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What are Artifact cards?
1st Ed 2021 - Prism Beam Tree Topper - Artifact Ornament - Brunes - 1-5 scan
1st Ed 2021 – Prism Beam Tree Topper – Artifact Ornament – Brunes – 1-5 scan

Artifacts have LP and can be Attacked. Some have Traits, Abilities, and/or Powers.

What are aura cards?
Frost Aura - 8/10 - Poncho
Frost Aura – 8/10 – Poncho

Aura Pages are Fatigued to generate Aura of that specific type and that Aura is used to Contract Pages. You can play any number of Basic Aura Pages in your Spellbook, but Special Aura Pages have their own Spellbook Limit. Destroyed Aura Pages go to the Afterlife.

What are Beastie cards?

3/159 Mothman Holo

The type of Page that represents the various cryptids, monsters, and beings that inhabit the world of MetaZoo. Every time you spend Aura to Contract a Beastie, you Contract a companion into the Arena that does your bidding. Destroyed Beasties go into the owner’s Limbo (unless otherwise stated).

What are Potion cards?

122/163 Unlucky Potion Non Holo

Costing 0 Aura to Contract, these single-use Pages have a similar function to Spells. They have a one-time Effect and are then sent to the Cemetery.

What are Spell cards?
19/163 Divine Covenant Holo
Divine Covenant ▫️ 19/163
▫️ Spell ▫️ Gold
▫️ Full & Non Holo
🎨 Poncho

A type of Page that represents magical abilities conjured by a Caster. Contracting a Spell results in the Spell Page being placed into the Cemetery immediately after it is resolved (unless otherwise stated).

What are terra cards?
Raining - Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition Terra Full Art Boxtopper
Raining – Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition Terra Full Art Boxtopper

A type of Page that represents a type of terrain, an event, or other situation that may trigger the 4th Wall Symbol. While a Terra of a specific type is on the field, the 4th Wall Symbol that shares a name with the Terra is considered active.Β Destroyed Terra Pages go to the Afterlife.

What are token cards?

Nameless Token - Beastie - MetaZoo Nightfall

An item that represents a Page on the field. Tokens are considered Pages for the purposes of targeting with Effects. If a Token does not have a name specified by the Effect that generates it, it has no name. When a token leaves the Arena, it is removed from the game.




MetaZoo TCG - The Battleground
MetaZoo TCG – The Battleground

The Battleground: The entire area in which a match takes place. The Battleground has the following areas:

↳ Spellbook: Your Spellbook is the collection of Pages built before a game begins. This is your primary deck composed of at least 40 Pages. All Pages in your Spellbook must remain face down unless otherwise stated, and you may not look at Pages in your Spellbook unless directed to by the Effect of a Page.

↳ Chapter: Your Chapter is the collection of Pages you have Bookmarked from your Spellbook, and may Contract. Don’t show this to your opponent unless directed to by a Page. The Pages you hold in your hand during the game. Pages may be Contracted from your Chapter. When you Bookmark a Page, it is placed into your Chapter.

↳ Arena: The Arena is the area between Casters’ Spellbook and their Limbo, where Pages are placed when played. Both Players share the Arena, and Pages placed into the Arena enter Fatigued.

↳ Terra Slots: Terra Pages are Contracted into this part of the Arena. Casters share the Terra Slots and are limited to a total of 6 between both of them.

↳ Limbo: When a Beastie or Artifact is Destroyed, it is placed in its Owner’s Limbo.

↳ Cemetery: The area of the Arena where Spells and Potions go once they have been used. Occasionally, due to an Effect, a Beastie or Artifact will also go to the Cemetery. When a Spell or Potion is Contracted, resolve its Effects and place it into its Owner’s Cemetery. Occasionally, Effects may place other Pages into their Owner’s respective Cemetery.

↳ Afterlife: When an Aura or Terra is Destroyed, it is placed in its Owner’s Afterlife. Pages can be placed in the Afterlife under special conditions.

Action: An Action is something a Caster chooses to do during the game, such as Contracting a Page, using an Effect or Power, Declaring an Attack, or moving a Trap Page.

Attack: The bold text on a Beastie Page, followed by a red number and any Effect text listed under it. A Beastie may have more than 1 Attack. You may pick only 1 Attack to use when Attacking with a Beastie.

Awaken: Changing the state of a Page active in the Arena to no longer be Fatigued.

Bookmark: When you take a Page from the top of your Spellbook and add it to your Chapter.

Caster: Each player in the game is a Caster.

Contract: To Contract a Page, you must pay its Aura cost, meet any additional requirements for the Page, and then place it into the Arena.

Damage: Any time a Caster or Page suffers Damage, they lose a number of LP equal to the Damage they received. Damage can also mean the amount of Damage an Attack deals. An Effect that has you lose LP (such as the Poison Effect) or pay LP is not considered Damage.

Destroyed: When a Page is Destroyed, it is removed from the Arena and placed into one of three areas: Beasties and Artifacts are placed in Limbo (unless otherwise stated), Spells and Potions are placed in the Cemetery (unless otherwise stated), and Terra and Aura go to the Afterlife. Some special Effects may call for Pages to be placed in the Afterlife when Destroyed.

Equipment: A Page that attaches itself to another Page in the Arena and grants positive and/or negative Effects. Equipment Pages will have the Equipment Trait.

Fatigued: A Page that is turned 90 degrees to represent being exhausted or having used its functions. A Page cannot be Fatigued again while it is already Fatigued.

Flipped: Effects that resolve after a Page is flipped face-up.

Life-points (LP): The representation of how tough a Page or Caster is. When a Page’s Life-points go to 0, that Page is Destroyed. All Casters start the game with 1000 LP and Pages with LP have it listed. When a Caster’s LP reaches 0, they lose the game. When a Page’s LP reaches 0, it is destroyed.

Page: A MetaZoo card is called a Page.

Power: Represented by a blue oval in the text box on a Beastie’s Page, Powers are skills that can only be activated on your turn (unless otherwise specified) by declaring which Beastie is using which Power on its Page and Fatiguing it.

Side-Deck: A deck of up to 15 Pages that you can use to modify your Spellbook in between games.

Status Effect: A hazardous condition that Beasties, Artifacts, and Casters may suffer from. The Status Effects in MetaZoo are Frozen, Burn, Paralyze, Sleep, Scared, and Confusion.

Terra Bonus: An increase in Damage or LP triggered by your surroundings or a Terra Page. These bonuses are displayed on the left section of a Page. See Terra Bonuses section for more information.

Token: An item that represents a Page on the field. Tokens are considered Pages for the purposes of targeting with Effects. If a Token does not have a name specified by the Effect that generates it, it has no name. When a token leaves the Arena, it is removed from the game.

Trap: A type of Page that has the Trap Trait. See the Trap Pages section for more information.

Trait: Represented by a special symbol on a Page, Traits give your Pages a special edge in combat or other situations. See the Traits section for detailed explanations of each Trait.

Tribe: A Tribe is the collection of Beasties that may be closely related in form, function, or both. (For example, both Napa Rebobs and Bigfoot are in the Tribe β€œBeastie Sasquatch”)




MetaZoo Card Layout Details
MetaZoo Card Layout Details