MetaZoo Hour Summary • Nov. 17, 2021 • 122 Questions

On Wednesday, November 17th, 2021, at 12pm EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another one of his ‘MetaZoo Hours’ on the official MetaZoo Discord channel.

The 122 questions were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated. They are in the order that they were received.

Before we get started, I’d like to bring attention to MetaZoo HQ’s wonderful partner fizggig on YouTube, where he breaks down the hour in video format for you to listen and watch at your own leisure. Be sure to check it out just below:

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve learned from the November 17th MetaZoo Hour! Anything written in italics was added by MetaZoo HQ. Also, all grammar errors were corrected for this article for better clarity.

Michael Waddell at 12:02pm EST:

@everyone MetaZoo hour begins now! Ask me anything in #metazoo-chat!

1. Q: When can we expect the Topps to drop?
A: Chrome coming soon.
2. Q: Are we getting 2 MetaZoo hours a week?
A: If I can manage it!
3. Q: Will you post up decks you personally made?
A: One day lol.
4. Q: How do you feel about full-art cards for cryptids? I know you said you don’t want a bunch of rarities but how do you feel about full arts?
A: I like the traditional holo cards. Holo aura and terra are my jam.
5. Q: Do you plan on collecting the MetaZoo comics in an omnibus or trade paperback format in the future?
A: Working on this with a major publisher now.
6. Q: Will all sets have 1st editions? Or will those be stopped at a point.
A: Never stopping 1st editions.
7. Q: Will CGC be accepting MetaZoo card submissions this week?
A: Very very soon.
8. Q: Is there any update on the Dbruze shirts?
A: Sending out next week.
9. Q: Could we have an update on the distribution for Australia?
A: Lots of stuff happening behind the scenes for this to happen ASAP.
10. Q: Will there be anymore opportunities to get Christmas promos or are they gone for good like Halloween?
A: There will be more opportunities, but more will not be printed.

11. Q: What’s the print run for the 1st edition of chapter 3?
A: 10k.
12. Q: What is the total number of NFT coins to be minted?
A: 5k.
13. Q: Will Walmart have a lot of variety of product?
A: Starting off with 1 SKU, moving to around 5 by end of 2022.
14. Q: What’s the progress on TV show?
A: first have to net a streaming service to put the flicks on.
15. Q: Will the OG supporters that got diplomat medals be able to use their benefits when NFT benefits go online?
A: No.
16. Q: Will the next NFT drop after the coins have cryptids in them?
A: Likely going to be a pfp.
17. Q: Any thoughts on all these other KS TCGs getting ridiculous funding?
A: Good luck.
18. Q: Any info on NFT public sale? Still happening?
A: Yup!
19. Q: Does the shelf sale in Walmart cover future releases or is it contractually just for CN2E?
A: Future.
20. Q: Mike can you tell us more about the January Kickstarter coming with Aoki?
A: Gonna be lit.

21. Q: Can you give any sort of roadmap for your competitive play goals?
A: 100k tournament coming in Q1/Q2 2022.
22. Q: You gonna be at Cryptid Con?
A: Yup.
23. Q: Are play-testers already pre-determined/part of the R&D team or is it possible some of us can help if we apply?
A: New ones added each set.
24. Q: Partnership with Netflix/Prime/Hulu?
A: 🙂
25. Q: We had confirmation a bit back that sample cards and NFTs will help get us into special events. Is that still the case? Is there more to that yet?
A: Not yet, stay tuned.
26. Q: Treasure hunt when?
A: Q1/Q2 2022.
27. Q: How is the whitelist being trimmed down?
A: Dupes being removed, non-Discord members being removed.
28. Q: Are there plans to bring back the Spellbook area of your website with card lists and images?
A: No, has to be fan driven.
29. Q: Hiring those new director positions yet?
A: Director level hiring freeze for now as we figure out board plans and IPO strategy.
30. Q: When is the album dropping? 🙂
A: Next week.

31. Q: What will the print run be for treasure hunt cards?
A: 1/1.
32. Q: Will the NFTs allow you to have early access to all future sets or only 1st ed. Wilderness & 2nd ed. NF?
A: They will be used in perpetuity.
33. Q: Will there be a wilderness Rudy kit?
A: Of course.
34. Q: How do I purchase a Dim Mak blind pack?
A: More info on that soon.
35. Q: Is there a confirmation that there will be a 2nd edition Nightfall release?
A: Not yet.
36. Q: Any plans to bring together all NFTs under a single source of truth?
A: Working on it.
37. Q: Any news for UK distribution yet Mike? 🙂
A: Working on it!
38. Q: MetaZoo theme park or Mothman mascot costume in the future?
A: @TexasTed (Director of Events and Public Relations) is working on mascot costumes.
39. Q: When’s the release day for 2nd edition Cryptid Nation?
A: No official day, just starts rolling out in December.
40. Q: Will there be restrictions to the NFT pre-sale to assure everyone that was approved is able to obtain one?
A: We reckon about 50k people are interested in the NFT tokens, so hard to ensure everyone will get one.

