MetaZoo Hour Summary • Jan 3, 2022 • 126 Questions

On Monday, January 3, 2022 at 12:55am EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

There were a total of 122 MetaZoo related questions & 4 personal/unrelated questions that were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated.

As always, we’ll start off with the MetaZoo-related questions first, in the order that they were received, and then move onto the personal questions afterward. Try searching for things such as “Wilderness” or “NFT” to narrow-down the results. It all works dynamically. 🙂

Michael Waddell at 12:55am EST:
@everyone MetaZoo Hour is now! Ask me anything in 📝-metazoo-chat !

MetaZoo Questions

  • Any new products coming with Wilderness?

    We are hoping to release plush!

  • Will there be an NFT benefit/utility roadmap released for tokens and genesis?

    Yes, released end of this week.

  • Do the coins in 2nd edition product differ from 1st edition coins?

    Yes they have 2nd edition on them.

  • Mike where is the Dbruze shirts man?

    They are being sent out.

  • When will the chibi set available for purchase?

    Between Wilderness and UFO, we are hoping.

  • When will PSA add in Pin Club cards to their registry?

    Working on it!

  • Is it normal for Collect-A-Con stamped cards to be found in NF Spellbooks?


  • What is the Chupacabra promo print run?

    2.5k I think.

  • When do the free MetaZoo packs ship for Christmas?

    As we can get to them. 🙂

  • Can I still back the Kickstarter?

    WL wen?

  • What is the print run for the Headless Horseman Channel Fireball promo?


  • Wilderness box toppers?

    Nope, something more special.

  • When does Valentines set go on sale?

    Early Feb, or should we do it sooner?

  • Box bottomers!!


  • When are DimMak shirts getting shipped or we waiting till they sold out?

    Should start being shipped this week!

  • Will there be custom artworks for every single card for the all NFT collection holders?

    You mean 2.3k custom arts? lol I wouldn’t do that to our already overworked artists!

  • Will there be any more print runs of Criptid Nation or is the 2nd edition the final run?

    Final run. We are thinking for future 2nd editions we make the print run exclusive to special products released in Walmart, Target, Gamestop, etc…

  • When Sneakouts again?

    Mid Jan?

  • When will you release a Wilderness binder?

    Around Wilderness!

  • When will Christmas giveaway kickstarter packs ship?


  • Wen bullion coins of our tokens?

    Working on it!

  • Will the magazines continue to be printed or will they now only be up on the website?

    Yup, physical copies will lag behind digital!

  • Will future NFT presale boxes have more than just stickers?

    We might do an NFT exclusive release, but it won’t ever be core product needed to play.

  • When will we get an actual digital Metazoo game since TTS can't track anything?

    Working on it!

  • Do you plan on having a capped number of artists for Metazoo?

    We will expand the artist team based on our needs. 🙂

  • When topps chrome metazoo?

    Thinking Christmas 2022!

  • Do we have a date for promo NFT cards? And any samples we can preview?

    Thinking the deadline will be end of Jan!

  • Where will the wilderness trees be planted? Partner you're working with?

    Still looking into this, and where we want to plant them!

  • Are you planning an asian release with Yokai Island?

    We already have distribution in Hong Kong! But yes, Yokai Island should have releases in Asia as well!

  • Will wilderness have recyclable packs?

    Almost all of the boxes are recyclable, but not the booster packs.

  • Will there still be like reprints of CN cards down the line for newer players to be able to get like in theme decks or other products if CN itself is never getting reprinted again?

    Some will be put into the reserve list.

  • In future NFT utility drops. Will it be a free for all for NFT Token holders? Or will there be limits? Qty/time?

    Working on adding limits per token!

  • When can we expect the new Kickstarter?

    Feb 1st!

  • Is Mothman retiring for the next 2 sets?


  • Can Ajuchoa do more art down the line would love to see more of his work?

    He’s always open to! We make the assignments public for every artist to sign up. 🙂

  • It might be far from now, but say when MetaZoo hits 10 years, will we see a 10 year anniversary set where some of the most liked/hyped/chased/so on, cards are gona be in a set to celebrate?

    5 and 10 year celebrations (lol) will have very special products associated with them!

  • Any progress on a Sandbox experience?

    Working on it with Steve’s team. 🙂

  • New postcards pls.

    Ooooo yes!

    How about stamps? :omgeyes:

  • When will print comics be released again?

    Chapter 4 is this week!

  • Is MetaZoo artist Afton going to be critical on V-Day set because she’s the Chibi Master?... Metazoo podcast?


  • For UFO is there a collab in the works with SpaceX or NASA?


  • Any updates on plushies or figs?

    Have about 6 projects in the works right now. 😉

  • Will you expand the clothing line?

