MetaZoo Hour Summary • Mar 18, 2022 • 51 Questions

On Sunday, March 18, 2022 at 11:58am EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

There were a total of 50 MetaZoo related questions & 1 personal/unrelated questions that were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated.

The Discord usernames of those who asked the questions is also now being provided at the end of the questions themselves.

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Michael Waddell at 11:58am EST:
@everyone MetaZoo Hour is NOW! Ask me anything in 📝-metazoo-chat

As always, we’ll start off with the MetaZoo-related questions first, in the order that they were received, and then move onto the personal questions afterward. Try searching for things such as “Wilderness” or “NFT” to narrow-down the results. It all works dynamically. 🙂

MetaZoo Questions

  • How to sign up for 250k tournament? — DANGERBOAT

    You need to play in a SANCTIONED EVENT, sign up will be made available for the tournament beginning of May

  • Will the upcoming book contain the content from the comics or take place after comics? — chemicalmunkee

    It will contain the first 6 chapters

  • If you’re playing in the tourney just assume you will miss that day of the convention — Zacikarp

    The tournament space will be on the convention floorspace

  • Metazoo lanyards/keychains? — Norazza


  • What cards will be in the collect a con tournament & player packs? — Pokeemasters

    holo forms of bronze and silver cards from previous sets, specially stamped

  • Anyway that we can get a database of cards for whatever sets it resides? Kind of like Pokellector app. — Kittles

    We have some awesome fan ones

  • is the final boss of the $250k tournament you?— Streamie_Weenies

    I give a hug to the winner

  • Is there a way for metazoo to host an online sanctioned event for those who don’t have physical access to a local sanctioned event before Dallas? — andrewstacks

    Unfortunately no

  • You mentioned a fan-fiction contest in which people write their own stories within MZ universe, any more info on that? — moldypotionz

    After the first book is published, so likely 2023!

  • Will there be a Wilderness 2nd Edition? — XCrocer

    Lets get through 1st edition lol. But if there is wilderness 2nd, it won’t be any of the current product SKUs releasing end of this month

  • @MetaZoo will the format for DFW CAC be announced soon? any terra that will be in play like in FL? — olix

    More info on this soon!

  • How many cards will a tournament pack have in it?— Zeek1993

    1 per pack, normal collect-a-con ones have a set size of 20, player ones have 5 additional cards in the set

  • @MetaZoo what will be the cutoff for registration? the day of the tourney? — Bradstache

    likely mid may

  • The convention has usually ended at 6pm both Saturday and Sunday, that has been a factor in past tournaments where it was best of 1 instead of 2 out of 3. That’s what Im referring to For an actual question is the tournament winnings paid via cash/check? — daddygoldchains

    Likely check

  • Will MetaZoo ever sponsor a NASCAR vehicle? —BR20(Brandon)

    We actually had someone reach out about this haha. I think it’s a cool idea

  • Will online sanctioned tournaments ever be a thing? — Streamie_Weenies

    When we release our digital card game

  • As an entrepreneur I often find myself asking this question to other business savvy individuals; who in your business do you trust to tell you “no” or bring creative ideas to the table? —hashtagnotafurry

    My entire team

  • Does a tournament at my LGS ran through playmetazoo count as a tournament? — atvrider59

    not a tournament, just needs to be sanctioned play

  • Hi Mike, thanks for the roadmap update and the tournament update. Much appreciated. The full set Token holders were wondering if you would ever consider an AMA with the group?—collectandinvest

    sure, let’s set something up for april

  • Would you be willing to share approximately how many people have applied for the lastest job offering?Gr33nB34NZ — Gr33nB34NZ


  • Are you planning to have a physical release if the video game? — childish grantbino

    Would be cool and it’s on my roadmap

  • @MetaZoo hey mike, does the tournament at collect a con have a buy in? If so what is the amount? — Klaxer2

    it’s free so long as you have a convention ticket

  • Today at 12:11 PM What kind of format should we expect to compete in dallas?:0— Poke.Khai