41. Q: Where do I submit an application to work for MetaZoo? If that’s a hot button question, favorite Cryptid without a card so far?
A: Lochness.
42. Q: Will any of the request-a-cryptids be made?
A: Never know. 😉
43. Q: How are you so dang good at securing partnerships?
A: I’m kind but firm, and I make our partners a lot of money.
44. Q: Any word on something special/promo for the Rudy Black Friday kit?
A: Totally up to him, print times don’t allow a promo to be made unfortunately.
45. Q: If you emailed about helping with promo scavenger hunt and didn’t get a reply, does that mean you missed the cut?
A: Not at all. 🙂
46. Q: Bit of a fun one, what is one thing that you would do differently after you’ve experienced everything up until now?
A: Better bot protection early on.
47. Q: When will we find out if we were selected to help with the treasure hunt?
A: January.
48. Q: When will we find out the timing of the NFT drop?
A: Video and website to be released soon.
49. Q: Was the Brilliant Aura box limited to 2,500?
A: Yes.
50. Q: You asked for volunteers, what’s going to stop them from keep in card for the treasure hunt?
A: Legal stuff.

51. Q: Are toys/figures coming out soon?
A: Yes.
52. Q: Is there any talk in the MetaZoo headquarters about a mobile MetaZoo game just like Pokémon GO?
A: Yes.
53. Q: Is MSRP same for Nightfall 2nd edition?
A: Yes.
54. Q: Will we be able to stock MetaZoo plush in UK or will it be Walmart exclusive to begin with?
A: Let’s see.
55. Q: Anything cool going to be at Cryptid Con this weekend?
A: Everything.
56. Q: Are you expanding North American/Canada specific distributors?
A: Not yet.
57. Q: Will the genesis NFTs ever be recreated, or will they remain at their current rarity?
A: Never recreated.
58. Q: Any chance we could see a preview of the video game soon? Perhaps a character sprite?
A: You’ve already seen a few.
59. Q: Will there be Hodag sweatshirt soon?
A: There will be a Hodag sweatshirt very, very soon. – Answered by Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)
A2: Ugly ones sooner. – Michael Waddell
60. Q: What are we going to do to stop the scallopers? (Spelling matters!)
A: Sea or bay?

61. Q: Has your annual pay roll for all MZ employees exceeded 1 Million yet?
A: Yes.
A2: We have over 30 employees.
62. Q: Are there any other first edition sets that are still to come?
A: Oh yes, every set will have a 1st edition.
63. Q: Has Nintendo ever contacted you guys?
A: No, but we are talking with Sega.
64. Q: Will all sample cards be redeemable for a future NFT of it? My fav is Fright Night and might be complex.
A: Maybe.
A2: To clarify a bit, Fright Night is a halloween promo, not a sample. – Answered by Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)
65. Q: What do the MetaZoo team want for Xmas? Will you be doing a charity drive like a animal rescue donation or similar?
A: I will be volunteering.
66. Q: How is the quality of the official MetaZoo sleeves?
A: Dope AF.
67. Q: MetaZoo is taking over my life, and I’m ok with it.
A: Same.
68. Q: With print time being so limited and in demand, several TCG’s have started to invest in/build their own print facilities (ready in a couple years). Is this something that MetaZoo is looking into as well?
A: Yes.
69. Q: What kind of pie do you eat on Thanksgiving?
A: Cream.
We can’t go a full MetaZoo Hour without a food-related question, haha. – MetaZoo HQ
70. Q: Can you please talk to my wife…
A: Already have her number I’ll shoot her a text.

71. Q: Is there a limit of one NFT per person on the 29th?
A: Yes.
72. Q: When does the Christmas promos get sent?
A: Early Dec.
73. Q: Who’s the one person that blew your mind when they said they were into MetaZoo?
A: Some of the NFL and NBA players I talk to.
74. Q: Hotel/Resort plans?
A: 2025
75. Q: Do you have any plans to get into the crypto market? Like creating your own MetaZoo Token?
76. Q: When can I get my MetaZoo Squonk Happy Meal?
A: Extra bag to deal with the drip.
77. Q: What’s your perfect Sunday?
A: Afternoon movie theater.
78. Q: What does MetaZoo think about Wiki like websites and do you approve of them as community based?
A: Would love to see a Bulbapedia for MetaZoo.
79. Q: What was your first Pokémon game? Red? Blue?
A: Blue.
80. Q: Can we get roles for the other Genesis NFTs?
A: It’s been announced that probably won’t happen, sorry! – Answered by Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)

