MetaZoo Hour Summary • Dec. 1, 2021 • 127 Questions

On Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 at 12:03PM EST, MetaZoo Games founder Michael Waddell started up another highly anticipated MetaZoo Hour on the official MetaZoo Discord server.

The 127 questions were asked by members of the MetaZoo Discord community, and the answers all came directly from Michael Waddell himself; unless otherwise stated. They are in the order that they were received.

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Without further ado, here’s what we’ve learned from the December 1st MetaZoo Hour! Italics notes added by MetaZoo HQ, and grammar in some messages was corrected for clarity.

Michael Waddell at 12:03PM EST:
@everyone MetaZoo Hour is now! Ask me anything in 📝-metazoo-chat!

1. Q: Can NFT holders get Cryptid Nation signed still?
A: Not a bad idea
2. Q: Will unpurchased tokens be destroyed at end of public sale?
3. Q: Has topps x metazoo been shipped out?
A: Shipping
4. Q: When is the next set being released? Did I miss preorders?
A: Wilderness next march/april!
5. Q: How do we pre-order Christmas promos and pre-orders in general? The marketplace?
A: yup!
6. Q: What week are CN 2nd Ed and the Christmas Promos going out? Is there a way to order more Christmas promos?
A: Starting next week!
7. Q: is there a timeline for sanctioned events?
A: Q1 2022!
8. Q: Will there be any stacking benefits of having genesis nfts?
A: Not as of yet, only tokens
9. Q: can you delve into the significance of Gold, Silver, Bronze etc coins and how they can be used or what their individual values will be?
A: All same utility
10. Q: Are we getting a more expanded rulebook in Wilderness?
A: Yes

11. Q: Does metazoo sponsor content creators who like their stuff?
A: We haven’t paid any content creator
12. Q: What was the release date time frame for the nightfall pin boxes?
A: Mid to late december!
13. Q: Did you enjoy the MetaZooHQ article about how MetaZoo was started?
A: Yes I enjoyed it wonderful
14. Q: When the MZ digital Arena drops, any plans for Ether cards to be making nft digital “print runs” of future sets?
A: Digital nft cards, yes, who our partner will be is still up n the air
15. Q: What voice actors are you trying to get for the cartoon series?
A: Gilbert Gottfried for sam
16. Q: If I haven’t received a shipping notification from topps yet should I be concerned?
A: No
17. Q: Topps Sapphire when?
A: Q3 2022
I mean…
18. Q: I’ve always wanted to be apart of a team that creates CCG or TCGs what would I have to do to be able to join the team??
A: We will be hiring in Q1 2022
19. Q: DBruze eta?
A: very soon
20. Q: Have you decided what you are going to do with Sample Cards?
A: fancy party?

21. Q: Recommended way to preorder and buy product?
A: NFT tokens are a cool way
22. Q: Will there be another opportunity to purchase the Christmas promo box?
A: c2e2
23. Q: ECCC NFT utility?
A: Not enough time, sadly
24. Q: Will nft coin holders have access to a majority of drops like sapphire etc? or is it more selective?
A: Working on making it for most drops
25. Q: Who is the biggest slacker at MetaZoo, i think it is The Head of HR (Fifi). All bite no bark!
A: definitely me, rest of the team does the heavy lifting
26. Q: Are there going to be different uses for the different type of nft coins or will they always have the same utility always
A: We will add more over time
27. Q: who can benchpress the most at the metazoo office?
A: probably has that dad strenght
28. Q: Yo Mike, where do you see Metazoo in 5 years?
A: A major competitor to Pokemon as the largest IP in the US
29. Q: Without going into details, will Wilderness contain new card types?
A: yes, special terra
30. Q: Do the tournament kits also include a demo to show new people how to play?
A: yes

31. Q: Have artists that will be at C2E2 been finalized and info to come soon??
A: more info to come
32. Q: Where will you be posting positions and what would you be looking for in an employee?
A: yes 🙂
33. Q: Will your number of your Token play any importancy in the future ?
A: No, utility all the same
34. Q: What is Your top two CN cards?
A: Mothman, Bigfoot, Flatwoods
35. Q: Will you ever put coins in the release event boxes?
A: Maybe
36. Q: Will LCS have to sell future products at retail . All by me are charging double Msrp
A: It’s a suggested price, although we like to partner with LGS who make the product affordable and accessible
37. Q: when do CN binders ship?
A: This week/next week
38. Q: What’s one thing you want to do differently that Pokémon and other TCGs don’t?
A: NFTs to start 😛
but also, community engagement, love you all!
39. Q: when we will we see our OG nft’s in the wallet of the nft website?
A: good idea
40. Q: MetaZoo + CryptoZoo collab wen?
A: Logan is great, but we are going to beat our own path in the NFT space I think!

