is happening and will result in a very special blister

  • Will you guys release another wave of first edition stuff for nightfall? Also are there gonna be more NFTs?

    Nightfall release happened months ago, and no more 1st edition and 2nd edition will be exclusive to big box in the form of special items

  • What kind of trees will be planted and where?

    Working on these details!

  • Haven't read the whole story yet - but are the aurafacts going to be involved in some way?

    They debut in chapter 5!

  • Nft presale at collect a con?

    We are planning on this

  • Is there going to be an anime adaptation based off of the comics?


  • Right now a lot of people can't make it to cons for either pandemic issues or money issues, I know a lot of these conventions give promos out and sometimes there are extras left over. Is there a chance you and the team could put these extra promos/promo packs for sale on the metazoo store to sell the remainder to people who can't make it to the convention when the convention is over?

    this is tricky because of those that could make it. I know this is a sensitive subject and we are thinking of ways of making the promos more accessible given the pandemic

  • Will there be an early release of Wilderness on whatnot (similar to CN2)? How can creators participate?

    We are starting an ambassador program for creators @Chadtronic has more details

  • So the valentine's box has 4 packs, will that be one card each like the other holiday promos?


  • ...

    tokens are unique, and won’t be remade

  • Will wilderness booster boxes come with seeds?

    seeds of joy

    but no, since they go worldwide we want to avoid the product being banned for containing the seeds of foreign trees/plants that might be invasive

  • Easter promos for wilderness?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • How do you envision the tournament pots to increase? $1mm pot say next year?

    Why wait until next year

  • Is it true DBRUZE has been opening the kickstarter packs for the collaboration shirts and distributing the individual cards out? I’ve seen multiple openings with just 4 Kickstarter commons in the box.

    No, he’s been putting his own loose cards in there to increase the prize pool, but i do love me a conspiracy

  • Is there gonna be a pre order on Metazoo marketplace for Valentines Day boxes?


  • Any news on sanctioned play in Northern California?

    end of this month!

  • Mike is my Loveland frogman doing ok at the office? Home sick yet?

    nah he’s happy in his new home 😛

  • Any plans for a Latin American themed set yet?

    4th block

  • Do NFT holders get NFT medal cards?

    they get cards, not medal cards though

  • ...

    stream sprites

  • Mailman reprint?


  • What are your plans for LGS tournament support?

    MPN releases this month

  • Will there be a place to connect our wallets to provide our info to redeem NFT cards?

    working on this, but that’s the plan

  • Have you seen the cn2 Rudy promo? Thoughts?

    has he spoiled it?

  • Will Added Color be singing the Wilderness theme at Collect-A-Con Orlando?


  • Any planes for an European Ambassador Card?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • Will I get banned if I post a screenshot of that little teaser you just deleted

    are you feeling lucky?

  • Will chibi‘s be a thing for the next NFT drop?


  • [teaser]

    what’s this?

  • When can we expect the app the be able to play online?

    Fall 2022
    it’s being made now
    2023, we are announcing our first board hire this week

  • Any plans making a new card with similar mechanics to first year anniversary?

    we released a mechanically similar product this christmas

  • Any update when the metazoo scavenger hunt will launch?

    Cards are finished, heading to printers

  • Will NFT holders ever have exclusive merch made accessible to them? Jackets like Aoki does, etc.

    not a bad idea

  • I believe the 2 year anniversary for MZ is coming up right? Will we have a promo up on the metazoo store for this like last year?

    Yep – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

    This august, yup! – Answered by @MetaZoo (Michael Waddell)

  • Do you have any plans for influencers (outside of your direct partners) to be able to get access to product early to shill your product before/at launch?

    Not early, not in the context of “shill”. – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

    Reach out to @Chadtronic – Answered by @MetaZoo (Michael Waddell)

  • Bro is that a wubby card?

    yes we have a promo event coming up end of this month

  • Saint pattys day promos?

