MetaZoo Hour Summary • Mar 4, 2022 • 118 Questions

On Friday, March 4, 2022 at 8:33am EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

There were a total of 100 MetaZoo related questions & 18 personal/unrelated questions that were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated.

If you’d rather have the hour read out to you so that you can multi-task, or whatever the reason may be, MetaZoo HQ’s Video Partner Fizggig🕊️ did exactly that right here! Be sure to check it out and show your support if you can!

Starting with this MetaZoo Hour and going forward, the Discord usernames of those who asked the questions is also provided in front of the questions themselves.

As always, we’ll start off with the MetaZoo-related questions first, in the order that they were received, and then move onto the personal questions afterward. Try searching for things such as “Wilderness” or “Kickstarter” to narrow-down the results. It all works dynamically. 🙂

Michael Waddell at 8:33am EST:
@everyone MetaZoo Hour begins now! Ask me anything in 📝-metazoo-chat!

MetaZoo Questions

  • hashtagnotafurry — Where are the wubby promos?


  • cellary — Will the artists be at the DFW collect-a-con?


  • Thali — Any chance to meet you soon on a convention in Europe?


  • kickgamemessi — Plushy for Dallas? How many will there be

    yes, 500

  • pearsonbenjamin — Wilderness topps card spoiler

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • primetimeindy62 — 250k medal spoilers?


  • Alfredo Sauce — Will there be UFO in collect a con Dallas?

    too early, but there will be special giveaways a la spoilers

  • Defender_Saki — What kind of trees are being planted for Wilderness? I like leafy bois

    Announcing this tomorrow

  • MiB — Why did Jackalope go from bronze as a sample to Gold in Wilderness? A little disappointed this little adorable critter is much more difficult to pull than a bronze.

    That’s why

  • bats | — Can you confirm that the Dallas Collect-a-Con will be the $250k? - peazful

    yes, working on solidifying everything

  • MetaCaster1p36 — Mike with Success of Orlando collect a con, will you be back to Florida in 2023

    Of course!

  • cHris — Will the egg plushie be used for anything other than my shelf?

    Sit on it uwu

  • ToxicsBlood — For a new collector, where do you think best resources are for us to know value of our cards? Just want to make sure I'm not missing sleeving any of my cards that should.

    As the creator, it’s not my place to tell you where to find out the secondary market value of your cards… (edited)

  • katokotaro — Ufo glow in the dark cards


  • reecereuab — Is MetaZoo gonna come to the Midwest anytime soon? Or are you scared of the cold right now (edited)

    I prefer cold over heat

  • alunjai — Any metazoo presence planned for emerald city con in Seattle?

    I mean, last we went it was kind of.. meh

  • Vidiaphae — Any hints on what the next plushie will be?

    first plush

  • buddymac28 — Is distribution of Wilderness looking to be on time or will the products be staggered?

    goal is on time and we are good on schedule

  • Caws — I love BBS and MetaZoo


  • arbiter360 — Will there be new nfts minting?


  • daddygoldchains — Can teams also be counted as content creators?

    Interesting question, let me think about it

  • ASE — I’d imagine there’s no way you’re happy with how Metazoo has gone so far. Have you surpassed your expectations so far and where do you see yourself and Metazoo in 5 years? Do you feel like your education has helped this process?

    I’ve built a topgrade team, that and the community is why I’m here. Hard work

  • DoubleDragon5 — Any more updates on Topps Wilderness you can share?

    It’s going to be awesome….

  • Marinarina — NYC comic con broski? Would love to see ya here


  • JM CS LFG! — How many Walmart hangers were produced?

    not enough, apparently

  • Zeek1993 — Spoiler packs and collect a con packs in Dallas?


  • icenine — Mike, will genesis NFTs remain on Ethereum?


  • MetaZach — @MetaZoo ummmmm where is my kickstarter package?!?