    Yes with the upcoming Wilderness set!

  • If you can say, what are you most excited about in the year 2022?

    Finishing the illustrated story has to be up there!

  • Will the 2nd edition Spellbooks have the new upgraded card sleeves or the quality it was in the 1st edition?


  • I have started a small YouTube channel, I am making a lot of Metazoo content right now, is there anything you think the community needs as far as content creation?

    Would love to see gameplay strategy videos!

  • Is there any features you'd like to see in a community metazoo database?

    Loving what you all are doing so far! Error tracking would be cool.

  • Will MetaZoo experiment with other types of foiling on cards, like coil foils, etc?

    Not right now, we don’t want a rarity explosion.

  • Green boarder wilderness sketchcards?


  • When is the next NFT drop!?

    Going to focus on the current genesis and token lines for now. 🙂

  • Mike, were you serious about creating a reserve list?


  • When does Wilderness drop?

    Second half of March.

  • Does the reserve list prevent card mechanics or just specific cards from being reprinted?

    We won’t put cards on the reserve list that are mechanically unique.

  • Any set date to when CN 2nd edition is rolled out in EU? And will we ever have Metazoo marketplace in EU?

    Up to our new distributors!

  • Is there a plan to have an NFT party by the end of 2022?

    Not a bad idea.

  • Anything in the works with target or other big box stores?

    Target, gamestop and then medium box stores.

    Dave & Busters…

  • Is Metazoo interested in owning land in the Metaverse?


  • Will you setup a way for content creators to get a very small amount of product a little bit early (like a day or couple days) so that we can get content out for new sets earlier?

    We are already doing this actually!

  • Are the MetaZoo Topps boxes coming to Target?

    Future Topps products will be physically distributed to their network.

  • Will your company ever have an IPO on the stock exchange?


  • Will NFT owners get benefits related to this (IPO)?


    That’s the plan.

  • New art contest?

    2021 Fan Art Blisters are being printed this month, we will do another fan art contest in April 2022.

  • You seem like a Drake equation kind of guy. But have they made contact?

    All supposed alien activity might just be time travellers THINK ABOUT IT.

  • Will any other sets have box toppers or is that unique to CN?

    Base set of each block.

  • Will genesis NFTs play a part in the 16bit game?

    I like this idea.

  • Us patrons have been waiting very patiently for our medals, yet no emails have come. is there any updates?

    Many, many patrons have gotten their medals.

  • Some NFTs have a utility to perpetually earn income with in game currency or breeding, any plans for this in the future?

    I like this idea too!

  • How hard does the boing boing raptor Genesis NFT go!?

    bing bong.

  • Was there any aura considered, that was dropped during development?

    Wind, saving it for Yokai Island.

  • Will MetaZoo ever make protective cases for boosters or Spellbooks?

    Yes, they are in production.

  • When can we expect to see another big in-person tournament? And any spoilers on location if so?

    February, Collect-a-con!

  • Is there any potential concern about having too many aura types and them overlapping too much in the design space?

    Yes, but we are quite clever.

  • Any plans for 'dual' aura cards in the future? As in a card that features a use for two OR more aura types in play?

    Dual, yes!

  • Any plans for a collect a ball NFT collaboration with MetaZoo?

    Right now we are focused on our current NFTs, don’t want to turn our backs on them!

  • Augmented reality for new physical cards lines?

    It’s an idea we are playing around with.

  • Can you tell us one thing the public doesn’t know is in the works right now?

    New medals are coming.

  • How about a MetaZoo Mike Wazoo/MetaKoo NFT for people who collect the entire NFT set? I heard you like NFT's so I wanted to put a NFT with your NFT's

    Let’s turn this comment into an. NFT.

  • Is there a plan for like online card gaming other than TTS?

    Working on it as we speak!

  • How big is the MZG core team? You seem to get an incredibly amount of projects done. Kudos!

    We are up to 35 employees.

  • Great story so far, how many chapters are written so far? And generally time frame for each release?

    Going for weekly digital release now!

  • When are the MetaZoo Funkos coming out?!

    Announcement coming soon.

  • Is Father of Time the rainbow wizard?

    No, he’s a tool left over, just like Mothman and the Grim Reaper.

  • Will Jersey Devil make another appearance in an upcoming set?

    Wilderness, but in an unexpected way.

  • Mike very few LGS in the Charlotte area are aware of Metazoo, they think it’s weird when I walk in with a Wendigo mask on, how do I become a brand ambassador for Metazoo?

    Have you tried another mask?

  • Is a new kickstarter for playing cards of some sort in the works, and if so when will the kickstarter be revealed?

  • How will you support the EU community? Events? Big tournaments? Give us a hint please!

