MAY 19, 2023

MAY 4, 2023

  • Made several visually improved changes to the website’s menus, footer area, and [MetaZoo HQ Homepage].
  • Added all the Set Logos to the [Blocks & Sets] page, & made several other visually and browser-friendly changes.

MAY 2, 2023

  • Completely revamped the image buttons section & cleaned up the [MetaZoo HQ Homepage].
  • Added our OG holographic stars background back to all of the website’s pages.
  • Added the recently pulled ‘Sacred Fire’ to the [Serialized Cards > Native] page & added the 3 Wilderness Tickets as well.

MAY 1, 2023

  • Created a [Tower Event Exclusive Goodies] products page and added images of all of the Water & Earth Tower exclusive products.
    • [Jerseys, Pins, Hats, Playmats, Dice, Lanyards, Admission Tickets, Badges, Promos & Plushies]
  • Added images of the 5 cards (and boards) we’ve seen to date for the [MetaZoo x Bear Walker] release.

APRIL 30, 2023

  • Created a new page to display all of the [Beastie Plushies] and added images and information for every plush released to date.
  • Added the recently pulled & shared serialized secret rare alt art ‘Squash Blossom Necklace’ to the [Serialized Cards > Native] page.

APRIL 29, 2023

APRIL 27, 2023

APRIL 26, 2023

APRIL 25, 2023

APRIL 24, 2023

  • Updated the ‘Promos’ & ‘Secrets’ columns on the [Blocks & Sets] page to link directly to the card(s) in question for easy viewing.
  • Added the ‘Falcon Lake UFO’ pre-constructed deck info to the [UFO Theme/Release Decks] page.

APRIL 23, 2023

  • Majorly updated the [Serialized Cards] page to include all the latest from Seance & Native; and re-organize the page completely.
  • Added the holo variations (FH/RH/NH/N19) for all of the cards on the [Native 1st Edition] page.
  • Got a page made detailing [The Native 19]; which are the cards that are printed only in full-holo.
  • Added an interview done by Turmentic, with Mike Waddell on March 13, 2023 to the [Michael Waddell Interviews] page.
  • Added an interview done by EpicTubeHD, with artist Kelsey Jachino on the [MetaZoo Games Artists] page.

APRIL 22, 2023

  • Added error regarding a blank card found in a gilded WPT Nightfall Playing Card deck to [Errors & Happy Accidents].
  • Updated the [Kickstarter x WPT] page for the very last time! All info & product images are now finally up. It’s a detailed page.

APRIL 21, 2023

APRIL 20, 2023

APRIL 17, 2023

APRIL 10, 2023

APRIL 7, 2023

APRIL 6, 2023

APRIL 2, 2023