41. Q: How’s that move to NYC coming along ?
A: Hard haha, just want to have my own place and stop living out of a suitcase
42. Q: What type of Youtube content have you recently been watching thats not TCG or MetaZoo related?
A: Vintage MRE opening
43. Q: Does utility transfer between wallets, if they are traded or sold?
A: yes
44. Q: Weird question but.. If McDonalds made the Michael Waddell meal, what would it entail?
A: Read chapter 3 😉
45. Q: How many chapters do you have written as of now?
A: 7
7 chapters fully written, 36 in full outline form
46. Q: Channelfireball still partnered with you guys for stores?
A: yes CFB is still a partner!
47. Q: how are OP plans coming along, you mentioned you are in talks, anything being announced soon?
A: Oh yes, big big things happening
48. Q: Do we link our wallet to the nft website to verify holding a coin for the upcoming drops? Will be be able to check out with a credit card or will we need ETH to check out?
A: more instructions coming soon
49. Q: Is there a release date of 2nd edition to hit shelves
A: Starts early jan
50. Q: When will get a Cumberland dragon leak mike?
A: check out the sample!

51. Q: Can we expect the next nft to function similar to the ones that just released?
A: no, this utility with this drop is and forever will be unique
52. Q: What’s it like having Steve Aoki as a business partner?
A: Steve is a very kind person
53. Q: Meaning of art with nightcrawlers in the nft website?
A: I wonder… 🙂
54. Q: CryptoZoo movie is actually a thing coming out this year with Michael Cera voicing. It looks very artsy but interesting. Are you going to check it out?
A: I will watch it yes
55. Q: Favorite nft coin out of the 6 ?
A: double die mothman gold error
but I love all of them equally
56. Q: Do you anticipate the presale will have any of the double die tokens before it ends?
A: good question
57. Q: Metazoo at eccc?
A: Yup the team touches down today!
58. Q: what’s one thing you do to calm yourself when feeling overwhelmed?
A: Hang out with the family dogs
59. Q: Cryptids from the carribean coming?
A: ya man soon
60. Q: Metazoo superplastic collab
A: working on it

61. Q: Do you guys plan to create a mobile app to play Metazoo?
A: yes
62. Q: Metazoo X Rolex please
A: Need that connect
63. Q: Ogopogo cryptid?
A: soon
64. Q: When are we getting a young scratch secret rare
A: you mean itch?
65. Q: Do you think there is a balance to the “hype” behind metazoo, inability to get product easily for consumers, or do you think producing as much product as possible to get to as many people as possible is the better play?
A: We are trying to balance access, print runs, and a growing fan base. But collectibility is something we take very seriously.
66. Q: how clumping issues are being addressed?
A: aggressively
67. Q: What can coins be traded in for?
A: not one time use, owners get access in perpetuity to special and early drops
68. Q: Are you using (recycled materials) at all for making our metazoo cards and product?
A: I think you’ll like wilderness
69. Q: given you are building an organization and framework to successfully bring a multi level franchise to market, do you feel this is something that could be repeated with a different project in future?
A: Eh
70. Q: Mike what set will be the Chibi(mini) set?
A: q3/q4 2022

71. Q: What was the trick to Santa being able to pass through the Veil(s)?
A: a good heart
72. Q: Will star rares be available in non booster box products in the future?
A: ? who said we would have them in future products
73. Q: Can we get a replica of the caster gun from ch 3?!
A: would love to see this made
74. Q: Do we have spoilers about UFO?
A: out of this world
75. Q: will mini sets go through LGS?
A: yes
76. Q: Who would you pick to play you or a main character in a live action metazoo tv series ?
A: squonk
77. Q: Will you continue to have non holo rares in future sets like in NF?
A: yes
78. Q: What future collabs are you most excited about?
A: nothing will stop this game
79. Q: Any rewards for nightfall playtester cards?
A: the cards themselves are reward enough
80. Q: When will their be Hodag merchandise I love Hodag but he gets no love?
A: coming soon