    Working hard on an answer for this.

  • Any update on the Australian Nightfall shipping situation? Is this delay a one-off or will CN2E and WN be delayed too?

    Australia’s shipping is absolutely crazy right now. We are doing our best.

  • Will rainbow wizard have his own card as a caster himself?

    Eventually, yes why not!

  • Will there be promo cards with the KS playing cards?



  • Will LGSs be able to get playmats and binders from their distributors in the future?

    That’s certainly a goal for when we grow larger!

  • Any plans for UK cryptids? I'd love to help

    In Grimm’s Kingdom!

  • Themed party supplies for the next anniversary?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • What exactly will be for sale in Walmart? 2nd edition packs?

    In an exclusive box with an exclusive promo.

  • Will Babe and Paul Bunion get a boost from each other when wilderness releases? Any tag team cards in the works?


  • When does this start? (In an exclusive box with an exclusive promo)

    Jan 24th is the projected date!

  • What has been the most surreal collab so far?

    Topps has been pretty poggers.

  • Will the mysterious fedora character pulling up in the Hugag buggy in Chapter 3 make an appearance in the card game?


  • Any plans to make some sort of hangout for NFT Holders?

    I think we can eventually work up to this!

  • Any plans for edh/commander style decks?

    @Kevin C. @damienhardy

  • Any promo cards coming for universal distribution retailers? Like the chupacabra card?

    We have quite a few Beastie Ambassadors that will be revealed this month.

  • Please for the love of God no flashy variants to the flashier variants that replaced the flashy variant.

    Crystal double die gold dipped sparkle dragon rainbow Mothman mutant.

  • Are yall just going to run with table top simulator or is a stand alone game app/program on the books?

    Building our own as we speak!

  • When does the new Kickstarter start??

    Feb 1st.

  • Can we stick to regular Holo foil being the chase cards! None of this "alt art gigantimax V GX" stuff please.


  • ...

    New fan art competition in April.


  • Are more game play tutorials incoming? This noob needs help.

    @Kevin C. @⛄ SrSinclair⛄

  • Any plans for themed retail stores like similar to pokemon centers or just relying on local game stores for now?

    Q3 2022 if all goes according to plan!

  • If anyone played Sim Sinclair or Indrid Cold in a movie adaptation, who would you cast?

    Gary Busey as Sam Sinclair, Danny Devito as Indrid Cold.

  • Will MetaZoo be posting the top 4 decklist from the New Years tournamnet?

    Our team is working on it and a retrospective on our amazing first big tournament will be released this week!

  • Do the TTS tournament prize NFTs give any special perks?

    Free holiday product in perpetuity.

  • How about a yearly creator/community awards show/ceremony - Also please call the forthcoming tournaments the 'Cryptid Nationals'

    I like this idea!

  • Why the two different dates for CN2's release? Why are some stores getting the product 3 weeks later?

    Different distributors I’m guessing.

  • ...


  • More than one secret rare in Wilderness?

    [“Shhhhh” .gif]

  • Any thoughts on to many promos being a bad thing? Aka when everything is special nothing is? Or is it more a tip of the cap to companies that have been supportive?

    So far, people seem to like the promos and they seem justified. Let’s all have fun.

  • I know organized play was scheduled for around Q1 this year is there any additional details/dates you are able to share with us at this point?

    Finalizing the MVP of our OP Network today.

  • Any metazoo toys planned? Legos?

    Would love to work with LEGO!

  • Steve Aoki exclusive dj set party for NFTs holders when?

    Oooo let me talk to him about that.

  • Any progress with Funko?

    Oh yes.

  • Any reveals for the wild 7?

    Already done, 😉

  • Any plans for custom metazoo facing dice those would be pretty cool for counters?

    Yes. – Answered by @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

  • Video game when?

    Which one?

  • What do you see as the most powerful meta so far and were you surprised by the results of the new years tournament?

    Frost and Water slammin, when people who only ever played for 5 minutes using CN cards still harp on those Auras being unplayable.

  • What's coming after UFO?


  • Do you have people from print magazines ask you for interviews, along the lines of Time etc?

    I think one with PSA just came out.

  • Personal Questions

  • Happy New Year Mike! Were you in NYC for yours?

    Yes, stayed inside due to omicron.

  • Mike, thoughts on Banana Bread?!

    Only if there is chocolate chips.

  • Favorite video game mike?


  • Mike have you read Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke?


  • Michael Waddell at 2:07pm EST:
    OK THANK YOU EVERYONE! GREAT START OF THE YEAR! Enjoy the rest of your day. 🙂

    This concludes what we’ve learned from the January 3rd, 2022 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 126 questions were answered.

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