MetaZoo Hour Summary • Nov. 3, 2021 • 68 Questions

On November 3rd, 2021, at 12pm EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started another one of his ‘MetaZoo Hours’ on the official MetaZoo Discord channel.

The 68 (Q)uestions were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the (A)nswers all came from Michael Waddell himself.

Without further ado, here is what we’ve learned from that discussion:

  1. Q: Chibi piasa bird?!
    A: Hehe maybe.
  2. Q: When does Chapter 3 of the comic release?
    A: Next few days!
  3. Q: Will there be NFT-related redemptions/releases happening in 2021, or will we have to wait till 2022?
    A: Starts in December.
  4. Q: Will there be a chance to pull NFT cards inside Topps boxes?
    A: Maybe, maybe even core product.
  5. Q: Will you be at Pro TCG in Ft. Worth, TX, or just your team?
    A: I won’t be there, have to go see my cousin’s baby in Arkansas.
  6. Q: Do you guys think you’ll ever be in stores like Walmart?
    A: 1st quarter 2022.
  7. Q: Do I call 1st edition Cryptid Nation base set now that I’m opening Nightfall?
    A: Cryptid Nation base set!
  8. Q: When do binders start shipping?
    A: Next week.
  9. Q: Will Wilderness have another alt art Mothman?
    A: No Mothman in Wilderness, Bigfoot is our mascot.
  10. Q: Will cards be in Walmart stores in Q1 or only other non-TCG products?
    A: Little bit of everything.
  11. Q: What set will Men in Black be in?
    A: UFO, this upcoming July (2022).
  12. Q: Will Cryptid FM ever show up in the comic?
    A: Ha! Yes.
  13. Q: Do we have a release date for Topps Cryptid Nation Series 1 yet?
    A: Art is already done!
  14. Q: Nightfall release was on a full moon. Was that on purpose or a coincidence?
    A: Nothing is on accident!
  15. Q: Will Wilderness have a special foil pattern like Nightfall did?
    A: Yes.
  16. Q: What is your biggest focus right now with how everything has gone July-Oct?
    A: Organized Play. I want a 100k prize pool for our first big tournament.
  17. Q: When are you doing another video with Rudy (Alpha Investments)?
    A: He invited me over for lasagna this month, so we will see.
  18. Q: Is the Christmas bundle going to appear on the marketplace again? I thought we would have more time.
    A: Who knows, depends on how many people cancel!
  19. Q: Any job openings?
    A: Stay tuned!
  20. Q: Do you guys have European distributers or are you still looking? And when can we expect decent prices/MSRP over here?
    A: Looking at working with Asmodee as early as this January.
  21. Q: When are Nightfall theme decks coming out?
    A: Next week.
  22. Q: When will we find out if we are play-testers for Wilderness?
    A: I believe those positions have been filled.
  23. Q: The big tournament… Online or offline?
    A: In person!
  24. Q: Do you plan to keep releasing 1 secret rare card per set, and at the same print run going forward?
    A: That’s a secret.
  25. Q: MetaZoo Tamagochi’s? Keep your cryptid alive for a forth wall effect, care for your Frogman, cheer up your Squonk, etc.
    A: We are reaching out to them.
  26. Q: Thoughts on doing a line with UltraPro?
    A: We want to, but they are at production limits until 2023.
  27. Q: The NFT club still wants to know if the promo cards for them are the same quantity as the mint?
    A: Yes.
  28. Q: Will there be any cryptids like the white owl (lechuza) or la llorona and other Latin America folklore?
    A: LATAM Block eventually.
  29. Q: Space X collab for CN:UFO? Would be a win-win for both companies.
    A: I want to send something into space to promote UFO.
  30. Q: Any cool events planned for museums or exhibits based around cryptids in the game?
    A: 2022 is going to be a big year for that. At Cryptid Con I will be announcing a non-profit in support of these cryptid related cultural outposts.
  31. Q: Any chance for middle eastern cryptids Lile Djinn, Nesnas, Efrit, etc.?
    A: Will eventually be its own block!
  32. Q: When is the 1st set of Pinclub pins mailing out?
    A: Soon!
  33. Q: Mike will you be at Cryptid Con?
    A: Yes!
  34. Q: Will there be a chance to buy Wilderness products direct to consumer? If yes will there be more product available in comparison to Nightfall?
