MetaZoo Hour Summary • Jan 30, 2022 • 120 Questions

On Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 8:31am EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

There were a total of 108 MetaZoo related questions & 12 personal/unrelated questions that were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated.

As always, we’ll start off with the MetaZoo-related questions first, in the order that they were received, and then move onto the personal questions afterward. Try searching for things such as “Wilderness,” “Valentines” or “NFT” to narrow-down the results. It all works dynamically. 🙂

Michael Waddell at 8:31am EST:
@everyone MetaZoo Hour begins now! Ask me anything in 📝-metazoo-chat!

MetaZoo Questions

  • when is the tolarian video coming?

    He is working on it now!

  • Favorite match you saw in the tournament yesterday?

    Final one was nuts

  • Mike is UFO the same set as seance or are they different?

    UFO releases this summer, seance is this year’s spooky set

  • whats the exclusive for the nft pinclub preorders?

    Exclusive promo and boxes

  • So can you enlighten us on that $250k

    I want to do our first major tournament, and I want 250k to be the cash prizes, and I want to bring it closer to 500k in total prizes when you include product and other things

  • Are there unclaimed C2E2 promos and will they be distributed? If so any word on how?

    We might just burn them

  • Mike will you be putting advertisements in future comics

    Yes, but we want to do these correctly. With more and more chapters coming out, we want the ads to be more impactful

  • Who do I need to talk to about getting the NFT from the New Years TTS tournament?

    It still needs to be minted and will be on Feb 1st. We had to wait a month for internal and legal reasons

  • New KS campaign, what time tomorrow?

    Planning for 9pm EST

  • How are you feeling this year so far?

    Better than last year, and that’s the hope for each year. We have some collabs coming that are going to blow your mind

  • Any information that you haven't shared for tomorrow's KS that you want to share now?

    There will be a promo box of 10 packs, 1 card per pack, included with each tier. These promo cards are tournament legal. Oh, and uncut sheets will be addons as well 😉

  • Your comment the other day got me thinking… Will we be seeing you on some NFT-related content or interviews soonish?

    That’s the plan

  • So whats the difference between the KS starting tomorrow. And the April 30th uspcc KS?

    More details on that later

  • Can you tell us when the burn for the genesis nfts going to happen?

    We are trying to figure out the best time for this and will have updates soon

  • Any plans to print illustrated novel on modern comic book size?

    We are in talks with a major company about reimagining my illustrated story as a comic, which, yes, will be standard size

  • I bought a copy of the Scream magazine with the first ever Metazoo advert in it. What made you choose that magazine?

    Looked pretty poggers

  • metazoo dropping at Walmart 2/7 or should we expect another delay?

    I think it’s safe to say with big box that it’s better for me to just give a range, like first half of feb, rather than a specific day

  • Can you give more official numbers on the print run of rares from Cryptid Nation First Edition?

    Just follow the math, nothing was shortprinted

  • Will ufo boxes shoot lasers or fly

    UFO will fly, in ways you might not expect though

  • How much equity of Metazoo games is not owned by Mike Waddel? Will equity shares of MZ ever be public info?

    When we go public in 2023

  • [Teaser]

  • Fan fiction contests for the comics?

    After these first 36 chapters I will open the world up to other authors

  • can we redeem unopened Kickstarter boxes for ipo shares?

    I want those boxes out in the wild, no buy backs haha

  • Will the coins be used for shares?

    Plan is to have the nft Tokens to be used for that

  • Numbered cards in wilderness?


  • Can you elaborate us a little more about that "M x 🙉"? What do apes have to do with playing cards?

    that’s something different entirely

  • Will token holders get any type of early shot at the new kickstarter opening tomorrow?

    Details on that soon

    But we couldn’t connect metamask to KS fast enough

  • Any word on the collab with the professor (from Tolarian Community College)? Is it just gonna be a usual “how to play” video or will there be more like with Alpha Investments?

    Let’s start out slow with a how to play

  • Does M x 🐵 Have anything to do with BAYC or its team or artist?


  • I need some more metazoo music, please mike!

    Wilderness soundtrack is ready to go

  • Any plans for the MetaZoo NFTs to unlock anything special in the A0k1Verse?


  • Mike do you know which artists will be at Orlando?