    Stuck in chicago

  • Peazful — Will there be any MetaZoo officially run sanctioned events between the release of wilderness and Dallas collect-a-con or will that be the first with the new meta?

    go back to class

  • SpoonieLuv ♋ — Will there be a 2022 fan art competition like last year?


  • andrewstacks — Has the environmental sustainability factor of the metazoo set been announced yet? I remember you hinting there’d be something cool to do with environmental impact with this wilderness set

    Announced tomorrow

  • MetaCaster1p36 — Revive skateboard… please

    Coming sooner than you think

  • JoseSenpai — Any Promo spoilers for the Nightfall 2nd edition?

    look at your 1st edition cards, bazinga

  • KSB — Are we getting a Florida man cryptid?

    only if @George is comfortable being on a card

  • TheOneEyedCrow — When will the April fool's promos be up for preorder?

    April 2nd

  • Orion — a collab with funko pop?

    Working on it

  • GeneralGrissom — Any plans for more MetaZoo accessories? Would love to see dice, deck boxes, LP counters, etc

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • highforhours — Mike will you sign my blue ink in Dallas?


  • weso_ — What type of music are you considering for the MZ game?

    arcade style

  • TCGnThings — Will we see any sets pertaining to certain regions around the world? Like Mexico, Canada, or any other country?

    yup, next block of sets is yokai island

  • ASE — Your team is past top grade! It’s amazing how passionate everyone is. Do you think you’ll ever step back a bit in the future (Metazoo hour , the Collect a cons ect) I still don’t believe that you don’t have one of each card lol

    I’ll step back when it’s time, in 20 years

  • Sonic 2 — SCP cross over?

    very interested in this if you have a contact

  • jcatano2012 — Do you have an awesome display for your personal master set?

    No, it’s a little bit too much like eating food you cook yourself

  • ezAngel — Will the metazoo book be offered as paperback or hardcover or both?


  • icenine — Will the PFP project be released on Ethereum as well?

    most likely, yes

  • rkle — Mike, are you excited about what the team came up with for a St Paddy's Day promo? Looks great, can't wait

    I want to avoid using hyper realistic art, we aren’t magic

  • tigerhirsch — @MetaZoo any way to improve shipping prices for eu/the world and any updates on if disribution are being worked on many stores still dont have product in hand for cn2

    it’s all calculated automatically, so not sure what we can do unless you’re asking me to alter worldwide freight costs

  • JakeT — what card stock will be used for MZ x Topps Sapphire?

    Their normal chrome stock

  • metazuul — Thought revive boards would drop yesterday with their new product, any updates?

    We are special enough for our own drop date

  • Orion — is there a plan for full art cards like steeve aoki's mothman 1/1?

    Not as of right now. Too flashy and I want normal foil cards to always remain special

  • Justmatty — Metazoo onesie for my nephew?

    As long as he’s not 35, we have something coming

  • buddymac28 — Are paper packs going to become a thing?

    They were going to be with Cartamundi, but they gave them to FAB

  • ASE — Are you trying to refine the art in the cards and step away from more of the outsider/folk art vibe? Or is everything up to the artists?

    I like our art.

  • daddygoldchains — 24 packs instead of 36 for Yokai block

    36 packs errday

  • JoseSenpai — Will you guys release Tins in the future?


  • Peazful — Will the Online TCG have all previous non-coreset cards added (collab promos, marketplace promos, theme decks, release decks, blister promos, fan art cards, ambassador cards, etc) so that it is in parity with the physical tcg?

    That’s the plan, parity is a complex word though

  • MetaCaster1p36 — Mike, any chance we have strictly a Metazoo con at some point? Each artist having their own booth? IMO they have and would drawn more fans than any of other celebrities.

    We love our collect-a-con partners

  • Worbtan — will metazoo be on cardmarket in EU ? (no tcgplayer here)

    They haven’t reached out to me yet

  • allirose — Will UFO have its own pin club set too :DDD


  • Baker45ap — will you be offering the Topps wilderness set on the MetaZoo market place?

