MetaZoo Hour Summary • Nov. 7, 2021 • 78 Questions

On November 7th, 2021, at 11am EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started another one of his ‘MetaZoo Hours’ on the official MetaZoo Discord channel.

The 78 (Q)uestions were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the (A)nswers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself (unless otherwise stated). They are in the order that they were received.

Starting with this MetaZoo Hour, we’re proudly partnering with fizggig on YouTube who will be providing us with a summarization of every MetaZoo Hour going forward in video format; focusing on the more important and interesting questions from the hour:

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve learned from the November 7th MetaZoo Hour: Anything written in italics was added by MetaZoo HQ.

  1. Q: How many cards in Wilderness?
    A: Around 175.
  2. Q: Will there be any MetaZoo shops in Switzerland?
    A: Good idea! You should set one up haha.
  3. Q: Will the Nightfall theme decks that were delayed be sold in the MetaZoo Marketplace?
    A: Some of them may.
  4. Q: So what’s the big news for the UK?
    A: Distribution.
  5. Q: Any info on timeline & print size for 2nd Edition Cryptid Nation & Nightfall?
    A: December/January for CN2E (Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition)
  6. Q: What was one of the hardest things about getting a TCG up-and-running?
    A: Taking care of the team and community! Lots of responsibility.
  7. Q: Any details on the fan art promo packs? And also when is the comic chapter 3 hitting the marketplace?
    A: Chapter 3 hits this week!
  8. Q: Any more news/teasers about the Kickstarter in January?
    A: Aoki.
  9. Q: Binders were a little pricey. How good is the quality/longevity of them?
    A: Very high quality!
  10. Q: Estimated date and location for Worlds 2022?
    A: Q1 (2022), US, 100k prize pool.
  11. Q: Are you looking for people to help promote in New Jersey?
    A: Always!
  12. Q: What about the fan-made card? When can we get them?
    A: Soon, but we are very busy printing 2nd edition!
  13. Q: When are you aiming to have the treasure hunt kick off?
    A: January.
  14. Q: Are we going to see any more MetaZoo original characters in the next set like Sam Sinclair and Adam Ackler?
    A: Haha of course.
  15. Q: Are you guys still working on a video game? Will it still be targeted for an old school Game Boy?
    A: Talking to a studio this week about it.
  16. Q: Is there a list of documented print errors?
    A: For grading those will be established by the grading company!
  17. Q: Any new news on the Cardass vending machines?
    A: They’re being worked on, but to clarify they’re going to be exclusive to our stores. Not for sale/distribution/etc. – Answered by MetaZoo Games’ Head of Product
  18. Q: Which set will you guys start printing with Cartamundi?
    A: Sometime in 2022. 🙂
  19. Q: Will you guys be doing autographs and taking pictures with fans?
    A: Yes!
  20. Q: Any word on stock of Nightfall in the UK?
    A: 2nd Edition!
  21. Q: Are the metal coins going to turn into a currency system for brick and mortar stores? Eg. Pay with Cryptid Nation coin, get a Wilderness coin in exchange.
    A: Maybe. 🙂
  22. Q: Any idea of the print run on First Anniversary Celebration, and is their intent to reprint it?
    A: Through your LGS!
    Does not answer the question.
  23. Q: Who on staff would be the person to talk to about sponsoring or getting a sanctioned regional tournament set up?
    A: @Kevin C. on Discord.
  24. Q: Logan Paul, when?
    A: 🙂
  25. Q: Will there be any European promos in the near future?
    A: Yes!
  26. Q: Besides the NFT that just sold for $214K, what would be the most pricey MetaZoo item?
    A: The friends we made along the way, they are priceless!
  27. Q: What about Swiss promos?
    A: Ja.
  28. Q: Do you foresee ban list for tournaments?
    A: Cards, not if we can avoid it! People? Maybe haha.
  29. Q: ETA on theme decks on the marketplace?
    A: This week! We want to make sure they get out to distributors and LGS’s first.
  30. Q: Mike will you be at Emerald City Comic Con?
    A: Yes!
  31. Q: Are there any tentative plans to create “core sets” that feature all different folklore without a single unifying theme?
    A: Core sets are.. interesting… but I’m not sure if we need them.
  32. Q: How many NFTs are releasing in the next drop?
    A: 5,000.
  33. Q: Will we see Piasa Bird, Loveland Frogman, Sam Sinclair and the most beautiful beasty the Hopkinsville Goblin in future sets again?
    A: Maybe 🙂
  34. Q: When’s the next time you’re coming back to NYC Mike?
    A: The 10th! I’m in Arkansas now.
  35. Q: Future collaboration you are most excited about??
    A: A collab with a really fun co.
    I’m speculating this may be Funko Pop. – MetaZoo HQ
  36. Q: How many sets do you guys have planned out already?
    A: I have the next 20 years of sets planned out.
  37. Q: Which “legendary” Cryptid in CN or NF is your fav?
    A: HH is really cool!
  38. Q: What are the plans to expand outside of US? Will print runs increase for 1Es or will the 2e’s be the main run for non-US countries?
    A: Stay tuned 😉
  39. Q: Will any future sales on MetaZoo Marketplace be announced ahead of time? Or surprise drops?
    A: Combo of both.
  40. Q: When does Dbruze start shipping?
    A: I think this/next week they start!
  41. Q: More announcements of cons you guys are going to be at soon?
    A: 1 more in December we haven’t announced yet.
  42. Q: How many cryptids are in the next drop?
    A: 0 cryptids 😛
  43. Q: MetaZoo hosting their own convention when?
    A: 2022.
  44. Q: Are the retail drops ETA still on for the first quarter of the new year?
    A: Oh for sure.
  45. Q: It seems like almost daily or weekly that there’s yet another product coming out. From a watches, to t-shirts, to wrapping paper… Will this eventually balance out over the next year, or is the rate of product releases the norm moving forward?
    A: It will likely increase but be more scheduled/standardized.
  46. Q: What set are you most excited about in 2022?
    A: Organized Play!
    Does not answer the question.
  47. Q: Any news for Dimmark shirt drop?
    A: You’re going to love next week!
  48. Q: Can there please be skeletons in every set? I’m a sucker for bone boys.
    A: I like my bone boys too.
  49. Q: Any plans to add a ‘build your own cryptid’ to the game, where you can pick characteristics of popular cryptids, but develop them as your own unique combo?
    A: Like a skin? 🙂
  50. Q: Which artists will be at Cryptid Con and ECCC?
    A: @TexasTed (on Discord – MetaZoo Games Director of Events & Public Relations.)
  51. Q: MZ Christmas Ornaments?
    A: 2023
  52. Q: Were there any other games you’ve played (cards or otherwise) that inspired MetaZoo that are less ubiquitous than Pokémon/Magic/Hearthstone?
    A: DAOC and WOW.
  53. Q: What % of second edition will end up in big box stores?
    A: They will have exclusives…
  54. Q: Will you consider to recruit more different artists and if so, where can someone apply?
    A: We will always be expanding! Right now I think we have our Wilderness artist class all set up.
  55. Q: Do you have ideas you still keep hidden from your team to surprise ’em?
    A: About 80%.
  56. Q: Other than the trading cards, what other MetaZoo collectibles are you most excited about (ie. Plushies, Merch, NFTs, etc.)?
    A: Plushies. NFTs. Jewelry.
  57. Q: How soon will LGS’s be able to order 2nd edition base set?
    A: Very, very soon.
  58. Q: MZ miniatures game or RPG books on the horizon?
    A: Minis are currently being made.
  59. Q: Will there be a way to get 2nd edition base set if you don’t buy from a LGS?
    A: Yes.
  60. Q: How’s your week been Mike?!
    A: Rough but fun.
  61. Q: Are MSRP prices for Nightfall gonna be similar to Cryptid Nation 2nd edition?
    A: Yes.
  62. Q: Anything special going to be inserted in 2nd Ed. like toppers or secret rare?
    A: It’s a secret.

