MetaZoo Hour Summary • Nov. 28, 2021 • 160 Questions

On Sunday, November 28th, 2021 at 12:31PM EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another highly anticipated MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

The 160 questions were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated. They are in the order that they were received.

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Without further ado, here’s what we’ve learned from the November 28th MetaZoo Hour! Italics notes added by MetaZoo HQ, and grammar in some messages was corrected for clarity.

Michael Waddell at 12:31PM EST:
@everyone It is now MetaZoo Hour! Ask me anything in 📝-metazoo-chat

1. Q: Will there be another stab at the whitelist for the next set of NFTs?
A: For the next NFT launch, yes. Likely going to be a digital version of the game with the cards as NFTs.
2. Q: Is Victor Larson still lead artist also?
A: Nope! Kris has taken on that role and Vic will continue to be one of our artists 🙂
3. Q: Is MetaZoo working towards an eventual IPO?
A: Yes!
4. Q: What is the print run of the promo card Dinged Dingbelle?
A: 10k
5. Q: Will there be MetaZoo ornaments?
A: 2022/2023 🙂
6. Q: What day will Walmart be releasing 2nd edition of Cryptid Nation?
7. Q: When can I submit my job application?
8. Q: Has the artist lineup been finalized for C2E2?
9. Q: How many Rudy Nightfall promos were printed?
A: That’s for him and him alone to reveal
10. Q: Any plans for events/cons in the south east?
A: Dragon con or something like that is on the docket.
11. Q: I understand to get Dinged Dingebelle your stuff must come damaged, but how many times before I get it?
A: You’ll have to contact your LGS regarding that.
12. Q: When was the exact day you had the thought about MagiCast back in 2016?
A: July 2016 while I was doing neutron physics research at ORNL.
13. Q: Will the utility or use of them be the same regardless of design?
A: Same utility.
14. Q: Who is allowed to purchase 2 NFTs as opposed to just 1?
A: Genesis NFT holders.
15. Q: Can you buy a Genesis NFT now if you are on WL and still have the ability to mint 2?
A: No, the whitelist and the amount that can be purchased by each wallet address is set in stone now.
16. Q: How does one go about becoming a playtester?
A: Each set we will open up applications for playtesting.
17. Q: So if we can’t get an NFT is there still a chance to obtain future products like the Dimmak shirts?
A: Yes!
18. Q: Will the cartoon animation look like OG Pokemon, newer animation styles, or do you have something unique in mind?
A: Cartoon animation.
19. Q: When are we getting new backpacks?
A: There are backpacks live right now! In February we will be releasing a dragon set of backpacks.
20. Q: What character will be made into a mascot costume first?
A: Bigfoot, Loveland..

21. Q: When are you coming out to Los Angeles?
A: Wednesday 😛
22. Q: Is Rudy in possession of the Christmas Rudy promos?
A: Not yet, they get sent out next week to him.
23. Q: Did you have a good Thanksgiving?
A: Broke my keto diet and still feel a bit salty about it
24. Q: I remember you were working with PSA to get official release sketch cards gradeable. Any news on that?
A: Not yet! Soon.
25. Q: Will the collab with Dimmak be sold on the MetaZoo market place?
A: Through Dimmak’s website.
26. Q: Is there an OpenSea link for you guys previous projects?
A: Not an official one, the drop tomorrow will have an official opensea collection page released during the drop.
27. Q: Do you mind people sharing the copies of NFTs, so videos or gif copies, not the official NFT?
A: Go for it.
28. Q: We have several output deals with various studios. How can we talk animated series?
A: Reach out to me directly.
29. Q: What if I got damaged stuff from MZ marketplace? Haven’t gotten a Dinged Dingebelle from my replacement.
A: It’s an LGS exclusive.
30. Q: I’m selling my house to buy more MetaZoo.
A: Dollhouse I hope
31. Q: Will you put serialized MetaZoo cards in first edition boxes in the future?
A: Yes.
32. Q: Do the genesis NFT have the same utility as the new token NFTs?
A: That, and a few other things we have planned.
33. Q: Any recommendations for players who’s LGS aren’t doing anything to build the MetaZoo community and are only interested in selling product? If they aren’t hosting locals how would we be able to qualify for the 100k?
A: Working on an answer to this.
34. Q: How soon could we see a chrome type card set released?
A: Q3 2022.
35. Q: Fan art packs?
A: Q2 2022.
36. Q: What is the price of NFTs for WL?
A: 0.1eth.
37. Q: Is MetaZoo planning to mint more NFT Tokens in the future or this is a one time release? Not saying that MetaZoo won’t release other official NFTs but asking specifically about the tokens.
A: Our digital game will involve NFTs.
38. Q: I’m incredibly psyched to hunt cards in locations with cryptid sightings in the near future. Any tips for preparation?
A: Wear proper clothes.
39. Q: Back in 2016, Pokémon Go was a phenomenon. Do you think it had a huge influence with MetaZoo?
A: 1000000%
40. Q: Has there been an application for playtesting wilderness yet?
A: About 2 months ago – UFO is your next best bet!