    Maybe next year! – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • Moving forward, will the NFT exclusives be able to do an allotted limit per token?

    yes, this tech is being developed and hopefully will roll out before valentine’s set

  • Any news on topps box releases this quarter?

    Wilderness is next

  • WL for new nft's?


  • Will First Anniversary Celebration have a reprint?

    Well it wouldn’t be the first anniversary anymore then, would it? – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • Are we going to see a new Sam for the 4th this year?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • When can we expect new playmats?

    Wilderness and Rudy later this month

  • Uk convention 2022?

    We want to have a UK convention, yes

  • What will the MSRP be for the Walmart exclusive product?

    They will determine that actually

  • Is there anything new being designed for sealed play?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast @Kevin C.

  • Hey Mike, for us NFT nerds, any more teasers on the PFP?

    Teaser: we will have a PFP. – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

    They are coming soon – Answered by @MetaZoo (Michael Waddell)

  • Just to clarify a point, as I think content creators latched onto something you said, am I right in understanding there will NOT be a reprint of Nightfall Booster Boxes or 2nd Edition of that particular product?

    No 2nd edition core product line for nightfall, we will have exclusive blisters and what not

  • Any thoughts on biodegradable packaging for cards/boxes?

    You’re going to love wilderness

  • What sort of benefits will current NFT holders get to the PFP drop?


  • of the 55 product verticals, can you name one that you're excited for that has yet to be talked about?

    Trying to get in with tamagotchi, we should all reach out to them, would love to have a metazoo line of beasties

  • Are box toppers done after CN2?

    base set of each block, too much of a good thing otherwise

  • Will the genesis NFTs be burned into the token collection or their own collection?

    You will have the choice to burn the genesis for another type of NFT, but it won’t be a token

  • ...

    The entire scope of MetaZoo at conventions is changing for 2022. Anyone that saw us in 2021 will not recognize us! – Stated by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • Will the plant-a-tree portion of your Wilderness campaign be facilitated by a third party, or will there be official MetaTree planters?

    3rd party

  • Premium metal coins still on the way?

    Yes. – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)


    NOT JUST YET, SORRY – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • MetaZoo Hot Sauce?

    Reach out to @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast if you know a contact

    MetaZoo x The Cryptozoology & Paranormal Museum? I think yes! – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • Mike, as your team continues to expand throughout its numerous verticals and your need for talented channel managers, account managers, etc.. increase, what would be the best way for those individuals to reach out to metazoo?

  • M as a secret rare

    Now it’s not a secret!

  • How many chupacabra distributor promos have been printed?

    That’s info for PHD to release, not us

  • When do Dim Mak x Metazoo shirts ship out?


  • What is the coolest card in wilderness?

    up to you! I love the snipe

  • Are there still any Blue Manta Ray NFT Tokens available?

    all been handed out to the winners

  • I’ve heard word about Metazoo display cases for product , any ETA on those?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • Will the pfp NFT be 16 bit ?


  • They understimate the eu customers potentials…

    We have recently gotten eu distribution and UK distribution with Asmodee and Blackfire. We don’t underestimate you and are working hard to get you product

  • can we please get an official MetaZoo pin board. Would be an amazing way to display the plethora of great pins a lot of us have collected.

    In discussions for items tertiary to the pins right now, actually! – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • Are there plans to release more products that contain the official status counters?

    Yes. Amongst other things! – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • Hi Mike, are all Metazoo products vegan?

    No, all metazoo product are made of cryptid meat

  • Mike what can we do to balance fostering competitive spirit between players without making it feel intimidating to newcomers?

    Give them some product!

  • How many of the channel fireball promo's exist? Fireball and headless horseman

    Up to CFB to reveal that

  • Will there be another nft give away for nft holders like the blue mantas?

    For sure

  • Will there be more tournaments in the future that has NFT's as prize support?

    Yes. 🙂 – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • Regarding the NFT presale at collect a con, which collect a con will this start with? Closer to April?