81. Q: Any plans for staking or play-to-earn games with the NFTs?
A: More like an ID you show.
82. Q: Will the NFTs be reusable for early access or once you use it once they will be gone?
A: Not one time use.
83. Q: NFT?
A: Can still get on wl? gm.
84. Q: Can you give us a hint for Black Friday?
A: There will be a sale.
85. Q: Any updates on fan art packs?
A: Q2 2022.
86. Q: I need some MetaZoo themed pens and pencils for my daily paperwork. I’d love to see this on the MetaZoo marketplace soon.
A: @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast, reach out to Mont Blanc.
87. Q: Regarding a wiki, we have one started over at Looking for users/contributors.
A: Awesome – everyone help.
88. Q: Worldwide RL Treasure Hunt when?
A: Early next year.
89. Q: Are you signing Cryptid Nation Base Set cards at Cryptid Con?
A: No, only nightfall unless you have a coin.
90. Q: Any plans on more content for the MetaZoo YouTube page?
A: @SrSinclair (Digital Media Director)

91. Q: How many tokens can we mint if we have WL and are they going to be through IMX?
92. Q: Besides Grimm’s Kingdom and Yokai Island, what are some names of other places/sets?
A: Yes, 3 other ones.
93. Q: Have you ever played Runescape?
A: Yes back in 2003.
94. Q: Will you join a Florida Con in 2021/2022?
A: We were in Florida in 2021 already. So, probably! – Answered by Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (Head of Product)
95. Q: What makes you smile?
A: Family.
96. Q: Is MetaZoo underwear in the works?
A: Constantly.
97. Q: When will my girl be able to dress up in MetaZoo lingerie!
A: @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast.
98. Q: When does Topps Series 1 release?
A: Call at 3pm with Topps to determine that.
99. Q: Any undisclosed surprises for CN 2nd edition?
A: 🙂
100. Q: Where can I reach out to make a partnership proposal with MetaZoo?
A: @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast.

101. Q: MetaZoo ponchos?
102. Q: Any hint of when a MetaZoo video game will be released? Sometime 2023?
A: 2023.
103. Q: What type of video game would it be tho?
A: 16-bit RPG.
104. Q: Will there be a Princess Fiona card featuring your pooch?
A: Maybe one day. 🙂
105. Q: Chapter 2 1st print comic… print run?
A: 5k.
106. Q: when you say Europe distribution do you mean UK or all of EU?
107. Q: (Regarding 16-bit RPG) MMO or good old fashioned by yourself kind?
A: MMO if we can.
108. Q: Will the Genesis NFTs allow for transfer of ownership that retains the same benefits as the original owner?
A: As in can you sell a genesis NFT and still get all the benefits? No.
109. Q: Mike, since nobody asked, how you doing?
A: Hungry.
110. Q: (Regarding NFTs) Would the benefits transfer over to its new owner?
A: Yes.

111. Q: Will Spellbooks be in Walmart?
A: LGS exclusive, BBs too.
112. Q: if EU deal gets delayed, is there backup plan?
A: Working on it.
113. Q: Any idea if samples will be single use or able to be reused for admittance to the unannounced special events?
A: Like an ID card.
114. Q: Are you currently or have already created a storyboard for the TV show?
A: Yes.
115. Q: How soon till I can buy more cards from MetaZoo Marketplace?
A: Soon.
116. Q: Live action TV show, would you cast Steve Carrell as Indrid Cold, or too old now?
A: Mr. Bean as Indrid Cold.
117. Q: Any big name streetwear collabs for 2022?
A: Dim Mak continues.
118. Q: Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?
A: Star Trek.
119. Q: So the print one for 1st Ed Comics: 1k, 5k, 10k for each chapter respectfully?
A: Yes, 10k will be the standard now.
120. Q: What genre of music do you listen to most?
A: Lil Nas right now, Taylor’s new drops are hitting it for me too.

121. Q: Any idea yet what the 2nd edition print run will be for comics going forward?
A: 25k.
122. Q: I ordered a hoodie from Red Bubble long ago before the marketplace was more functional. How many do you think were made?
A: Print to order.

Michael Waddell at 12:51pm EST:
Okay everyone, have to go! thanks so much. 🙂

A grand total of an impressive 122 questions were answered this fine Wednesday afternoon! This list just seems to be growing every new MetaZoo Hour. Well, this concludes what we’ve learned from the November 17th, 2021 MetaZoo Hour!

We will continue to summarize all MetaZoo Hours going forward, so be sure to sign up to the MetaZoo HQ notifications to stay in the loop! Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone! 🙂