MetaZoo Hour Summary • Nov. 24, 2021 • 78 Questions

On Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at 1:04PM EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another highly anticipated MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

The 78 questions were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated. They are in the order that they were received.

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Without further ado, here’s what we’ve learned from the November 24th MetaZoo Hour! Italics notes added by MetaZoo HQ / All grammar in initial messages corrected for better clarity.

Michael Waddell at 1:04PM EST:
@everyone It is now MetaZoo Hour, turkey edition! Ask me anything.

1. Q: What are you thankful for?
A: The MetaZoo community
2. Q: Any information about minting multiple NFTs on the 29th?
A: Genesis owners can mint 2, whitelist can mint 1.
3. Q: When will George (compete sports) be direct?
A: He’s a partner, yes.
4. Q: Favorite video game of all time?
A: DAOC (Dark Age of Camelot) for the memories.
5. Q: Any news on what’s occurring at ECCC this year in terms of MetaZoo?
A: Uncut.
6. Q: Hi! I’m a Genesis NFT owner. Do I need to get evidence to you?
A: We got the addresses from mintable and opensea.
7. Q: Is there a Cryptid Pokédex equivalency, and can it get a physical form one day?
A: The codex.
8. Q: Any word on CGC grading company?
A: Grading a big big card right now.
9. Q: Will Genesis NFT edition numbers matter? Example, having edition No. 1 of 25?
A: Not for this drop.
10. Q: Any plans on coming to California?
A: For Christmas.

11. Q: Are there going to be more secret rare type cards added to future sets outside of the 1/100s?
A: Who knows!
12. Q: Can you give us an approximate release date for pre-sales?
A: Roadmap releases on Friday (Nov. 26, 2021).
13. Q: When are we going to meet you in the UK?
A: Might get an apartment there soon for funsies.
14. Q: So are non-Genesis WL confirmations finished?
A: Yus.
15. Q: Will Cryptid Nation 2nd edition be sold at Emerald City Comic Con?
A: C2E2.
16. Q: When MetaZoo Monopoly!?
A: Every day!
17. Q: Do you see MZ exploring rare alternate color beasties in the game? (ie. Shinies)
A: Maybe!
18. Q: When will we see another competitive event?
A: 100k tournament in Q1 2022.
19. Q: Were silver sample packs guaranteed to be full holo?
A: I’m not going to answer this for you and speculate on whether or not a sample pack you got on the secondary market was resealed.
20. Q: Please share any details about sapphire Collab with Topps.
A: I was instructed no to just yet.

21. Q: Do you have to pre-qualify for the 100k or will it be open to the public?
A: Prequalify through playing at LGSs. Not online.
22. Q: When is the animated series or movie coming?
A: 2022/2023.
23. Q: Do you see a day where you may have a set/mini release that has a different art style?
A: Yes, Aoki.
24. Q: Will there be a public mint for upcoming NFTs?
A: Yes, of course. As we’ve mentioned from the beginning, there will be a public minting of the coin NFTs.
25. Q: Pin Club is doing NFTs now. Any plans to collab with them for a MetaZoo launch?
A: 🙂
26. Q: Did you have a good time at Cryptid Con?
A: I was under the weather, but everyone I met was so nice!
27. Q: Will the Genesis NFTs have a tangible card associated with them possibly in the future?
A: In the future maybe!
28. Q: Are medal applications still being sorted?
A: Yup.
29. Q: Will physical coins be given to NFT coin holders?
A: Maybe in the future.
30. Q: Southern hobby as a distributor in the future?
A: If they give us good enough terms, lots of people want to be our distributor right now.

31. Q: Any plans for full-art cards in the future? (Besides aura/Terra cards)
A: Not likely for a long time. Gotta keep things looking vintage. 😉
32. Q: What items specifically will be available in retail locations like Walmart?
A: Exclusive products!
33. Q: Any plans for an Invisible Man card?
A: Owned by Warner Bros I believe.
34. Q: Can you verify that Christmas promos will start shipping in the next couple of weeks?
A: Yup!
35. Q: My walled ID submitted on the whitelist was compromised. Any way you can help me get this changed?
A: Considering there are thousands of people on the whitelist, we can’t accommodate bespoke requests like this.
36. Q: When do you think a reserved list may come out?
A: Wilderness.
37. Q: Patron medals still shipping?
A: Always email again.
38. Q: Are you going to have cameos in your series/movies like Stan Lee?
A: Maybe. 🙂
39. Q: Can we still apply for Diplomat medals? Or have they all been allocated?
A: They have all been allocated.
40. Q: Regarding Staff promos, how will those work long term? At some point will you switch to 2nd edition? If so, can you share print run of 1st edition?
A: Since those are more internal, most likely not.