    At this point in the MetaZoo Hour, Michael receives a phone call from business partner Steve Aoki. Michael returns 24 minutes later and does 20 more minutes of Q&A.
  63. Q: Will there be anymore MetaZoo influencer cards like Rudy’s?
    A: Mayyyyybe 🙂
  64. Q: Do we get to redeem a pack each day at MetaZoo events? (1 coin per day for a pack) or is it 1 pack per event?
    A: 1 coin per pack per day!
  65. Q: Will there be a Kinderhook Blob plushie, sweater or merch at some point?
    A: Not a bad idea!
  66. Q: Best way to reach players for live physical game play?
    A: and are a great resource.
  67. Q: What is the reason promo boosters are 5-packs with one card, instead of 1 booster with 5 cards?
    A: Cost and making sure everyone can get a pack instead of just a few.
  68. Q: How do you feel about making some cards of various beasties absolutely yamming on some basketball hoops
    A: Topps.
  69. Q: Do you have a favorite Pokémon?
    A: Mothman.
    Does not answer the question. Funny guy.
  70. Q: Purple or blue holo Mothman? Which is your favorite?
    A: One you haven’t seen yet but will with the pins.
  71. Q: Is Seance the end of the block?
    A: WAR.
  72. Q: What percentage of recycled materials will the Wilderness boxes be made from?
    A: As high as we can get.
  73. Q: Are you partly working on the art of UFO and Ouija sets or just Wilderness?
    A: Wilderness is our main focus for now.
  74. Q: Is WAR the set after Seance, or is there like another year of Cryptid Nation in between?
    A: We will have smaller sets in between.
  75. Q: Will you aim to keep these environmental goal for the following sets after Wilderness?
    A: Yes!
  76. Q: Can we get Nightfall, Wilderness spoiler packs in the online store?
    A: Wilderness will have spoiler packs.
  77. Q: What were some techniques you used to get people interested in MetaZoo during the early days? Do you think using cryptids as the monsters was a big enticement for most people?
    A: I think people love cryptids!!
  78. Q: Nobody’s said anything in a minute… Could be a great time for another teaser.
    A: Dragons.

Michael Waddell at 12:14pm EST:
Okay everyone! Thanks again. Sorry about the pause in the middle! Love you all!

That concludes what we’ve learned from the November 7th, 2021 MetaZoo Hour!

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