41. Q: Will I receive my Christmas wrapper in time for Christmas in Australia?
A: Australia, hard to know with your post.
42. Q: Will MetaZoo be participating in any of the conventions in California anytime soon?
A: Yes.
43. Q: Will you put printing plates in packs?
A: Never.
44. Q: Can I specifically choose an error token over another type of token when they go live on Monday?
A: No, it’s sequences in blocks of tokens.
45. Q: Do you resonate more with Santa or Indrid cold?
A: Indrid.
46. Q: Will the digital game allow us to trade our virtual cards with other online players?
A: Yes.
47. Q: How do I make my father proud of me?
A: Be kind to those around you.
48. Q: Are there enough NFTs to go around for all whitelisters? Or is it going to be a mad dash?
A: There’s enough.
49. Q: What challenges do you foresee with MZ in 2022?
A: Meeting demand.
50. Q: On your busiest day, how many phone calls do u make?
A: 5-10.
51. Q: What’s the next collab we don’t know about?
A: It will be squishy.
52. Q: If MetaZoo ever gets an animated show, what channel or streaming service would you find most ideal?
A: Netflix. I’ll be happy with any AAA streaming service.
53. Q: MetaZoo companion app for life calculations/dice rolls/coin flips?
A: Soon.
54. Q: Loveland Frog statue fountain at the MetaZoo Mansion?
A: I’ll just buy the loveland castle haha.
55. Q: How soon until we see a MetaZoo Go type game and will we see that type of game before an online TCG style game?
A: 2022/2023 I might just program it myself.
56. Q: Will Rose be in Wilderness? If not what caster(s) will be?
A: Yes.
57. Q: Have you ever thought about launching MetaZoo into space?
A: 🙂
58. Q: What percentage of the MetaZoo NFT project would you say we have seen so far?
A: Overall? 5-10% of what we have planned for 2022.
59. Q: Will EU likely get a later wave of CN2?
A: Yes.
60. Q: Where do we find the playtesting applications when they come out?
A: It will be announced.