    Topps exclusive

  • Eagle (SteveT) — Mike would it be possible to post set checklists on the metazoo site?

    We have some amazing fan made ones, support them

  • CallMeCinema — Has the Topps box's being weighable been addressed by them for this wilderness go around?


  • xPEACEMINUSONE — Will there be utility for the poker chips from kickstarter ? Would be cool to see trade the chip in for something

    you can use them in poker games

  • Thesehandsio🎩 — Any more info on these wilderness shirts? Is it true dimmak only made 100 of these for the con?


  • andrewstacks — Hey Mike, is the $250k tournament confirmed for Dallas ft worth collect a con?

    all but confirmed

  • Sly — Today at 11:56 AM Will there be a wilderness binder?


  • TheHungryMonk — Will the NFT presale for wilderness BB have a limit and what is the limit?

    2 per token

  • Zarben — Planning on doing C2E2 again?


  • HillbillyDeluex — What happened to the real life scavenger hunt that was mentioned months ago is that still happening?

    still happening, waiting for snow to melt

  • Fizggig | — Are you guys looking into doing and Audiobook along with the book coming out later this Fall?

    I suppose it could happen eventually. Need to write the dang thing first lol

  • Orex — @MetaZoo Mike, what are the odds of a 4th of July set like the Valentines set? I ask because I'm an active duty military Also will MetaZoo be at Emerald City Con this year?

    we have a promo coming

  • tigerhirsch — @MetaZoo so in regard to my earlier question in shipping to eu if you had small distribution hub in eu we would save alot of money in shipping which in turn would mean we could spend more money on the zoo

    We have an EU distributor

  • ezAngel — Will you do more comic cons like you did New York? La comic con, San Diego comic con?

    San diego and NYC this year

  • EddieG-Unit — Will the video game be MMORPG?

    that’s the plan

  • Ted | — what say you? Maybe that's by design, you flipped it after the veil shattered

    facing the wrong direction

  • EddieG-Unit — Are the Kickstarter Arch caster and Head caster promos art finalized yet?

    next week

  • Jody🎀 — Looking back two years ago, is MetaZoo Games where you wanted it to be? Further, or not as far?

    2 years ago quarantine just started… who know right?

  • LuX — More of a serious question: Do you sometimes think you have too many hands in too many pots? How do you handle/don't you get burnt out at times? Do you just trust your employees/team to handle what they need to?

    Our team is all star. I think we are doing a great job.

  • Ted | — will MetaZoo ever go IPO?


  • spidysweb87 — Do you feel NFTs aren’t established enough for the brand to fully back? It feels like there’s a lot of controversy around the idea and it could damage the brand if they go belly up.

    I think we are using them to great effect, this very second actually.

  • Ghost Train Conductor 1989 — Any update on the uncut sheet reveal?

    Next week hopefully

  • MKECyborg — Will we get a chance to buy a 2nd Ed plush egg on marketplace if at all and when?

    plush are one run only

  • BoroSenpai — Will there be early access for said game that's coming

    yup! alpha

  • Jody🎀 — I worded my last question wrong it seems. Is MetaZoo Games further, or not quite as far, as you were hoping it would be today? 'cause if you ask me, the growth has been impressive to say the least...

    we have so much more to do, that’s what I’m focused on. I’m glad it’s happening 1 year in instead of 10

  • ZooMaster — So the entire plot will be out in book form prior to any TV show being created?

    yes, US companies not to keen on the open ended, make movies while the story is being finished kind of thing after GOT

  • MiB — Can they be a larger run? My understanding is the line to grab the eggs was longer than the line to get in.

    Some things are exclusive and that’s okay

  • hashtagnotafurry — I am an officer in Orlando. I went to collectacon and I was wondering if metazoo or the convention center planned/hired security, as it was fairly bottom tier. I highly recommend getting better security and at the very least metal detectors especially when visiting a highly concealed carry state.

