AUGUST 3, 2022

Added Robo Flowers 09/10, Gowrow 07/10, Rougarou 05/10 & Foo Fighters 09/10 to the Majestic 12 on the [Serialized Cards page] Added Robo Flowers & Rougarou to the secrets section on the [UFO Promos page], as well as the UFO Release Event Medal Created a page for, and added images of the [Supernova 6] Added […]

JULY 30, 2022

Added 2 new interviews done by Mike Waddell on the [Interviews page], now with a total of 20 videos Added Mike Waddell’s 4th signature since the inception of MetaZoo Games to the [Mike’s Signatures FAQ] Added photos of the 10 main beasties from the pre-constructed decks to the [UFO Theme/Release Decks page] Added an awesome […]

JULY 29, 2022

Added photos of 6 of the ‘Partner LGS promos’ to the [Wilderness Promos page] Added the official UFO song to the [MetaZoo Music page]

What were Mike Waddell’s (MetaZoo Games Founder) signatures during each time period?

Mike Waddell changed his signature at least 4 times since the inception of MetaZoo Games. It started off back in mid-2020 as the following: Then in June 2021, it was changed to the following: Then in February 2022, it was changed to the following: The clockwise spiral in Mike’s first Choku Rei signature (seen above) […]

How much are MetaZoo Games Artists paid per card illustration?

On the afternoon of July 27, 2022, Mike announced the following on the official MetaZoo Discord server: For full transparency, our artists are paid USD$380 for each card art! I will update you all annually on this number as it steadily increases.

JULY 27, 2022

Updated a ton of the card scan/photos on the [UFO 1st Edition Card Set List page] Added images of the ‘Foo Fighters’ and ‘Gowrow’ secret rare serialized cards to the [Serialized Cards page] Also added the secret/serialized cards to the [UFO Promos page] Updated the [MetaZoo NFTs page] with images and information on the MetaZoo […]

JULY 26, 2022

Added the ‘Billiwhack Monster SDCC’ & ‘Bigfoot GamerSupps’ promos to the [Wilderness Promos page] Added the ‘UFO!’ Spellbook and ‘Rudy, One Big Hairy Step’ promo cards to the [UFO Promos page]

JULY 24, 2022

Added the Wilderness Release Event Medal to the [Wilderness Promos page] Majorly updated the [TCG Accessories page] with all of the missing products Also majorly updated the [Apparel & Merch page] with all of the missing products

JULY 22, 2022

Got the entire card set list & all the card images uploaded to the [UFO 1st Edition page]! Got all the rest of the card images up onto the [Wilderness Release/Theme Decks page]

JULY 21, 2022

Created a poster displaying the ‘Wild 7’ and added it to the [Wilderness Wild 7 page]

JULY 19, 2022

Created a page of its own for [Dbruze Blind T-Shirt Boxes]. Every single different main set & special/collab release now has its own page, and will continue to be the case going forward into UFO and beyond. The full card set list, in text format, is now found at the bottom of every single card […]

JULY 18, 2022

Created new pages for Halloween 2020 1st ed, Christmas 2020 1st ed, Christmas 2021 1st Ed, Christmas 2020 2nd ed, Halloween 2021 1st ed, Halloween 2020 2nd ed, Pin Club x Cryptid Nation, Pin Club x Nightfall & Dim Mak Blind T-Shirts. These 9 pages of cards used to be split between just 2 pages […]

JULY 9 – JULY 17, 2022

Moved entire website and database over from a CentOS v6 server, up to a CentOS v7.9 server Updated the PHP version being used from v7.4, up to v8.1, providing a ~30% speed boost Website now capable of displaying .webp image files, providing an additional ~50%+ speed boost In the process of updating every single image […]

JUNE 8, 2022

Added a new video & organized the videos by date on the secret Mike Waddell Interviews page

JUNE 7, 2022

Updated & re-organized the Card Set Lists page and all of its sub-pages Updated the Sets & Blocks page with latest sets and info

JUNE 6, 2022

Updated Events/Conventions page with San Diego Comic-Con info Created page for Wilderness eBay Edition booster boxes & cards Added photos of 18 more cards to Caster’s Cup 2022 mini set page