    Still figuring this out

  • More holo types coming soon?


  • is logan paul doing anything for metazoo


  • Will the pfp nft have some kind of utility function?

    Maybe, maybe not, sometimes collecting is fun in and of itself

  • What's your favorite card?

    It’s upcoming in Wilderness

  • In your opinion what type of deck 'tech' video is better (more educational/helpful): a much shorter video that goes over the deck and basic strategy that is easy to digest or a longer video that goes over the deck in detail and has a game or two but is probably harder to digest and less entertaining?


  • [teaser]

    Speaking of that, in the spirit of love.. what could this little guy be up to? – Stated by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • Is the egg plushie a part of a line of plushies that “hatch”?


  • Can you tell us what kind of NFT‘s genesis users get after they burn their NFT ? Does rarity and which Beastie you burn matter ?

    Yes, it’s 1 to 1

  • Mike can we expect to see some nice Brazilian folklore in an upcoming set?


  • Can we pressure twitch into giving us a MetaZoo category for streaming and viewing?

    pressure away

  • Hey Mike Will all of Victor’s art still be in Wilderness?

    Art he did for wilderness will be in wilderness yes

  • do you intend to add another level of rarity/type to some of your cryptids? Kinda like Shiny Pokemon?

    Too many rarities

  • Can we get like quarterly care packages for Metazoo NFT holders, where we get all the convention/location exclusive promos?

    Hard no – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • mike how do you feel about a set of cards depicting beasties absolutely YAMMING some slam dunks on the basketball court?

    NBA collab would be dope
    maybe in a topps product

  • Can you include a French cripid in the future set?

  • Will there be any other way to get the ambassador beasties besides going to their countries?

    Not from the primary market

  • What’s your favorite Metazoo nft this far?

    you havent seen it yet

  • aurafact pendants wen

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • More stickers on the way?

    In a big way. – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • How will the ambassador cards be distributed? Will is be prizes from LGS, sold at thats countries LGS's?

    sent to distributors and they decide

  • CGC red lables for MteaZoo cards? Mothman/beaties labels for their comics like Marvel/DC?

    would be dope

  • Mike how do you keep track of your first signed items? What is the weirdest non Metazoo item someone has asked you to sign?

    I signed more than 1 head

  • Any plans for PvE, like a 'Cryptid Raid' version of MetaZoo, kinda like the old WoW TCG?


  • I'd love an Ghost Train nft or plushie or both really. Will ghost train get any love?

    Ghost Train love?.. hmm.. Maybe March. – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • Any new binder designs for Wilderness and/or UFO?

    Yes AND yes. – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

    yup! For each. – Answered by @MetaZoo (Michael Waddell)

  • Will we be able to earn crypto by playing the SoL TCG?

    You’ll be able to earn the enjoyment and fulfillment of playing MetaZoo! (And maybe a few other cool things..) – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • Is there any plans for sanctioned play at local game stores?

    We release a full fledged play network software and system end of this month

  • will we see a General Mills cereal with promos inserted?

    Would be cool!

  • Wilderness will have numbered / cards right?

    hmmmm 🙂

  • Will the wilderness binders be available to get in hand for wilderness release day?

    Probably not, unfortunately. They take a long time to make. – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • With the news that many sets may not get second editions, especially with the very quickly growing player base, are there any plans for yearly/periodical reprint sets ala yugioh's yearly megatin series or magic's masters sets?


  • Some news about the new Kickstarter campaign?

    There will be some spicy stuff hidden in there

  • If you decide not to burn you genesis NFT , will you not be getting the new utility added to them?

    That’s correct

  • Will there ever be an award for MetaZoo fan's significant others for having to listen to them ramble incessantly about it?

    give her metazoo

  • Any idea what the prices for the new kickstarter are going to be?

    14.99 per deck I’m thinking since we are going as high quality as possible

  • Serious question: why Kickstarter vs. Just a marketplace release for the playing cards?