    Like… most of them haha

  • What will be available at Orlando?

    Wilderness spoiler and collect-a-con packs, and wilderness giveaways

  • Oh crap I'm here for metazoo hour finally!!! Uhmm! Uhmmm!!! I can't think of a question! Mike will you adopt me at 30 years old?!


  • April fools drop?


  • What are you looking forward most to this year?

    Can’t say… too many secrets

  • If there was a major economic downturn, how would Metazoo as a company be prepared for it?

    You mean, like covid?

  • I totally understand slower shipping to Canada for recent NFT purchases. Just wondering if/when we should contact support?

    Contact away! Support is on top of things

  • So for valentines day will there be bundles of 5 like xmas? And for the box itself. Is it 4 packs with one card per?

    No bundles, just 1 box

  • Will wilderness be available on marketplace during launch again? Or was that for CN2nd edition only?

    We will have to see what’s available. Distributors have gobbled everything up

  • Will I find love with the valentines drop?


  • Is there a way to get all of the collectocon line perks as a player?

    We will save you all some

  • Any update on the bullion or still TBD?

    Update very, very soon

  • Most underrated beastie that will surprise us in the future?

    You all slept on loveland for long enough, I like the idea that the meta will discover useful beasties as time goes on 😉

  • About this $250k. Can you give us an update for a timeline or general location of the tournament?

    DFW collect-a-con, may

  • Any updates on the scavenger hunt applications?

    Cards are being printed now. Once we have them, we will be reaching out

  • Any perks for NFT holders at cons?

    yes, always

  • will there be anything we have to do to qualify for the 250k tournament?

    Yes, you need to have played at a MZ sanctioned event using our MPN

  • When will preorders for booster boxes of the new set hit the website? And will be limited to just one?

    In 2 months at release

  • Will every set get a new Terra?


  • What will the nft party be like?

    me dressed as blue manta

  • Is there anything to look forward when it comes to owning sample cards besides the possible black tie party?

    Some good ideas, but there’s no rush. For now, just enjoy the cards

  • any updates on pfp nfts?

    Working on it!

  • Would you ever consider podcast tie-in cards?

    Next podcast planned is.. Camp Cryptid I think

  • Will PFP NFTs be 16 bit style or something else?


  • Any chance of a partner promo card?

    working on this for LGSs

  • More postcards wen?


  • I was told artists won’t sign Kickstarter cards anymore at conventions. If I reach out to an artist personally about getting something autod are they allowed to?

    We don’t limit the artists with stuff like this, it’s entirely up to them

    people spread weird rumors to create FUD

  • Will you be at collect-a-con Orlando?


  • wen micro metazoo?

    sooner than you think

  • If we can only pick one event to go to this year what event would you recommend us goin to?

    haha I can’t answer this for you

  • Will every “block” be based in a different world region?

    yes, or time

  • Does MZ Games have a separate holding company to protect its Intellectual property?

    We have terrifying, very well paid lawyers

  • What time will the kickstarter go live?

    9pm EST!

  • How far in advance are Beasties chosen for the sets? And if so, will there ever be more opportunities for fans to have their own creation put into the game?

    We always look at fan suggestions!

  • Do you have a chauffeuer?

    would need to leave the apartment to justify that expense

  • What's the price point for the highest tier of the new kickstarter?

    lowest is $45, highest is $1275

  • Will the genesis NFTs still be 16bit or something else?


  • Can you spoil the secret rare for wilderness?


  • Mike will you ship me my froggy and cards back please? 🙂 I miss them


  • Hey Mike, are you still planning on coming to Sneakouts before Orlando or is that on hold for now?

    I think the plan is the 15th?

  • Metazoo corporate expansion incoming?


  • Is the Mothman short printed in CN2?


  • How's that European distribution coming along?

    Going just fine, they have their product

  • Probably been asked before but will you be at the Orlando CollectACon?


  • What’s Aoki up to these days? Regarding Metazoo.

    Lots of NFT stuff in the background!

  • Is there any nft utility at Orlando?

    This will be announced soon

  • Will Europe be a thing for Metazoo? Still so hard to get your hands on products here.

    That’s up to people like you!

  • Do you consider collabing with the Artist of Invisible Friends? They got a really nice project going with a chill and active community.

    Always open to new collabs, message @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast!