61. Q: Any plans for Cyber Monday deals since there was nothing for Black Friday or does the previous announcement still stand?
A: Tomorrow we will be releasing NFT-related merch.
62. Q: Will we see so icy squonk this Christmas season?
A: Blow your nose in a blizzard.
63. Q: Will MetaZoo be translated regionally in the EU?
A: No, not for 2022.
64. Q: What about maybe 1/1 sketch cards in packs? Will glow in the dark stuff be normal or just a 1 time thing?
A: Maybe for a set in the future.
65. Q: Will there be an opportunity to buy Pin Club x Nightfall in the future?
A: Maybe at a convention.
66. Q: Chapter 4 release date?
A: Late December.
67. Q: Will packs ever contain numbered cards?
A: Yes.
68. Q: Can MetaZoo keep the hype train going forever?
A: Just have to keep innovating. Then it’s not hype, it’s company policy.
69. Q: What are you most excited for in the near future with MetaZoo?
A: The illustrated story/game/show.
70. Q: Plans to continue the “god pack” and/or autos in future products?
A: Secret at this point.
71. Q: Are we gonna see the card layout change again in Wilderness and will we be able to see the status effect icon this time?
A: Yes.
72. Q: will the whitelist open again in the future?
A: For other drops.
73. Q: What will happen first, the Blue Ink or Annabelle Card?
A: Blue ink? Never heard of that. 🙂
74. Q: Release date for CN 2nd Ed?
A: All throughout December, Jan, Feb.
75. Q: The phone call with Topps the other week, how’d it go? Any details you can reveal on Topps Series 1? – MetaZoo HQ
A: They told me I can’t say anything just yet. 🙂
76. Q: Disregarding lore, is Magic the gathering better with or without Planeswalkers?
A: Too much of a crutch at this point. Too much of a functional focal point.
77. Q: Any more hints in Christmas promos? Anything New Years related?
A: Few surprises in store for you. 🙂
78. Q: Will the UFO booster box have any special like glow in dark, etc.?
A: Oh yes, will have some special stuff!
79. Q: What was your favorite card game growing up?
A: Pokémon.
80. Q: Will there be gameplay at ECCC ?
A: We will have tables for casual play and learning.

81. Q: How many X-mas cards are there?
A: 10+.
82. Q: Will booster box MSRP ever be $99.99 for any future sets?
A: For the mini sets, this is what we are targeting.
83. Q: Full holo divider? Golden ticket or just a card to throw away?
A: We don’t make mistakes – we just have happy accidents.
84. Q: Has the Pokémon Company already realized that MetaZoo will be a huge competitor – or no contact yet?
A: No comment.
85. Q: If you were to pick one of the upcoming NFT drops, which would you go after?
A: All of them.
86. Q: Will we ever have a chance to win playtester cards?
A: Not from the company directly.
87. Q: Will different wallet addresses see different NFTs at different times during the sale tomorrow? Or does everyone see the same options at the same time?
A: Same time.
88. Q: With the way the card market is going especially in regards to sports, do you see going into talks with fanatics as well?
A: We’ve spoken to them at depth.
89. Q: Will there be other ways to get products early or for discount, besides this NFT drop?
A: Yes.
90. Q: Do you have any samples left for any sort of promotions in future?
A: Very unlikely, but possible. We take the sample space very seriously. We would never, for instance, be caught printing a “second print run” of sample cards.
91. Q: Are you working with anyone for the environment movement so we can enjoy MetaZoo for generations to come?
A: Yes.
92. Q: Definition of mini set, like a regular card set but very limited number of cards?
A: Like 70-90 cards like a chibi set.
93. Q: Any news coming soon for Patreons?
A: If you liked Patreon, get in on the NFTs.
94. Q: Would you guys ever consider hiring a blockchain developer to be a part of the MetaZoo team?
A: We might want one in house, but right now we have vast resources available to us via Aoki.
95. Q: What other new TCGs look good to you (Kickstart or a year or so old)?
A: MetaZoo.
96. Q: Favorite band/music artist?
A: Love billie and lil nas x right now. Joji is my fav right now.
97. Q: What are YOU most excited for regarding MetaZoo in the not-too-distant future?
A: Writing more.
98. Q: Is there a limit to how many NFT’s whitelisters can buy? Is it different from Genesis holders?
A: Very different. 1 for white list, 2 for genesis holders.
99. Q: Would you consider hiring writers to assist with the graphic novel? Or is the vision too pure for more cooks in the kitchen
A: Eventually we will invite other writers to participate in the MetaZoo written universe, like Marvel and DC.
100. Q: Is there a plan for any kind of food related stuff. IE pop up cryptic restaurants in locations of the cryptics?
A: Talking to the largest candy manufacturer in the US this week.

