MetaZoo Hour Summary • Nov. 14, 2021 • 104 Questions

On November 14th, 2021, at 12pm EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another one of his ‘MetaZoo Hours’ on the official MetaZoo Discord channel.

The 104 (Q)uestions were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the (A)nswers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself (unless otherwise stated). They are in the order that they were received.

Before we get started, I’d like to bring attention to MetaZoo HQ’s wonderful partner fizggig on YouTube, where he breaks down the hour in video format for you to listen and watch at your own leisure. Be sure to check it out just below! 😊

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve learned from the November 14th MetaZoo Hour: Anything written in italics was added by MetaZoo HQ.

  1. Q: Please tell us more about NFTs.
    A: They are pretty nifty.
  2. Q: When is a MetaZoo convention coming to the UK?
    A: If you have one you want us at, tell !
  3. Q: NFT price points?
    A: We are thinking .1
  4. Q: When is UFO set?
    A: July 2022!
  5. Q: Are you coming to PAX unplugged in Philadelphia?
    A: Next year
  6. Q: What skus will be at Walmart? Any cards or mainly other products like pins and plushies?
    A: Exclusives
  7. Q: What’s the difference with patreon buying product at MSRP which went away compared to the new coin NFT MSRP DEAL?
    A: Market mobility of the utility of the NFT
  8. Q: Will owning a prior Metazoo NFT have any perks for this upcoming release?
    A: Info released about this soon
  9. Q: Will the spellbook database come back up on the site?
    A: No, our amazing fans are building ones better than we ever could. 🙂
  10. Q: Will you be at ECCC
    A: yes!
  11. Q: Favorite Cryptid from wilderness?
    A: It’s a secret
  12. Q: Any advice for a young entrepreneur?
    A: Stay in school
  13. Q: Hey Mike! Will genesis NFT holders still be getting an alternate art card version of their NFTs?
    A: working on it
  14. Q: News on any mini sets ?
    A: January with Aoki
  15. Q: thinking ahead, metazoo in decentraland or metazoo in sandbox?
    A: We are in talks with many people 🙂
  16. Q: Can you just create your own Metazoo crypto coin to avoid gas
    A: MZG
  17. Q: Can I make mini set? :O
    A: Is mayonnaise a vegetable?
  18. Q: I see you’re working super hard casting a wide net with Metazoo. What do you enjoy doing as a hobby to keep mental clarity?
    A: MetaZoo
  19. Q: As someone that just got into metazoo what are some tips in collecting or where should i start collecting?
    A: Support your lgs and see if you can get product from there!
  20. Q: Will the Christmas gift wrapping papers restock?
    A: Not on the marketplace
  21. Q: Any more product drops from the marketplace before the end of the year? Known or unknown products?
    A: Of course 😛
  22. Q: Dimmack collection release date?
    A: Early Decembr
  23. Q: Request putting into Harambe in Wilderness
    A: too soon
  24. Q: For the new NFTs, is it 0.1Eth or 0.1cents?
    A: lol
  25. Q: Hey Mike! Any updates regarding if sample card holders can redeem sample cards for nfts?
    A: 2022
  26. Q: Will you be at C2E2? Would like to run into you again!
    A: that’s the plan!
  27. Q: Please provide lgs with exclusive products for tournaments soon
    A: working daily on this
  28. Q: Will you guys sell merch/products at C2E2 . Just got my tickets can’t wait run into the staff
    A: Yes
  29. Q: What’s are you most looking forward to in the upcoming Christmas holiday?
    A: time with my family
  30. Q: Talking to Post Malone?
    A: 🙂
  31. Q: Have you heard of the cards floating around on eBay with your signature being fake or is it false
    A: lol come on
  32. Q: What is one Cryptid you wouldn’t want to run into at night?
    A: Mothman
  33. Q: How do original nft owners apply for whitelist?
    A: By signing up for it when it was open :/
  34. Q: Will metazoo card be in other languages?
    A: working on that!
  35. Q: Will any CN cards from 1st edition be omitted in 2nd edition?
    A: Red ink
  36. Q: Mike, are fan art blisters still coming this week?
    A: No, we decided to focus our printers on 2nd edition base
  37. Q: Will Krampus be in the Christmas promos?
    A: In Grimm’s Kingdom
  38. Q: Do you expect the new card manufacturer to take over for 2nd edition, or for wilderness, or later?
    A: Depends on how serious they are about partnering with us
  39. Q: How many of each holo were in the collect a con packs in Houston?
    A: 69.73
  40. Q: Topps chrome, when?
    A: working on it
  41. Q: Do the new coin NFT’s have the same benefits as the OG NFT’s, can existing holders use their existing NFT’s to gain the same benefits as coins?
    A: yes
  42. Q: will there be anymore appearances here in Houston?
    A: next year!
  43. Q: As a large Pokémon streamer, id love to create more Metazoo contnt. Is there a way creators can apply to work with you Metazoo and establish a working relationship?
    A: reach out to
  44. Q: Any word when topps will ship out?
    A: very soon, or so I hear
  45. Q: production run for nightfall watches?
    A: 108
  46. Q: will all secret rares have 100 made for upcoming sets?
    A: Secret what?
  47. Q: Have ever considered or would you do modeling, maybe runway?
    A: Foot modeling maybe
  48. Q: When are you coming to Fort Worth?
    A: 2022!
  49. Q: Is there any Nightfall allocation for LGS:s in europe being sent out? Or will it just be NF second edition in the future?
    A: 2nd
  50. Q: Will you have allocated product every day at ECCC?