81. Q: What do you find most rewarding about running MetaZoo? What has you most excited?
A: I love talking to everyone. It’s rare to create something people love
82. Q: Any potential for fun random air drops to NFT-holding wallets?
A: not a bad idea
83. Q: When will hear back about coming uptown treasure haunt applications
A: January
84. Q: Any plans on the Rudy Santa Promo Card yet? Will it be solely for his patreon or will there be a surprise?
A: sending them to him next week
85. Q: Are mini sets fully playable and tournament legal? Will you ever have EU playtesters?
A: yes to both
86. Q: Hi Mike, how large (or small) will be CN2 print run be (if known at this time)?
A: likely smaller than it will need to be, but as big as we could afford
87. Q: Will wilderness have box toppers ??
A: no
88. Q: What’s mikes favorite variant of the tokens
A: nameless
89. Q: What will happen if any nfts remain unsold?
90. Q: Over the last days I have seen several people disappearing after saying mean stuff to staff member or the community what‘s happening to them
A: they are getting banished to the phantom zone

91. Q: Did you acquire soccer skills during your time in Brazil?
A: no, I was captain of the basketball team
92. Q: Do you have ideas for something where the tech just isn’t there yet, and will MZ create the tech that takes us there?
A: If it doesn’t exist, I’ll make it
93. Q: Is there a place we can submit local cryptids that maybe aren’t well known
A: We have a channel for that
94. Q: Any chance people who didn’t make the WL can mint before public sale?
A: no, unfortunately
95. Q: For the NFT error coins, will the errors still be available after presale? Or has that changed?
A: let’s just wait and see
96. Q: If MetaZoo ventures into Sandbox with land, will NFT coin holders gain special access to it?
A: not a bad idea
97. Q: Can we see a unique language for Cryptid nation ( I mean spoken language )
A: ooooooo OOOO
98. Q: Can nft holders fly to the moon with you?
A: yes
99. Q: Did you win the last time you played metazoo?
A: yes
100. Q: Can we see a premium card product like the ultra premium 25th box?
A: Topps transcendent

101. Q: In the metazoo tv show, will beasties be able to speak, or only make noises? Will Squonk only say squonk, squonk?
A: good question, read chapter 4
102. Q: Are we gonna get dual aura cards?
A: 🙂
103. Q: When is chapter 4 coming out? Will it be available on Amazon?
A: December
104. Q: Plans for ufo set to be flown into space?
A: no comment
105. Q: Is wilderness also centered on powerful spells like NF or is it more focused on beastie ?
A: wilderness will have a similar card type breakdown to base
106. Q: Do we have more info on what sample cards can do?
A: They are purdy cool
107. Q: Any chance booster packs will be seeded with cards that allow you to redeem an NFT?
A: eventually… having boxtoppers like this would be cool
108. Q: When coming up with the name Metazoo, was the Metaverse an inspiration?
A: We were here before metaverse by about 2 years
109. Q: I mean an idea, concept, card type, design, name etc that got cut
A: originally this was all going to be printed at my home, and felix the cat was going to be the main chase
110. Q: NFTs physical wallets in treasure hunt ?!
A: that’s a really good idea
if the 1/1 cards were redeemable for 1/1 nfts

111. Q: Will WL/genesis holders get to mint a possible second or third mint before public release?
A: No unfortunately
112. Q: What are some other product verticals that haven’t been discussed here yet?
A: about 2 dozens, what do you think they will be?
113. Q: Any Illuminati themed metazoo coming?
A: They said no to anything public
114. Q: will nft coin holders get potential WL on future nft drops?
A: yes
115. Q: MetaZoo beer
A: coming
most likely light beer with flavors
116. Q: Crocs 
A: 🙂
117. Q: Is there an “Elite Four” in the metazoo world?
A: evergreen casters
118. Q: Which Criptyds will be available as plushies next year?
A: so many
119. Q: pick two cryptids to have a baby together and describe the baby, as quick as you can, thanks.
A: gumberoo + mud monster = squonk
120. Q: Will there be an Egyptian set in the future?
A: yes

121. Q: Will we ever get a Flying Spaghetti Monster card?
A: meme mini set?! 😛
122. Q: Have y’all thought of doing a creepy posta set for metazoo like for Halloween?
A: yes!
123. Q: Any Mexico criptids like La Llorona coming in any future set?
A: yes 🙂
124. Q: Greek mythology cryptids?
A: yup, will be a set
125. Q: Are you guys coming to Houston?
A: yes
126. Q: Would metazoo consider giving middle school/high school students theme decks or intro decks at the beginning of the year, to invest in the next generation of collectors and players?
A: yes! love this idea
127. Q: Will there be a Chapter 3 Promo?
A: no, chapter promos will be special

Michael Waddell at 12:59PM EST:
okay thanks everyone!
great ama today 🙂
you all are the best

This concludes what we’ve learned from the December 1st, 2021 MetaZoo Hour! A total of 127 questions were answered this afternoon.

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