101. Q: Would you guys be willing to do a nationwide Pop Up tour so that some of us can get stuff in state and not have to travel specifically for ComicCon events to try to get products?
A: Like me in a MetaZoo bus driving around handing out cards? Could be fun.
102. Q: Are MetaZoo Kickstarter coins only ever going to be worth an autograph?
A: Have other plans for them.
103. Q: Are Prototype Cards still planned to be exchanged for coins?
A: Yes.
104. Q: When is the Dbruze shirts shipping?
A: This week/next week. I know they are late, I apologize, Dbruze is working his butt off to get them sent.
105. Q: What kind of NFT merch are we going to see?
A: Thinking beanies with embroidered coins.
106. Q: Can we still buy the first NFTs coins if we messed up on the whitelist?
A: Yes there will be a public sale.
107. Q: Any ETA on first mini set?
A: KS in Jan/Feb.
108. Q: Is there any benefit to owning more than one NFT coin?
A: Looking into making them stack.
109. Q: When are we getting a Gumberoo and Roperite holo foil?
A: Maybe with their plush.
110. Q: Will there be a 1 of 1 Mike card in the Topps set?
A: */10 signed by me.
111. Q: MetaZoo coming back to the east coast?
A: I’m moving back to NYC, can’t stand waking up at 5am west coast, getting to work at 6am, and it’s already 9am in NYC.
112. Q: How many sets are planned for 2022 at the moment?
A: 3 core sets, 2 mini.
113. Q: Are their any kits or promotional material content creators can have to help promote the game on their media like media kits?
A: Yes, reach out to
114. Q: What would you like to see more of from the community? – MetaZoo HQ
A: More kindness and helping each other out, especially with all the newcomers we anticipate.
115. Q: So like more hoodies in the future yea?
A: It’s hoodies all the way down.
116. Q: The actual real coin that was made are the same value of the NFT in the Future?
A: We are going to have copper, silver, and gold investment grade coins in the very near future.
117. Q: What do you do with the left over convention promos?
A: Ted (MetaZoo Head of Events & Social Outreach) puts them in his bicycle spokes
118. Q: is the NFT/digital space going to become a super large portion of MetaZoo or will the focus remain the TCG? Will those that do not have a deep desire to participate in digital collecting be left out of things or what’s your vision?
A: We are developing into a multimedia franchise. NFTs are going to be one of our 56 projected verticals by end of 2022.
119. Q: Are those coins independent of the NFT coins, a separate project?
A: Oh yes, but NFTs will get you early access.
120. Q: Are you buzzing for tomorrow?
A: I’m nervous but excited. I want to do right by the community, as with any drop.

