MetaZoo Hour Summary • Mar 10, 2022 • 78 Questions

On Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 3:01pm EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

There were a total of 75 MetaZoo related questions & 3 personal/unrelated questions that were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated.

The Discord usernames of those who asked the questions is also now being provided at the end of the questions themselves.

As always, we’ll start off with the MetaZoo-related questions first, in the order that they were received, and then move onto the personal questions afterward. Try searching for things such as “Wilderness” or “UFO” to narrow-down the results. It all works dynamically. 🙂

Michael Waddell at 3:01pm EST:
@everyone MetaZoo Hour begins now! Ask me anything in 📝-metazoo-chat!

MetaZoo Questions

  • @MetaZoo what is the Topps NFT exclusive on the roadmap exactly? — collectandinvest


  • Zip Up hoodies when???? — mojuice


  • Revive how soon Mike — MetaCaster1p36

    Very, very soon

  • Will there be more Collect-A-Con Wilderness Packs at the Dallas Fort Worth Collect-a-Con? — Dani

    Something more special

  • Print run on topps wilderness — highforhours

    More limited than you think as it’s not a base set of a block

  • When can we get our hands on the Loch Ness Monster card? — DaveyoftheDead

    Being printed now and will soon be sent to distribution

  • Any plans to improve the quality of the sleeves that come in products or possibly a Metazoo x Dragonshield? — Valkyrie

    I like the quality of our sleeves

  • When will fan art blister release, also when will uncut sheet reveal be? — PHIL

    Within the next month for both!

  • Any news on the UFO set? — TMXComics

    Art is almost finished!

  • When is the Wilderness song coming out — Beeman, Devourer of Bulk


  • Any differences in terms promos for collect-a-cons in Dallas and Charlotte? Since they’re a week apart. — Alfredo Sauce

    Each con will have exclusive promos, that’s how metazoo do

  • Will the art for the next fan illustrator medals be the same as the last ones? — WSM


  • not sure if it's been asked yet but is target still getting packs? if so when? — fro

    April/May like we originally said

  • Hey Mike, we love Metazoo here in Australia however, we are having lots of issues with logistics meaning we are waiting ages for set releases. Are there plans to speed this up at all? — MZN - Tris

    Freight and customs in Aus are nuts right now. We’ve done what we can on our side

  • @MetaZoo will wilderness be available for european distributors? — Avrillis


  • Will the sol cards look similar to how funko is doing their releases right now? Would be cool to collect a set for a special claim. — BR20(Brandon)

    Speaking of funko nft cards…

  • eBay box / promo update? — cn3wb

    End of april

  • When you say big collabs to come-Do you mean with companies or people? — TheMajorNerd


  • Metazoo show? — ChipChip

    Pilot 2022 is my goal

  • Will Steve Aoki ever make a MetaZoo song??? — logan_mcmxcviii

    already did

  • Hi Mike ! How's things going for having available easily metazoo in EU ? — learner01byte

    We are sending product over to them, but after that it’s out of our hands

  • Have any more board members been solidified? — icenine


  • do they have stake in the company ? — tigerhirsch

    of course

  • Any plans for simulated fourth wall effects in Metazoo sanctioned tournaments? @MetaZoo — collectandinvest

    yes, set pieces are coming

  • Are they invested in our community? — Carguru543

    more than you know

  • @MetaZoo Do you happen to have a rough estimated date where we'll be shown the KS uncut sheets? — Jody🎀

    As soon as USPCC allows us to show them

  • Is there still going to be an auction for a case of KS boxes with heritage for charity? Having trouble finding more info other than what King Metazoo hinted at — metazuul

    More info soon

  • What are you most excited about thats coming up? — Cloaca King

    The book, video game, and show


    if you’re lucky

  • People think the Genesis NFTs have nothing going for them. Can you confirm these people are nincompoops? — icenine

    We’ve announced our burning plans with the NFTs, and they will play a role in an eventual game

  • Mike, When / What’s next update for KS 2.0, anymore updates how things are progressing? Thx — MetaCaster1p36

    Backerkit coming this week

  • Are the release dates scheduled for UFO and Seance still on track? — Maescuh

    Ahead of schedule, which is where we want to be

  • Any plans for releasing new apparel anytime soon? — metazoo2themoon

    wilderness will come with all new apparel and actual shoes this time

  • Any chance whatnot sellers could get a promo in the future? — thattwhiteguyy

    oh boy, hold on to your hat

  • how many packs will there be in each box of topps? — mysticteacher


  • How many cards per pack though (Topps) — Grand-Karcist


  • Any mz marketplace drops in the next week or two? — Ghost Train Conductor 1989

    : )

  • Any news on the online card game client? — Tuffy

    Very soon, we will announce our official partners

  • Wilderness watch by any chance ? — katokotaro

    Of course

  • where will metazoo party at end of the year be at? — TrueReclaim3r

    NYC or Vegas

  • Once the first video game releases, will you keep at annual or biannual releases of new video games? And will they be the same style or expand? — Maescuh