  • App. Online tcg. When. I need answers!!


  • Can you give us something more on the sports emojis you shared on announcements a few days ago?

    We are continuing our collab with topps in spectacular fashion this year

  • Is tournament software similar to other "big" TCGs in the works?


  • Are artist signature cards coming to future MZ releases?


  • Any meta tcg promos included with new ks backers?


  • Any interviews planned Mike?

    open to interviews, email with serious inquiries!

  • Lego collab?

    Working on it

  • Do you guys have control over tcgplayer app having metazoo cards listed in it?

    We aren’t in control of tcgplayer, but us being the app is certainly something that would be cool

  • Will you announce the size of printruns for promos?

    I feel like we do a good job of this

  • Sanctioned play for TTS at all for players that may not be close to somewhere with organized play?

    Not on TTS, no. I would suggest spreading the word/setting something up at your LGS if you want sanctioned play

  • Does code cards take up a slot in a booster pack?

    They will be at the back

  • If we purchase the Valentine Chibi box would you seal it with a kiss?


  • Will there be enough product for us that work tomorrow morning for the playing card KS I am an avid playing card collector and hope I get a shot at it?

    it launches at 9pm EST, so you should be okay

  • What time on the 7th will valentines promos go live for sale

    12pm EST

  • Valentines box with personalized message from Mike telling our wives and girlfriends they got metazoo for Valentine’s Day?

    I’ll just text them, easier that way, already got their numbers.

  • When are the dim mak shirts shipping?

    already started shipping

  • It‘s really a pain to get your hands on Metazoo in Europe. Shipping and customs ad 100 percent on every product. Can you at least lower shipping for us Europeans from the official shop?

    We can’t ship at a loss, at the end of the day we are a business. My suggestion is to go through local distribution

  • Are you satisfied with how the tokens and Genesis NFTs have been doing?

    yes, but we can always do better

  • Do all of the NFT promos have the same effect or is it unique for each coin?

    You’ll see 😉

  • Will all nft tokens have same access to IPO or will more rare tokens have a multiplier?

    Same utility across the board

  • What's the limit for valentine boxes

    wouldn’t you LOVE to know?

  • Will NFT holders only be allowed to order booster boxes a day early for future sets? Or other products as well like theme decks and spellbooks?

    Let’s extend it to other core products

  • Where is the after party gonna be at Collect A Con in Orlando? (Don't say my mom's house)

    Your dad’s

  • When will we have another chance to buy an NFTdirectly from MetaZoo Games?

    oh yes

  • When is the pin drop again for pins x wilderness? And is their a drop coming for topps?

    Feb 14th for pinclub, 1st week of march for topps wilderness

  • Why there isn't Topps Nightfall??? Such a cool set.

    It will be released in conjunction with seance.

  • will you release the comic book print runs for 1st ed?

    1k for chapter 1, 5k for chapter 2, 10k for chapter 3, 10k for chapter 4

  • To add to that, how many editions will be release for each comic? 3?

    depends on demand, for right now, we are focused on digital release to maximize exposure

  • Any date in mind for an animated series?

    2023 most likely, aiming for netflix

  • Personal Questions

  • Meat or fish?

    Meat when cooked, fish when raw

  • who u got winning the superbowl?


  • Have you heard of the Globglogabgalab before?

    yes, unfortunately

  • How are you doing Mike? I’m here if you need to talk

    I’m doing well, better than last week, which was better than the week before that

  • Mike, you should be on an episode of Hot Ones

    I would be down

  • What did you have for breakfast? Was it bussin 🔥?

    fruit and cheese from starbies

  • How are you going to make nerds like me rich?

    Rich in life? Get your 8 hours each night

  • Should I wear socks inside?

    imagine wearing socks

  • When are dropping your only fans? & do I get to pick which cryptid you dress up as?

    Nobody wants to see that, trust me

  • chocolate milk or strawberry milk?


  • How did you get so good at comebacks and meme reactions?

    I spend a lot of time by myself

  • Do you party?

    Sometimes I stay up late reading the facebook groups’ comments and posts

  • Michael Waddell at 9:35am EST:
    Okay everyone! Thank you! I have to get back to work on the KS. Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

    This concludes what we’ve learned from the January 30th, 2022 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 120 questions were answered.


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