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What will MetaZoo Games’ second language entrance be?

In an interview done by Peeweez0 on April 1, 2023, Michael Waddell informs that Japanese will be the first international language added to the MetaZoo trading card game and MetaZoo Games in general; when Yokai Island: Base Set is first introduced to the world in the Summer of 2024.


MAY 19, 2023 Added images of all the cards (less 5/16), and the card set list to the [30th Anniversary Reprint Edition] page. MAY 4, 2023 Made several visually improved changes to the website’s menus, footer area, and [MetaZoo HQ Homepage]. Added all the Set Logos to the [Blocks & Sets] page, & made several […]


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NOVEMBER 23, 2022

Updated ~90% of the [Seance 1st Edition] card images with high quality scans by Caster Society.

NOVEMBER 21, 2022

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NOVEMBER 16, 2022

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NOVEMBER 15, 2022

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NOVEMBER 14, 2022

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NOVEMBER 4, 2022

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NOVEMBER 2, 2022

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NOVEMBER 3, 2022

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2022

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AUGUST 6, 2022

Added ‘The Monster of Partridge Creek’ 07/10 serialized secret card to the [Serialized Cards page] & [UFO Promos page]

AUGUST 5, 2022

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AUGUST 4, 2022

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