    1 main game per block, but might release supplemental games as well

  • is the intent to do the tv show in house, or you do writing and have someone else do animation/production/etc.? — Streamie_Weenies

    big partner

  • Mike any news on the side stories for the comic? — OldManKetchum

    once the first book is out in Sept. we will open it up to other authors

  • any timelines for Nightfall 2nd edition? — FrostyCasual


  • Bit of a different kind of question... Who was the first person you hired on to join you with MetaZoo Games? — Jody🎀

    officially it was like 8-10 people at once. Most of the really early people other than ros and max and some others aren’t here

  • is the metazoo anime/show going to be geared towards kids or young adults? — TrueReclaim3r

    teens/young adults

  • I think I've heard some artists mention that they don't have copies of their own cards, and this made me a little sad. Any plans to distribute these to them in the future? Maybe something like artist proof cards? — metazuul

    artists and every employee are sent multiple copies of every sealed product we put out.

  • Mcdonalds toys / promos in the future???? — cloggedpore

    that’s the hope

  • How many shoes will be made for wilderness I know the first shoe was 1000 pairs — metazoo2themoon

    probably 1000

  • Are theme/release deck promos going to be in 2nd edition? — Pokevolver -

    no, 1st edition products are different from 2nd.

  • Will we ever get cards in sets that can be exchange for an NFT? — PHIL

    yes, only to upset the person who just got upset reading the word “yes”

  • Should NFT token holders anticipate any reward for full set holders 51-100. Many are asking. @MetaZoo — collectandinvest

    maybe, but it will be something different

  • how far into the future are you working Mike? — Tadpradel

    Further than you think

  • Please Metazoo poker tournament — metal1213

    not a bad idea

  • Will we get any storylines before the veil was put in place? — metazuul

    there will be flashbacks (edited)

  • There should be a promo card you can apply for if you buy art from a Metazoo artist and get the tattoo. Also Metazoo Lego set when? — SolidDante

    LEGO would be amazing, think we can do it?

  • estimation on release date of a trailer for show/game? — TrueReclaim3r

    video game alpha and show pilot end of 2022 if I can crack enough heads

  • What is the print run of the fan art blisters? — Pharosher


  • Idk if this was already asked but when is the 2022 fan art contest estimated to take place? — landon616


  • are there still plans for Genesis owners to receive alt art promo cards? — icenine


  • Anymore kickstarters I can be prepared to throw my money at? — ToxicsBlood

    not for a long while

  • What beasties will be featured in WAR? — metazoo2themoon

    all of them

  • You mentioned in a previous metazoo hours that yall are doing kickstarters yearly. was that a real statement or trolling? — CallMeCinema

    Based on feedback, it looks like it’s better to do it once or twice a block, and only when it’s necessary. Don’t expect news of one to even be considered until we are in Yokai island.

  • @MetaZoo Would you ever do a invitational type tournament where the winner gets to help design a card and get their image on the card? — Tuffy

    Never say never

  • Will we ever get to see historical mythological creatures like the Hydra?— Durrtychai

    4th block

  • Metazoo x fortnite — childish grantbino


  • Would you ever do unhinged sets for the lulz? Like a Metazoo set filled with community gags or funny art — Durrtychai

    : )

  • Hey Mike quick question so since the print run on the Fan art packs are 10k The winners are around 20 and get 100 of each. And participants get 5 of each. Are those included inside that 10k print run or outside of it? — katokotaro

    part of it

  • will there be transformations of beasties/characters to show power increase? — TrueReclaim3r


  • Any chance on PayPal on the MetaZoo marketplace?? — Paulussius

    No, they held a month’s worth of payments for over a year with no explanation. Too much risk

  • any new news on the content creator program (still never heard anything back but Chad might just be super busy but wanted to check in case something changed)? — Peazful

    Rolling it out soon

  • Any more Cumberland dragon’s on the way besides everything that has been revealed thus far — katokotaro


  • will blood be in the metazoo anime/show? — TrueReclaim3r

    when needed, sure

  • Japanese language alt arts for yokai? — metazuul

    not a bad idea

  • [Leaked upcoming sets, posted for 0.5 seconds then deleted]

    UFO – Steve Aoki Special Set – Seance – Chibi Mini Set – WAR – Urban Legends – 7 Seas

  • Personal Questions

  • How are ya today Mike? — TheMajorNerd

    pumped about some new huge collabs. 2022 going to hit bigger and bigger

  • How tall are you Mike and is a job requirement as a male to be tall lmao? Everyone on the staff was a giant a collect a con. — Kairaven


  • Do you have a personal goal / dream for metazoo? — TitanCow

    I want it to be a major part of American culture

  • Michael Waddell at 4:09pm EST:
    okay thank you everyone 🙂 Really good questions this week

    This concludes what we’ve learned from the March 10th, 2022 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 78 questions were answered.

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