    I agree with this

  • Rico — When will we release the vday / wilderness pin NFT's?

    Soon as they are ready

  • WheelerTheSlug — @MetaZoo Can you provide some update to NFT coin utility?

    we have a roadmap

  • Jody🎀 — Mike, if you're able to answer, current MetaZoo Games staff count please?


  • JackSkellington353 — @MetaZoo Will wilderness boxes ordered at orlando with nfts come with green nft stickers

    They should, absolutely

  • LuX — Would you ever open career applications to the public when hiring? Or more of a word-to-mouth type dealio? I'd quit my professional job in a heartbeat to join a team/career I'm passionate about

    We will be posting on linkedin soon

  • Beeman, Devourer of Bulk — When will MPN turn on opponent match win percentages so tournaments can be properly paired?

    MPN is going to have some pretty big updates rolled out soon

  • Beeman, Devourer of Bulk — Any plans for team medals or anything like that for the players creating interest and competitiveness on the card game side of things?

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast

  • BR20(Brandon) — Meme inserted about (Invasion Toys announcement during MZ Hour)

    high quality figurines, can’t wait

  • Kwildd — Wen Metazoo Lanyard

    @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast @TexasTed

  • TheHungryMonk — Will the uspc promos be legal in competitive?


  • metazuul — I know the caster society stamped cards are unofficial, given all they do for the community, do you think we could see an official card made for their tournaments or staff?!?

    yes * The actual answer is “very unlikely” I misread this question, sorry!

  • Beeman, Devourer of Bulk — Why wasn't added color at collect a con? You know I've been begging for that Wilderness track

    too busy rocking out

  • Menehune_Matt — Any light you can shed on the meaning of your new signature Mike?

    hmm it came to me in a dream

  • Personal Questions

  • Koschei — Metapoo?

    April 1st

  • WorldsWorstBoy — @MetaZoo Pasta And Meatball

    Pasta no meatball, extra sauce

  • Kittles — Do you prefer beef, pork, or chicken pho?


  • Marinarina — Mike you’re late for your meeting weve been waiting for you for twenty minutes

    Sorry, world doesn’t conquer itself

  • jcatano2012 — Wow this is so cool to watch. Wish I had a good question haha


  • cdmacsoup — I slept on the kickstarter. Not something I’m interested in

    cool beans

  • Kwildd — Mike any changes coming to the show after what you saw in Orlando?

    more weight loss

  • Koschei — Ok real talk time, let's get to the serious questions..... Does Robert Patterson deliver as Batman

    I’ll find out tomorrow morning

  • MetaCaster1p36 — 2 part: #1 Mike, anything you were pleasantly surprised by from Orlando collect a con, or did it go as expected? #2 Can you convince my wife to let me take family to every Metazoo Con

    it almost made me cry when I saw everyone wearing our shirts.

  • Ted | — Is your new signature inspired by cho ku rei or something else?

    Never heard of this, something pre veil shattering?

  • jcatano2012 — When did making a tcg become a dream of yours??


  • Dude — Mike hotdog or hamburger??

    hotdog in one bite

  • Kittles — Who shot first? Han Solo or Greedo?

    Han but then they edited it because they wanted a rogue, not a criminal killer

  • TheMajorNerd — Dr. Who Fan? Wilderness card had to have been a hint.

    not the recent seasons, woof

  • SpartanDVD — Tacos or burritos?

    burritos, tacos are just burritos for people who can’t commit

  • Jester — What goes on your fav 2 topping pizza?

    Spinach and sausage

  • CasterMJ — What has been the most stressful part of your job since the birthing of MetaZoo

    Dealing with negativity

  • devin — Mike do prefer dogs or cats? Lol


  • Michael Waddell at 9:41am EST:
    okay everyone!! thanks! Have a wonderful weekend and please be safe 🙂

    This concludes what we’ve learned from the March 4th, 2022 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 118 questions were answered.

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