    A: yes
  51. Q: Mike, Speghetti dinner with Harambe?
    A: worth a shot
  52. Q: Any events planned for Vegas soon?
    A: maybe our first national
  53. Q: What is a cryptid that you’re excited for that is not in the game yet
    A: Lochness!
  54. Q: What’s your favorite kind of donut Mike I must know
    A: normal glaze
  55. Q: pineapple on pizza??
    A: only on the beach
  56. Q: CN 2nd Edition Spoiler Packs at C2E2?
    A: going to do a bit better than spoiler packs
  57. Q: Rate Chipotle 1-10
    A: 7
  58. Q: What’s it like to see all these new tcgs running with your model on KS?
    A: good luck
  59. Q: Metazoo video game – when ?
    A: 2023. gotta go fast.
  60. Q: Hey mike, when will the reserved list be announced
    A: Soon
  61. Q: What does 2022 roadmap look like? Does competitive play a role in that?
    A: a massive role
  62. Q: action figures coming?
    A: you betcha
  63. Q: For the OG NFTs, will current owners receive a promo of the specific Cryptids they own and with their respected mint numbering?
    A: not a bad idea
  64. Q: Any 🐻🧱 updates?
    A: 🙂
  65. Q: which will come first: Metazoo has its video game or Metazoo is featured in another popular video game?
    A: latter
  66. Q: what color are borders of the NFT reward cards?
    A: lime green 😛 jk
  67. Q: Any thought doing a “battle academy” type product to introduce people to the gameplay a bit easier?
    A: working on it
  68. Q: rate the McRib 1-10
    A: 1
  69. Q: Can I use the metazoo music for background music for my YouTube videos?
    A: go for it, just credit us!
  70. Q: Any progress on getting UFO into space?
    A: yup
  71. Q: Any plans for a metazoo flagship store?
    A: 2022
  72. Q: Apex or Fortnite collab?
    A: fortnite and roblox
  73. Q: What’s your mile time ?
    A: 37 minutes
  74. Q: with Wilderness, more deck archetypes coming?
    A: yes!
  75. Q: Regarding Walmart partnership, Will Metazoo cards be stocked up front by the checkout line near the rotisserie chickens, or in the back in the toy section?
    A: impulse aisle
  76. Q: Can you confirm, do original NFT owners and the new NFT coin holders get the exact same benefits?
    A: No, you need the coins for different benefits
  77. Q: will there be more christmas or thanksgiving activities to gain roles ?
    A: We should do an ornament contest! or gingerbread house
  78. Q: Will Dual Aurafact Essence cards from nightfall be re printed in future sets?
    A: not exctly those
  79. Q: Plans for Target?
    A: and gamestop
  80. Q: Perhaps a cryptid bait competition for Thanksgiving?
    A: ooo
  81. Q: will cumberland dragon have a plushie eventually? also, when can we expect metazoo tins?
    A: yes and ufo
  82. Q: Have you talked to Logan Paul directly?
    A: 🙂
  83. Q: When is the new album dropping?
    A: next week
  84. Q: what is your vision for metazoo in 5 years?
    A: 55 different product verticals, netflix show, video game, movie
  85. Q: Wilderness in walmart?
    A: sooner than that
  86. Q: what’s your favorite kind of cake?
    A: oreo ice cream cake made by my mom
  87. Q: any updates/progress on the fast food meal collab?
    A: 🙂
  88. Q: ECCC in Seattle. What days will you be there?
    A: The entirety of the event. – Answered by Chaos Crystal Enthusiast
  89. Q: what is the first product we can expect to see at walmart. is it going to be a special box set with a promo for CN 2nd edition
    A: yes
  90. Q: will there be a part of MEtaZoo where we can show off our NFT’s?
    A: working on that
  91. Q: How strict do you plan on being on artists that sell Metazoo fan art or products inspired by the game?
    A: go for it, just don’t pass it off as official metazoo
  92. Q: When’s the next metazoo sneaker releasing ?
    A: working with a big name artists on this
  93. Q: Any plans with future set to up the rarity to say Epic or Legendary cards, or do the like of Red Ink and Scratchy fulfill that already?
    A: no to 50 different rarity types. I want holos to remain special
  94. Q: When do we get metazoo tins?
    A: ufo
  95. Q: Will you ever do a collab with Supreme?
    A: Sure!
  96. Q: When is the first MetaZoo black tie event for NFT holders featuring Aoki and Post Malone performing, free valet parking for NFT holders, endless champagne, and piggy back rides from Logan Paul?
    A: Not sure, but it will be transcendent
  97. Q: What is the answer to life?
    A: 42
  98. Q: How many signatures can someone get per coin?
    A: from me? as many as you would like while still being respectful of the people behind you
  99. Q: would you play a metazoo match if someone challenged you?
    A: wouldn’t be fair to them, I have cards no one has ever seen before
  100. Q: If we didn’t get signed up on whitelist can we still get an NFT?
    A: there will be a public offering yes
  101. Q: Will we be able to mint more than one nft per transaction at the drop?
    A: If you hold a genesis nft
  102. Q: When will you IPO?
    A: 2023
  103. Q: EU?
    A: working on it, email asmodee on behalf of us
  104. Q: How do I become a judge?
    A: speak to and

Michael Waddell at 12:56pm EST:
Okay thanks everyone! Loved this round. 🙂 Everyone enjoy the rest of their weekend!

Wow! 104 questions answered this time around. What a wild ride. Well, this concludes what we’ve learned from the November 14th, 2021 MetaZoo Hour!

We will continue to summarize all MetaZoo Hours going forward, so be sure to sign up to the MetaZoo HQ notifications to stay in the loop! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone! 🙂