121. Q: Any info about if digital pack ripping is in work?
A: Yes, speaking to a company about this right now.
122. Q: Will NFTs become a sort of yearly subscription?
A: These tokens will be the only 5000 tokens with this function.
123. Q: I work for Coca Cola. Do you want MetaZoo to be on Coca Cola cans?
A: Yes, if you can set up a call.
124. Q: When does the preorder for the plushies come out?
A: December.
125. Q: Will there be any set in the future that will have a print run as low as Cryptid Nation or Nightfall?
A: Special premium sets, maybe. But the idea of having only 50k of each SKU as we enter into Walmart, Target, and GameStop is crazy.
126. Q: Book recommendation?
A: Wind, Sand, and Stars.
127. Q: Any details about MetaZoo getting involved with ‘a really fun co’? – MetaZoo HQ
A: Twisting their arm, almost like that fun co doesn’t like money.
128. Q: After the 5000 tokens, what’s next for NFTs?
A: Digital card NFTs for digital play.
129. Q: How quickly will folks realize the value of a NFT coin purchase?
A: Mid-December.
130. Q: When will y’all be in Texas 2022 at all?
A: Going to be in Dallas and Houston a few times next year.
131. Q: Will the Genesis NFT’s be considered as a proxy or ‘sample’ for the digital NFT cards?
A: That’s for the market to determine.
132. Q: Ultra pro deck cases?
A: Legion.
133. Q: Can we get some Funko Pops please!?
A: Working on it.
134. Q: What’s that treasure hunt think you mentioned before?
A: 1/1 cards hidden around the US in cryptid specific locations. Actual card, very well protected.
135. Q: MetaZoo x McDonald’s anytime soon?
A: Working on it.
136. Q: Any plans to bring yourself and the team over to the UK/Europe for signings and shenanigans?
A: 2022/2023 for sure.
137. Q: Any plans to come to Canada; specifically Vancouver area?
A: @TexasTed (MetaZoo Head of Events & Social Outreach)
138. Q: Do you ever have to turn your back on very lucrative opportunities because it ‘sells out’ or cheapens the validity of the MetaZoo product?
A: Constantly.
139. Q: Will the future in-game NFT cards feature the 16-bit NFT artwork on them?
A: They will be similar to arena cards in MTG.
140. Q: If I search for the Wendigo Card and get eaten will you speak at my funeral?
A: Aoki can DJ at it.

141. Q: What are the chances of getting a mini expansion or promo cards, where the illustrated beasties are jumping out of their actual photographed locations? 
A: Definitely an interesting idea.
142. Q: Will 2 mints for NFTs whitelisted people be first come first serve?
A: First come first serve.
143. Q: When will 2nd edition be sold on the marketplace?
A: 12/31 to NFT token holders.
144. Q: Is blue ink 1st or 2nd edition?
A: Almost got me.
145. Q: When is the public release date for Dimmack?
A: Late-December.
146. Q: Why is Grim Reaper’s Birthday April 1st 1842? I can’t find any historical significance to that date.
A: Keep looking.
147. Q: Does that mean CN2E won’t drop until the new year?
A: We have some being sold at MSRP at C2E2.
148. Q: Mike are you sure you aren’t in Human Resources? You continue to answer some of the same questions over and over again with a smile lol.
A: I am actually a sentient AI built by Mike in early March. Mike is currently in Hawaii.
149. Q: I have coins that I have been collecting since the Comic Con colorful ones but will they be worth anything in the future
A: I can’t tell you what the market will value them at, but they will have a function.
150. Q: As print run numbers continue to climb due to demand & distribution expanding, do you see secret rare cards being distributed at higher counts than only ~100? – MetaZoo HQ
A: What secret rares?
151. Q: What new beastie are you most excited for to come out the Wilderness set?
A: Some chibi ones are super cute.
152. Q: Any Cyber Monday deals?
A: Just the NFT merch drop.
153. Q: If there ever is another Rudy card, does this sound reasonable? Pump and Dump: Double the attack power, discard after turn.
A: Clever, going to steal this.
154. Q: What was the last video game you played?
A: Mordhau.
155. Q: What do you want for Christmas?
A: Some leather bound books to read/smell.
156. Q: Is the NFT merch only available for NFT holders tomorrow? Or public?
A: Public.
157. Q: Tolarian community college still a thing?
A: Yes.
158. Q: Do you have a PO Box so we can ship you a Christmas gift?
A: Please don’t send me anything, donate to a shelter or a drive.
159. Q: What was the thinking behind changing the theme deck box size for NF?
A: More book like.
160. Q: Is it weird us grown men love the cutie chibis lol?
A: Heck no, it’s legit.

Michael Waddell at 1:32PM EST:
Alright everyone! Phew that was a good one. Thanks for all the amazing questions. 🙂

This concludes what we’ve learned from the November 28th, 2021 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 160 questions were answered this afternoon.

We will continue to summarize all MetaZoo Hours going forward, so be sure to sign up to the MetaZoo HQ notifications to stay in the loop on new summaries and MetaZoo news! Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone! 🙂