    A: We will have more direct to consumer to ensure MSRP, yes.
  35. Q: What are your thoughts on starting, sponsoring, or partnering with a carbon sequestration/reforestation effort to offset emissions and waste from product creation, shipping, NFTs and the like?
    A: We will be doing this sort of thing with Wilderness!
  36. Q: Is the next NFT release blind style with random rarity characteristics? Eg. we pay to mint/hatch the cryptid and it’s a surprise?
    A: Not the next release, but the one after that.
  37. Q: Any plans on “expansion sets” or keeping the plans of full sets.
    A: There will be minisets in the future.
  38. Q: Will future spellbooks come with Metazoo dice, along with the counters and sleeves?
    A: Working on it!
  39. Q: Will the sets hitting Walmart also be 1st edition (some left over) or all 2nd or unlimited prints?
    A: Exclusives!
  40. Q: When’s the next art contest?
    A: May 2022.
  41. Q: Will there be unique prizes from MetaZoo for winning tournaments at certain LGS stores such as GameKastle in the near future?
    A: There will be prize support, yes.
  42. Q: Will we ever hit a point where 1st edition stops being a thing.
    A: I don’t wanna do that.
  43. Q: Any video game news?
    A: Working on it!
  44. Q: Is there a New Years promo with each Christmas box?
    A: It’s seeded into the packs.
  45. Q: When do you think a Metazoo US/world tourney could happen?
    A: February 2022.
  46. Q: Which product so far left you speechless once it was finished?
    A: One not released yet!
  47. Q: In the interest of cultural relevance, will you be consulting or hiring members of the specific communities in which future sets will be based? i.e. Japanese and Ainu artists/folklorists for Yokai Island, etc.
    A: Yes, we will have consultants.
  48. Q: Give us something to ponder on for the week.
    A: Do you like treasure hunts?
  49. Q: Wilderness holo pattern tease?
    A: In the Christmas promo foil. 😉
  50. Q: Have you considered any sort of card rotation moving into future sets, or do you anticipate keeping cards evergreen?
    A: Evergreen for as long as we can.
  51. Q: Is there plans to make non-holo versions of rare cards from Cryptid Nation in 2nd Edition?
    A: Not 2nd edition, but 3rd if it ever releases.
  52. Q: Any plans for jumbo cards?
    A: Just for funsies.
  53. Q: Any teases for the Netflix show?
    A: Read the comic!
  54. Q: How old are you?
    A: Turned 32 in August.
  55. Q: I’ve experienced rough cut edges on my cards when opening my nightfall booster box?
    A: We are aware of the problem and making extra efforts to avoid it in future print runs.
  56. Q: At any point will future Illustrated Novels become more like an actual comic?
    A: Probably just release a comic version of the story.
  57. Q: Is the randomization being worked on for future print runs?
    A: 100%.
  58. Q: So new story chapter every two weeks?
    A: Yes, but no promises as I’m very busy haha.
  59. Q: Will you be mindful of print levels? Don’t want junk wax era similar to baseball.
    A: Very mindful.
  60. Q: Can you make a calendar?
    A: Advent calendar next year.
  61. Q: When will CGC begin accepting MetaZoo cards for grading?
    A: Very very very soon.
  62. Q: ETA on kindle version of chapter 2?
    A: Today (Nov. 3, 2021)
  63. Q: MetaZoo x Pez?
    A: Working on it.
  64. Q: When can we look forward to official MetaZoo plushies?
    A: Prototypes being made now.
  65. Q: Do you anticipate having a path for younger kids to get into MetaZoo?
    A: We will be releasing a Chibi mini set.
  66. Q: Will you guys make samples for future sets, or was that a one and done thing?
    A: No more samples, ever.
  67. Q: Can you confirm sample cards or NFTs will get their owners into parties or events at some point like a ticket?
    A: Yes.
  68. Q: Is Nightfalls print run exceeding demand?
    A: Demand was more than 10x according to distributors.

Michael Waddell at 12:52pm: Okay thank you everyone! Can’t wait to do this again on Sunday. 🙂

That concludes what we’ve learned from the November 3rd, 2021 MetaZoo Hour!

I will be doing this for every single MetaZoo Hour going forward, so be sure to sign up to the MetaZoo HQ notifications to stay in the loop! 🙂