41. Q: Is the NFT video dropping Friday too?
A: No NFT video, website will be sufficient we believe.
42. Q: How many whitelist places was there?
A: Thousands, but still plenty for public auction.
43. Q: For upcoming sets, do you believe booster box sizes/dimensions will remain the same?
A: Always.
44. Q: Will we see the KS barcodes come back to cards anytime soon?
A: No, those are unique to KS.
45. Q: Has CGC confirmed grading of MetaZoo yet?
A: Oh yes, coming very close to a huge announcement.
46. Q: What will you do if you produce too much TCG products and the market doesn’t absorb it?
A: Have something in stock for more than 30 seconds.
47. Q: When are we getting another Wilderness sneak peek? – MetaZoo HQ
A: Next week!
48. Q: MetaZoo soundtrack?
A: Dropping next week.
49. Q: Any chance there will be another KS set?
A: Playing cards on Kickstarter Q1 2022.
50. Q: Are autograph signings of Cryptid Nation finished?
A: Not unless you have a coin for me.

51. Q: Any plans for a MetaZoo x Craft Beer collab?
A: Already being discussed.
52. Q: I noticed the small credits text on the card became less sharp on Nightfall release. Any plans to increase printing resolution for the cards?
A: No, we are going to be decreasing quality over time. – Of course this is a joke.
53. Q: Any Black Friday sale going up on the market place?
54. Q: Any upcoming products aimed at a younger demo for me to sell my kids on?
A: Chibi mini set 2022.
55. Q: How can we be a better part of the community? How can we help the project?
A: Be a kind member of the community and contribute to it in your own special way.
56. Q: Do you have any plans to release any other Holiday Promo sets like Halloween/Christmas, or sticking with these two for now? – MetaZoo HQ
A: Valentine’s Day, St. Patty’s, etc..
57. Q: Can you please confirm the print runs of fan art illustrator medal, both the winner and non-winner versions?
A: Rarer than sample cards.
58. Q: Any chance at the other distributors carrying the comics? Or comic displays for stores?
A: big plans for the illustrated story… and the comics. 😉
59. Q: What will you be selling at Emerald City Comic Con?
A: A very cheap, very accessible how-to-play kit will be released in 2022.
60. Q: When will we start seeing the first 4th wall products, like playmats and deck boxes that give effects?
A: Before Wilderness we’ll see some more of this stuff. 🙂  – Chaos Crystal Enthusiast, MetaZoo Games Head of Product

61. Q: How often do you dream about MZ apexing to radiate throughout the digital & physical landscape to become a household name in order to have every MZ cryptid defeat the actual cryptid in SEO?
A: I have nightmares about it failing for silly reasons like the booster boxes melting in transit for some reason.
62. Q: Has it surprised you at all just how fast you’ve gotten to where you are?
A: Not with a community like this behind us – that’s the honest answer.
63. Q: Any way to make binders with some kind of holo foiling on them ya think? Would be cool
A: @Chaos Crystal Enthusiast (MetaZoo Games Head of Product) let’s talk to legion about this for Wilderness.
64. Q: I was curious if MetaZoo website creators could also sign up for a “Content Creator Medal” or is this video only? – MetaZoo HQ
A: Crafter medal seems more appropriate given the effort you’ve put in.
MZHQ: This was insanely exciting for me to read. I will forever treasure this card if I do end up getting it! 😍
65. Q: Will the community get early opportunities to invest into the MetaZoo games company?
A: When we IPO.
66. Q: How about a MetaZoo Advent calendar next year that has random coins, pins, etc?
A: 🙂
67. Q: Do you keep at least one of everything sealed for your own personal collection?
A: Not really, I give it mostly away to staff and keep some for giveaways at the warehouse.
68. Q: Any sneak peek on the Christmas promo cards?
A: Next week, right now we are super focused on the NFT launch!
69. Q: What else might be on the road map for future goals?
A: We have so, so much planned.
70. Q: Regarding the NFTs, can we get to choose which coin to get if available or will it be random?
A: Sequenced… so FCFS.

71. Q: With the 50k Nightfall release in USA, will more be produced for EU and AUS?
A: No. Not first edition.
72. Q: Does Guinness have a world record for the TCG with the fastest selling wrapping paper?
A: Wasn’t just speed, we probably sold more wrapping paper in a day than any company ever.
73. Q: Instead of a Rudy promo when we getting a Mike promo?
A: Topps!
74. Q: Are the Xmas promos a limited production run? Can you disclose the print number?
A: It was for sale for about 8 hours.
75. Q: What do you do with the leftover convention promos?
A: @TexasTed (Head of Events & Social Outreach, MetaZoo Games) uses them to line his walls.
76. Q: Can NFT buyers on the WL get another NFT at public release?
A: I believe so.
77. Q: Which is your personal favorite from the Pin Club collab?
A: Babe is bae.
78. Q: I was curious if you guys noticed Dspirits using the same holo foil as Cryptid Nation?
A: Copying is the best form of flattery.

Michael Waddell at 1:57PM EST:
Alright everyone, thanks so much!
Enjoy your thanksgiving. 🙂

This concludes what we’ve learned from the November 24th, 2021 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 78 questions were answered this afternoon.

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