    Playing card culture likes their Kickstarters, so does USPCC.

  • Will holo Auras ever be reprinted?

    Not the boxtoppers

  • Will the new kickstarter appeal to people who just love the TCG part of MetaZoo?

    There will be exclusive, tournament legal promos

  • Well there be a rotation or ban list coming soon?


  • any hint on the next MetaZoo Marketplace apparel?

    Coming out with wilderness

  • Any teasers for the Wilderness chase card? Red Ink, Scratch, Blue Ink and…


  • Mike 1st edition wilderness booster box total print run?

    100k of each sku worldwide

  • Do you plan to put any cards on a reserved list?


  • im trying to wrap my head around the reason it is only 100k blisters when its 100k bb like why not 500k blisters?

    Because we want to scale appropriately to support players AND collectors

    not just be a cash grab

  • ^ Then it should be releasing in waves, instead of a full dump

    Yes, separate editions I agree

  • New Postcards coming soon?

    Maybe, we want the next ones to come direct from USPS

  • any chance of metazoo exclusive con promos being at Australian conventions, eg. PAX Aus

    Absolutely! – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • Any plans on doing jumbo cards product for sale like how other card games have (ex: jumbo card playable promo of jumbo card and 3-4 booster packs)?


  • What ever happened to the Nightfall shoes?

    That would be an interesting kickstar– – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • If there will ever be a metazoo game, how would the gameplay style be like?

    Probably similar to story driven rpg that transitions into MMORPG

  • Anything you'd like to see from us, the community?

    More positivity

  • Will every promo card for coins be mothman holding it? Or each promo unique with its respective beastie?


  • I just want to say i appreciate you not caving on to those complaining you’re not mass printing the product. I appreciate you trying to balance collectibility and playability. I’d hate to see this like Pokémon and them not being worth the paper they’re printed on because of over printing….

    It’s less money right now being made by not overprinting, but I think it will result in a stronger brand long term

  • I need a Metazoo lunchbox

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • What's your favorite pack art in Wilderness?


  • What are the plans for the Reserve List? One time list or cards added as time goes?

    As time goes on to protect collectibility and address/shift the meta (lol) of the game

  • Will you guys still sign samples, and NF by the time I can visit a booth by the end of the year?

    I won’t

  • Will we see the metazoo games on PlayStation?

    Maybe but right now we’d be aimed at a more accessible platform that our Discord members could all engage with immediately: Steam or general PC platform/mobile. 🙂 – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • When will we get the reserve list?

    This week

  • Any plans for a creepypasta/internet specific cryptid set or block?


  • I'm actually really curious of your take on this second concept -- using a reserve list to shift the meta. My instinct is that putting top meta cards on the reserve list would be negative bc if everyone recognizes they are really good reserving them would be only making it harder for everyone to play but allowing a small percentage to play it which would probably be more frustrating to the majority of players vs banning it , I'm curious how your take on how reserving top meta cards would actually work out as I'm sure what I said is completely wrong?

    You have to think more critically about the dynamics between the reserve list and mechanically unique cards

  • Will NFT token holders get any benefits at collect a con Orlando?

    working on this

  • How many games are planned besides the online tcg?

    I envision about 4-5 different MetaZoo video games in various formats

  • Personal Questions

  • How are goats made?

    They start metazoo

  • Mike we need to know. Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch?

    Cool ranch dipped in nacho cheese, but the cheap yellow kind that moves on its own

  • Favorite Stephen King novel

    Salem’s Lot

  • Mike, what's the last Kickstarter you personally backed, if any?

    My friend’s snap collar kickstarter is the only KS I’ve supported.

  • hot dogs or hamburgers or meatballs or pizza?

    hot dogs in one bite

  • Michael Waddell at 1:31pm EST:
    okay thank you everyone!
    awesome hour 🙂

    This concludes what we’ve learned from the January 16th, 2022 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 156 questions were answered.


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