  • Thoughts on using NFTs minted specifically for Top 3 (or Top 10??), as potential prizes in future events? — Gr33nB34NZ

    Not for physical play as of right now

  • Target date for the Times Square event? — Pokevolver -

    1st week of april

  • Did the G2B and Caster Society tournies at the beginning of the year count for qualifying or do those players need to participate in another sanctioned event — bats |

    those should retroactively count if they were on MPN, yes

  • So if we go to any of the ones on play network we should be good for Dallas ? — Zeek1993

    yes, if it’s sanctioned format

  • Is there anything we can do to get Twitch to create a MetaZoo category. They have MekaZoo whatever that is — Purple Elf Productions (albus)

    sooner than that!

  • Any interest in exploring Hollow Earth or Hollow Moon lore in future sets? — moldypotionz

    maybe a dino set?!

  • MetaZoo x SpaceX collab to actually send MetaZoo to the moon? — Pokevolver -


  • When will next board member be announced? — minman

    next week or week after that

  • There was talk of Aoki doing an Alt-Meta-Metazoo KS... is that still happening? — PaulAtreides

    Won’t be on KS

  • If there's ever a Whatnot promo, please consider the gulag — TMXcomics

    Whatnot promo is being made right now

  • Will there be any additional nft roadmaps that goes until the end of the year? — OFFtheCHENG

    Roadmaps will be forward looking to 2 months at most

  • Will full holo silver and bronze spells & artifacts also be included in the tournament packs — Latest


  • Has anyone suggested a tarot deck akin to the playing card decks? — kelpshake

    = )

  • Will content creators who applied for the card be notified if rejected? — Purple Elf Productions (albus)

    No one is outright rejected, just told to keep working

  • Mike - do you think PFP project will have traditional PFP rarity - should we anticipate some legendary 1/1 drops with this PFP NFT project? —collectandinvest


  • Pfp utilities or will you stick with tokens for utilities? — MetaCaster1p36

    Let’s see what we can do, but right now it’s just the PFPs

  • Will Magicast products ever be released? —Pokevolver -

    next week

  • I think metazoo should have a metaverse. First TCG to do it, stake-able tokens for redemption, rewards, prerelease stuff. NFT collectible convention tickets, vip stuff. QR code real world bounties where the community works together to unlock lore and early info on new releases!! I have so many ideas!! I hope the team does some of this stuff — MrMedaris

    MetaZoo will be in the Metaverse in the next 2 months

  • How man PFPs in the project? Will every one of them be hand drawn? or are the artists drawing the baseline characters and elements then randomizing those electronically? — icenine |

    all 10 beasties and all traits will be hand drawn

  • When will more details on the treasure hunt be released? — HappyKitty05

    sooner than you think

  • When's the next signature change happening? — Jody🎀


  • Can yall respond to emails? — EpicPulls

    we are expanding our customer service, things have definitely been crazy!

  • Any chance at signature inserts? — Cole.604


  • Mike will there be any special collector’s edition BoosterBox for the upcoming set UFO …#SecureTeam collaboration or alien holo foils or even better UFO USO shaped booster box ideas? — ir0n_gh0st

    yes, but not in the way you think

  • Awaugs — Today at 1:00 PM What was the print run for the 1st ed nightfall pin boxes? Future pin boxes print runs as well???

    Not up to us to release this info, but smaller than you’re thinking, most likely

  • Mike, is there anything that you would personally like to see get added to MZHQ (or any fan site)? Don't hold back. — Jody🎀

    3 or 4 cards per line, a page generated per card, Fan wiki would be cool too, articles about gameplay

  • Will there ever be more then one (ink, scratch) per set in the future?? — SOICEY69

    No more inks

  • Personal Questions

  • Do you do unsolicited interviews or is there a way to reach out to you? — hashtagnotafurry

    email for interview stuff

  • Michael Waddell at 1:05pm EST:
    Thanks everyone! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

    This concludes what we’ve learned from the March 13th, 2022 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 51 questions were answered.

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